Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gabbi Girl is a baller.

Well, here we find ourselves in the midst of end of the year Kindergarten graduation, dance recital, and first grade awards day.  We are still doing art x 2, every week, gymnastics x 2 each week, and did I mention Gabbi Girl is a tee baller?!
Gabbi  decided she wanted to play again this year.  Ellie Sue declined. I explained to her that she would still have to attend all the games and be present, regardless of whether she wants to play or not.  I was thinking that might encourage her to play.  It didn't!  But, judging by Gabbi's "guns" in the above photo, Ellie might should reconsider!  ha.

Gabbi does a lot of playing in the dirt in the outfield.  But she LOVES to run the bases!  And she really gives it all she's got.  She is SUPER proud to run in front of the stands on the way back to the dugout, and see all her peeps up there cheering for her!

Ellie was pretty sound with her decision until Gabbi's uniform came in, and the tops were little hot pink tanks with gray SPORTS BRAS underneath!!  WHOOAA NELLIE!!  That changes everything!!  haha.  I told her it was too late.  (But man did she want one of those bras!! ha)

Tomorrow is tee ball in the morning, and recital tomorrow afternoon.  We'll have Sunday off.  Monday Ellie moves on to 2nd grade officially and we revisit the neurosurgeon for a follow up.

And Thursday... we are beach bound!!



kimybeee said...

Woo hoo! Ball is so much fun at that age! Having a girl and a boy I didn't have to deal with such issues lol

Hope Ellie gets an all clear from the doc that her beautiful noggin is all healed up!

Amy K said...

I love ball season! Looking forward to seeing what you create at the beach.
Praying Ellie receives a clean bill of health from the neurosurgeon.

Holly said...

This sweet baby girl has really blossomed! Have a great weekend! Looking forward to recital pictures!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ OMG, I remember how my girls wanted "training bras" so funny! Gabbi looks so sweet in her T Ball uniform. Enjoy all the fun stuff this weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Theresa Shirley said...

Gabbi Girl looks SUPER cute in her uniform!! Lord have mercy--Can you imagine when Ellie is big enough to start wearing bras & shaving her legs & all that stuff? Haha--You gonna have fun girl! Can't believe Ellie is gonna be in the 2nd grade already! Time surely does fly. Hope ya'll have a wonderful time at the beach!!