Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lunch on Easter Sunday

So maybe I am a TAD bit behind on this post?!  But hey, it's the thought that counts, right!?
This is actually Easter Sunday.  We took the grands to lunch in Choudrant, LA, at a nice club called Squire Creek.

I couldn't believe I convinced Gabbi to wear a bow.  She has been anti-bow for some time now!!
But it was Easter Sunday, so miracles were bound to happen.

Even the big boys came to eat lunch with us.  We took Dee Dee and Granddad too as well as JinJin.  Pops and Nana were with her family for the day.

Can you believe I got Ellie Sue in a smocked dress?!  That was SOMETHING!!

The place was super nice with a buffet, so we could move right along and each person could get in whichever line he or she preferred.
This is a sweet pic of Daddy/ Daughter.
And niece!
How many of you still use "nice" SLR type cameras?!  I completely gave up on them.  I used to be a big time amateur photographer.  It just became such a hassle!!  ANd quite frankly, particularly when the lighting is good, the cellphones are taking really good, crisp pics.  I have had some blown up onto canvases and foamcore board, and they look great!
Because I haven't used that kind of equipment in so long, I sorta don't even know what I am missing anymore.  So, do tell.  I am seriously wondering if I need to pull that puppy out for the beach trip or just keep the phone in my beach bag!
Would you look at Staci's MEN!?  They are 18 and 19.  I think?!  I lose track!
Hunter is in college in some degree to do something with chemicals?!  And Hayden is working at MMPT until he figures out what it is that he really wants to do, besides become a professional gamer.

It is something that as they have gotten older, they seem to have become a little more mature and are ready to actually hang out with the family again.
This is the clubhouse.  Those stairs down the back side are not normally there.  There is usually only balcony.  But, it seems the owner of the club's daughter had gotten married there the week prior and wanted stairs going down into the lawn, and so, VOILA... there were stairs going down into the lawn.  Nice, huh?!

ANd now, if photo shoots of everyone in the family bore you, you should just look away!  Cause here we go!

JinJin and grandchildren.

DeeDee and grandgirlies.
DeeDee and Granddad and grandgirlies.

JinJin and the whole brood.

All of us again with our bodyguard.
All of us with our bodyguard incognito!
DeeDee and Granddad and their half of the bunch.  (we're so glad to have them living here so they can partake in so many of our special events now!)

And just the Groves fam.  No idea where Ellie's shoes are.
And one more.
There is just waaaaaayyy too much coral in this picture!
And then Ellie decided the little ones should have their own photo shoot.  and I am so glad she did!
There are some that I think are cute enough to be blown up into canvases to add to our walls.

It's been a while since I have added new pics, so it's about time!

I think this might be one!  This one is so sweet!  To me, it captures both of my girls' personalities.
Or this one.  Oh man.  How will I choose?  ANd believe me, I get it that one sudden gust of wind could've propelled them off this balcony with bows like that!!  ha

NO.  Maybe this one is it.  It's pretty dang cute!

These two would just move in permanently together if they thought they could.  I don't think there is a weekend that passes that they are not at either my house or Staci's.
First cousins, and definitely besties!!
And here's ol' third wheel.  But that's ok, cause usually if given a choice, she's gonna choose to be with her mama anyway!!  And that works for me!

Happy very belated Easter!  ha.



Amy K said...

Great pictures!
I do, still use my DSLR; not as much as my phone, but I make a point to keep using it. I've taken a few online classes as well. Heck, I brought it all the way to Louisiana!

Theresa Shirley said...

I've got a nice DSLR too, but hardly ever get it out anymore. It just seems so big & bulky when compared to the ol' cell phone! They do take great pictures though! If I was you, I'd at least bring it to the beach, just in case. I love all the family pics. The Easter dresses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us--LOVE LOVE your family.

The Mommy said...

It looks like you had a very nice day with family for Easter! I love the bows and smocked dresses. I used to dress my little girls in them too. Now, the are almost 15 and 18! When I look at them, they are still 4 and 7! I don't know how that happened!

It's nice to see family too! I often wonder how they are and what they are up to.

Thank you for sharing, and bless you all!

Kathryn said...

Please tell Miss Ellie Sue that she looked lovely in her Easter dress - exactly the way a well-raised Southern child should look! Loved the smocking, and Gabs looked precious in white!

Thank you for sharing your family pictures.

snekcip said...

I'm a DSLR girl til the end! While the cellphones pics are REALLY nice, my DSLR has not failed me yet!!

Becky said...

love the pics. thanks for sharing