Friday, April 4, 2014

Daily life

A few little random, round the house pics.  I have finally uploaded all the pics from my iphone, and have organized them all into folders.  This folder was called, "Random". So, here it is... in all its glorious randomness!! 

First off... Todd in his man cave.  Lizzie Girl sitting by her daddy.  And Twilight Sparkles sitting in my lap and watching the show.
On the way to take the girls to school, I snapped this photo because I was so excited to see the blooms on the trees in my 'hood.  Now, they are in full bloom.  Maybe I can snap a new photo soon.
This is Hayden and Rachel's sweet baby girl.  She is now sitting, saying a few words, and starting to smile a lot more.
She is just beautiful.  I stole these pics off her instagram, so excuse the blurriness.  I couldn't resist.  I needed some sweet baby girl pics.  It's been a while!!
My other sweet baby girl came to town, and we went to have some good ol' Louisiana food.  I'll get to see her again next weekend.  Her sister, Elaina, is getting married.  And I happen to live with the flower girls!
The other night a bunch of us went out to eat another Louisiana staple... crawfish!
Todd decided he didnt' want to go with us.  And so, when I get to the crawfish shack, I couldn't resist it when I see all of Todd's favorite golf buds in there too!  This is Wyatt.
And of course, Johnnye.
And another golfing buddy, Steve.
Oh.  And there was Todd and Matt.  And don't even think that I didn't send every single one of these selfies to Todd to try to persuade him into showing up too.
And there was also Daryl and Dakin!
And Tom!  YooooHoooo... Todd the Bod.... where arrrrrre you?!
It didn't work.  He stayed home and ate a sandwich.  Or a box of Lunchables?!  or maybe some Golden Grahams?!  Too bad for him!
Let's move on.  This was my view when I looked in the back seat the other day.  For the record, we were on our street in our neighborhood. 
also for the record, that is Madi and Ellie in the front, and Gabs in the back!
This was a picture texted to me by my Bodie Miller-professional-"fast" skiing husband!  He's so funny!
He also sent me this, and thinks that maybe he wants a white jeep.  Not really. He just wanted to see my response, I believe.
I LOVE SPRING. Have I mentioned that!?
I put this pic on Facebook and Instagram.  Please check out Ellie's favorite food.  WHUT?!
Took my girls to IHOP.  Gabs got this.
And Todd hates the paparazzi!
One more shout out to Louisiana.  Oh YEAH!
And the last photo of the night is from lunch with my little girl.  We were at WIllie's Duck Diner for the first time. See that pic in the background?!  We are proud of our friends. 
And there ya go.  Totally random.  That's my life. 
And speaking of... I am in Canton this weekend!  whoop whoop.  EXPLORING!



Cherry said...

Did ur friend love it or what?

melanie, aka Mo said...

We never even went in an Arbor! Only one building! We junked it the whole time!!

Shannon said...

Flashing the deuces even while upside down in the car with the panties showing! Hysterical!

Becky said...

my precious 6 year old grand daughter Zoey's favorite food is also collard greens. she's loved them since she was a baby

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Mo....I been following along with your blog for oh so long and I'm actually in school now for PT. We need to interview an actual PT for an assignment and instead of going to a local one, your name popped instantly into my mind. Id love to chat some more so if you could shoot me an email I'd appreciate it so much! Thanks,