Monday, May 12, 2014

Cottage and flowers... two things that make me happy

Thanks for all your input on campers.  I am sort of leaning toward a new one now, but I have never even seen the inside of one.  I DID see the inside of a new Tahoe today, and oh Emm gee!  That sucker does everything but DRIVE for you!!  Cars are getting insane these days.  With all the push button starts and automatic seat fold downs, and now all the navigation and Pandora access right there in the dash.  I mean, just nuts!!  I remember getting excited about automatic door locks.  Anyone with me on that one?!  I am sort of thinking about downsizing my ride.  Todd thinks this is a bad idea.  (But remember, he is the one who wants me to get a mini van!).  I am thinking I need one of those metal cages that goes in your trailer hitch for storing all the luggage and what not, since the Tahoe is so much shorter than the Suburban I am presently driving.  But, I digress.... let's take a look inside my cottage, shall we?!
I've been trying to spend a little bit more time out here.  It is probably one of the most peaceful and serene places I know.  Not to mention a fairly good hideout when I just plain ol' need to escape.  I have two little girls who think they cannot function without good ol' mom entertaining them with some project.  And if I am home, they are not 3 steps away from me. Todd is like, invisible.  They let him watch tv, play on his ipad, treat the den like a practice range with his golf clubs.  Can anyone relate?!
Another reason I am particularly attracted to the cottage these days is because I.LOVE. SPRING.
I have flowers just blooming everywhere!!

And this makes me very, very happy!!  Half the time I forget what I have planted, so when things start coming up, I get a natural high!

Since I took these pics, I have planted lots more.  And aha!!  There's that stupid ("oooooh mom, you said the 's' word!") poison ivy!  Can you spy it? ! I think I can just get NEAR it and it jumps up on me.  Yep.  Already itching and summer hasn't even started!

I love that these flowers are from my mama's mama's house from YEARS ago!  They made it through two moves/ transplants!!

So did this little angel, but he lost a wing.  Oh well, who needs two wings when you are bad enough to fly with just one!!

I've potted all the pots on the porch, and this is also what I gave our mamas for Mother's Day.  I made them assorted plants in pots for their houses.
I hope things are looking springy at your house.
Question to all of you who said what you'd do in the next 12 months if you knew you would not fail.... WHY aren't you doing it?!   Set your intention and GET IT DONE!!    You can.



kimybeee said...

We are having a wet and super hot spring. My daughter did plant some flowers in an old wash tub. Other that that, I have nothing else. I don't even buy hanging pots for the porch anymore because nobody wants to water them and they die too soon.

All your stuff you have growing looks great. I love irises. I think they are such show offs in the spring!!

wildernessgurl5 said...

Good news!! That's not poison ivy; it's Virginia creeper. It's harmless. Poison ivy has 3 leaflets, while Virginia creeper has 5.

Mary Beth said...

Yes, my kids climb over my husband to get to me. It's normal to be moms little shadows. Love your flowers.

Susantwilhelm said...

So happy to see you back in a blog mode!

khulet said...

I've had that quote in my head for 2 days now...I just love your flowers and the garden cottage!

kimybeee said...

My husband and I disagree over the appearance of poison ivy. I would treat that as poison ivy. Ironically he gets it and I don't. My son can be within a hundred yards of it and gets it prednisone bad!

Unknown said...

I was taught to look at the leaves, if it is 3...flee! If it is 5, let it thrive.

Becky said...

Love the flowers. We also have Iris that came from Hornell, NY (grandparents) to Cary, NC, to Statesville, NC and now to Kenly, NC and they stand 4 feet tall and are awesome!

Becky said...

Well, I'm here in Minnesota and it is COLD! I just came in from mowing lawn, and I can barely feel my fingers! I WANT SPRING! Love seeing your flowers!

connie said...

I love spring your cottage is looking so good with all the flowers you have planted I would love to have a cottage like you have so I can go out there and work on on jewelry and craft stuff..