Thursday, April 3, 2014

Color Finder visits MoJoy Studio

Let's see a few more pics from this past art retreat, shall we?! 

The above is for any of you who think, "I'm not creative.  I can't paint.  I don't know how to make art".  Well.... yes you do.   Everyone is an artist.  I so loved that Lisa admitted to us that she hadn't painted since childhood.  And yet, she showed up.  She gave her best.  And her best was awesome!!

Jennifer, below, just attended her FOURTH retreat, and I'll tell you, her growth in not only her artistic abilities, but also just personally, has been awesome to witness. 
Jessi, above, graced us with her presence.  I was so glad she came to hang with us.  She is so talented.  I don't think she realizes how truly artistic she is!
Meanwhile, while back at the clinic, they send me a photo of the whole group having lunch together.  They were wearing their Down Syndrome Awareness shirts.  I love my gang!
There are Jessica and Sami, (above), putting their journals together. 
And Lisa and Jenn.  Look at Lisa all serious like making sure her stitches are perfect!  ha.  I just love her!
Everything Jennifer made was purple.  Just saying!

Ok.  So here are the next art retreat dates. 

Beach retreat in Gulf Shores, AL.  May 23-26.
Mother/Daughter Retreat at the BAH  July 25-27
Fall Color Finder 2.0 Retreat at the BAH October 3-5

There ya go... I just put it out there!!

This time we added a little field trip up to the MoJoy Studio.  I wanted the girls to see it.
We had this table full of goodies ready for the girls to dive into, choosing the stones and metals they wanted to represent their  "colors" in their piece of jewelry.
I thought it was so cool that everyone's turned out so differently!  Betcha can't guess what color Jennifer's was!
And this is Jessica.  This was her first retreat.  But she has already told me she is coming to the next one too!!  The personal growth part of the program is what, I think, attracted her to the first one.  Of course, she loves artsy fartsy endeavors too!
And this is what I love about Jessica... she already has a payment plan in place, where she is saving $50 a week from now til the retreat, so the "big cost" doesnt' sneak up on her all at once.  I thought that was an ingenious idea!!  If you are thinking you might want to attend one, be thinking of how to make it happen!! 

The girls were then taught how to make their own pieces of jewelry. 
They were taught how to wrap wire.  ANd if you can wrap wire, you can make just about ANY piece of jewelry.  These pieces were used in the middle of chain to break up the chain at the top of the key necklace.  But they could have just as easily been added to an ear wire, and then, attach a cute little drop from, and voila... earrings!

This was Sami's.  I like the little  vial hanging from the end of it.  And she made herself three pair of coordinating earrings.
This was mine.  I have since removed the tassel.  I just didn't like it's flow.
Lisa wanted hers to be bright.  She used about 3-4 colors on hers.
And made some really cute, and might I add LONG ("Sami, why don't you wear longer earrings?!"  hahaha) earrings.  Lisa thinks earrings need to be statement pieces!  I kind of agree.

Have I posted any pics of all the cute nametags I made prior to their arrival?!  I am a huge advocate of everyone owning their own button maker.  Just sayin'.

This one is Suzy's.  She even added a little silver piece off her key that she later stamped something significant to her on.  I dont' even know what that was.
and Jessica also went with my typical GO TO colors... turquoise and lime green.
Isn't she a cutie patootie?!
PURPLE and green... guess who!

I would have never thought about putting these two colors together, but I LOVE them!
I even gave the chicks a moJoy card to let them take home their goodies, like they are actual retail goods.
Sami went a little artsy fartsy and made her earrings mismatched.   I make earring sets like this for myself, so I am a FAN of the mismatch.

ANd this is a close up of Sami's.  She thinks outside the box!

For anyone who didn't get their Bingo number drawn while the artists were in town, blame this woman!!
She pulled this number, representative of the shot I got today.  again... just sayin'!
I am totally determined to really live out my word this year.  Other than the year I "nest"ed, I don't think I've ever given this much due diligence to my word.

I'm on another "exploration" as I type.  Texas, baby!! More on this trip later.



Lisa said...

We LOVE our necklaces and earrings, and we loved everyone else's too! Of course, Sami should have made longer earrings (at least one of the pairs!)- thank you for reminding her ;)!

Shannon said...

I'm coming to one! I swear it!!!

Susantwilhelm said...

If you are close to my "hood" we should meet for dinner/drinks!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I'm in Canton. AGAIN!

Becky said...

love all the jewelry. so funny - I couldn't even match your B12 shot. Out of all those Bingo numbers I only got 3.... Looks like you have a 3rd home in Canton- have fun!

Beth E. said...

Everyone did a great job with their jewelry! :-)

I didn't get B12, either, on my card. I was on a roll for awhile, but haven't had very many matching numbers in awhile!