Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More random fabulosity.

 Well, that certainly was fun!  And because I have SOOOO many random pics already uploaded, let's just do it again!  (and by the way, for those of you who guessed.. the answer was "Yay ART"!!)
 I completely LOVE inspirational sayings.
 I use a whole bunch of my faves in my journals at the retreats.  Emery dolls them up for me to make them as cute as they are inspirational.  And I have a really super great idea that I intend to offer with these cards in about two months.  Emery and I are working to get the MoJoy website up and running so we can offer all kinds of fun classes, journals, online classes and what not, all from one spot!
 Hey, Amy K... I heard and listened!  I have been working up some lettering activities for the mother/ daughter retreat in July!  Y'all coming?!
 My baby girl just can't go to school without SOMETHING in her hand.  Today it was this little purple dino.

 And while I am sharing the CUTENESS.... would you just take a gander at Kelsey and Coen at work?!  They have to be two of the cutest little things in the whole wide world.
 hmmm.... better think about this one.  I love to read my daily inspiration from "the Secret" app.  I completely believe that I manifest my days by my thinking.  The Bible even says  so... "

Proverbs 23:7

King James Version (KJV)
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...
 These are so great.  Hey, Em.  Let's do the kids' artwork like this.

 I MUST find a reason to make these!!  Feather heart arrows.  OMG>  I am in LOVE.
 My latest round of jewelry I made for a local boutique sort of had this general vibe.  I love this kind of earthy jewelry.
 But I typically use chain.  This is making me think I need to use more leather.
 And very often this is the view from my big red chair.  Gabbi LOVES to bound from the coffee table to the couch.
 And she's gotten pretty good at it too.
 My "other" life.
 Fascinating, right?!  (actually it very much is to me!!)
 ANd why exactly was this excerpt on my phone photos?!  Unsure.  I vaguely remember researching something for a patient.  And by the way, I have mentioned that I do pelvic floor therapy, right?!  Just to clear up any total confusion by those who think I just treat back pain and such.  hahaha

Let's move on, shall we?!

Jessi posted a completed layout of her Project Life book from our pics from Tucson.  Makes me wanna go back.  Like, now.
 ANd dang.  How SWEET is this?!
 Never enrolled in this.  Never even looked it up to be honest.  But I DID really love the logo, title, and background.  I think I am like a big time lover of color.
 So let's just end today's post with this little jewel.  So true!
Thank you to all who commented yesterday.  I enjoy reading your words!



kimybeee said...

I couldn't sleep a couple nights ago and I looked through your artsy fartsy category on Pinterest. My mom and I are gonna make a few of the things I pinned on there.

I widpsh I had more patience and talent with canvas painting. We have an uncork and create art studio here now my daughter and I have looked into. But honestly I think I could probably just copy a lot of what they do. And they are doing sunflowers now. Drives me crazy, sunflowers bloom in late summer early fall lol. And everybody's projects are almost completely identical. I would be sprucing mine up lol lol

Cherry said...

Ready for Canton!!!!!

nss said...

And you are a living example of taking in the joy around you! Love the beautiful little ladies in the middle of randomness Wednesday.

Becky said...

love your final quote and that you take the time to share your joy with us! Loved the wee ones snoozing away. May today be full of blessings for you. Becky

Emily G said...

Oh my goodness, that last quote is amazing. I think I will print that and stick it on my bathroom mirror to remind me to start each day with JOY!(I try every day to do this but sometimes lose my focus)

Joleen said...

Your girls always have the cutest outfits!

I am super excited for online classes, can't wait to see what it offered!

I enjoy your random posts! Thanks for sharing!

Joleen said...

Your girls always have the cutest outfits!

I am super excited for online classes, can't wait to see what it offered!

I enjoy your random posts! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Especially love the little ones asleep photo!