Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MoJoy Art Retreat. Color Finder 1.0

Sooooo... let's talk art retreat!  That there up yonder is Suzy.  She is working fast and furiously on her wooden bangle bracelet.  Strangely, this was one of my favorite activities.  I liked it so much that MoJoy Studios is now hosting a night with a class just for these.  I gotta make some more of these puppies!!

And here's Sami...
She's showing off a page in her journal.  The journal almost always ends up being in everyone's top 2 favorite projects!!  It is such a personal thing and a big reflection of personalities.  When the girls leave, the books are packed full of inspiration!
Hey.  Here's my bangle.  Or at least one of them.
I just chose one of my favorite colors and then added some of my favorite words and symbols of my favorite things.  It is a whole bracelet full of inspiration.

Here's Christy's.  She used washi tape to mask out a semi-chevron pattern, and then I helped her with the monogram.  She used glittery ModPodge to give it a sparkle.  She's planned whole outfits around this bracelet since making it!

I absolutely loved playing with resin.  We made pendants with our core values on them.  I am learning about resin by trying different brands and kinds to see which ones I like the best.
Some dried so much faster than others too!  And some brave souls decided to use a glitter inside.  And another very brave soul cut that verse right out of a small Bible.  I'm not naming names, Jennifer, but I am too chicken to do that.  Hymnal, yes.  Bible... ummm.... I'll let you.  ha
I gave the girls a list of 400 words to look through.  They were arranged in 10 columns of 40 words.  They had to choose one word from each of the 10 columns.  Page one had 4 columns.  Page 2 had 4 columns. Page 3 had 2 columns. When they did that, they had to choose the one word of the four words at the bottom of the page that best represented their CORE value.  That word which summed them up the most.  That word which most resonated with their spirit.
I've learned that I am a big fan of resin!  I hope to use it a lot more.  See that purple one below?!  It says, "XO, Mica".  It was a photo copy from a signature on a note, written by Jennifer's now deceased niece.  She will be wearing her signature on a pendant around her neck.  I thought that was pretty great.  And can you see my "high favor" one with the sunshine?!   I can't wait to wear that one!
I gave Linda Lou the LLSD (Linda Lavendar School of Dance) one this weekend at dance competition as a little happy.  She loved it.
Ironically, both Sami and her mama, Lisa, ended up with "Fearless".  Out of 400 words, and NO discussion amongst one another, they BOTH came up with the same word!!  How cray cray is THAT?!
They were the first to arrive, so I let them choose their bed.  They chose to sleep together vs have their own bunk.  I think it is because Sami liked my bohemian themed shiny room!
And yes, I keep those ornaments up on the bed year round!
I'm really just not sure what is going one here?!  Jenn? Sami?!!
This was our crew.  I had two end up not coming at the last minute.  One actually got bad news at the doctor THAT morning, so she just wasn't up to it, and the other decided the day before that she couldn't swing it.  I was pretty sad, as I knew that both of them would be missing a really great opportunity for growth!

I'm super glad I got to meet Lisa and her daughter.  Lisa came all the way down from New Jersey, and then did about 7 hours of roadtime in a rental car to go pick up Sami in Arkansas.
Her dream is to someday soon move to Arkansas, as she feels she was just meant to live there.  That'll be great!!  Much closer to Louisiana for our next retreat!!
And Sami was a firecracker.  She and I shared 3 of our top 5 strengths, so I knew we'd get along just sgreat!
Would you LOOK at this pile of journals and bracelets?!  And this is after Sami and Lisa had packed up and left to make their early flight.  So, it is missing two.
There's a WHOLE lot of meaning in these pages!

And Twilight Sparkles intended to be a part of the show!
Ellie and Gabbi came back by just in time to say goodbye to our guests.
Oh... our last project was a scroll made from the top 12 things that John Maxwell says will mean the difference between an ok life and an excellent one.
I gave each lady a list of the 12, which can be found and detailed in his book, Today Matters.  They include... faith, family, finances, priorities, thinking, commitment, generosity, values, ....

He actually says he could walk into any house and tell whether or not the person living there would be a success based on those 12 principles.  I love this little book.  It speaks truth!
We ended up with a mixed media canvas, a cute little keyholder, a journal, a necklace with lots of little snazzy additions, earrings, a bracelet, and of course, the cute handpainted button nametag.

By the time we packed up and I'd posted the first pic on Facebook, I'd already sold my key holder, and Jessica had sold hers as well.  Here it is... her first SOLD piece of art!!  Talk about a  confidence booster!!
Jennifer typically chooses all things purple!!  Her key necklace and earrings, her journal, and her funky striped cup.  There's a theme developing!
Oh look.... more purple!
But purple means visionary, imaginative, and rich.  So, I suppose I can dig that for our "color finder" retreat!!
This is all of Jessi's cute art!!
Considering she is currently falling in LOVE with a sweet, precious foster baby in her home, this saying was just about perfect!

Well, that's about it.  Hope you found some inspiration.  ANd hope you're not tired of us...
Cause I have about three more blog posts loaded, with coverage of the art retreat.  Thanks to these ladies for believing in me and coming to grow!!
Next retreat... Memorial Day weekend.  At the beach club.  This one will be a FOUR day!!
Then, the end of July, a Mother-daughter retreat.  And in October... our fall retreat.  I'll have more details forthcoming.



Jennifer Perkins said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos. Sami and I were hugging goodbye. I absolutely love each project we made but I think the resin charms were my favorites. Using the Bible verse (you suggested and had the Bible available) keeps my favorite verse close to me. And the one with Mica's signature, no words can ever describe how previous this piece is to me. And Lisa LOVES the one I did in memory of her dad. Thank you for all that you do!!! Until next time---keep exploring :-)

Kathryn said...

Fun! Can't wait for your site and the tutorials. I can't get to you for a weekend, but I plan to work though those tutorials like crazy!

Mama J said...

I love and enjoy keeping up with your exploring and those precious girls. Just don't have anything prolific to add to your awesomeness. : ) I used to be all up in so many things but have found that there is such a peace in being able to blow and go where I am needed. I have always lived a life of service and I am who I am because of the people who have touched my life. It may not be for everyone, but peace serves me well at this point in my life. Mama J

Sharidrew said...

Pure awesomesauce! What a great showing of everyone's inner self. Love all the differences. I'm not artsy at all. But I sure love the idea of it all! Kudo's to you for bringing this out in people! Can't wait for more!

Hugs from Missouri,

Lisa said...

Yes, when I get to Arkansas I will be so close for future retreats! And yes, Sami loved that bedroom/bed ... your entire artsy home. I think she said she would call you for interior decorating advice when she gets her first home!

nss said...

I too can't wait! Hope to be able to attend the Fall retreat!

Becky said...

love this post and love where you said about I think it was Jen cutting out part of the Bible - it is ok - our pastor says if there is part of God's word that you need to cut out so that you can have it where you can see it or have it close by you - that is ok. I think if it was being done in a disrespectful way that would be different. What did Elle do to her head - long time since she has had a scratch across it

Holly said...

Oh My! I LOVE absolutely everything!!!!!