Sunday, April 6, 2014

Color Finder 1.0... more fun pics

You KNOW that since I have all these pics, I HAVE to post them!!  This is midday Saturday, when we were heading right on into our section on mixed media canvases.
At this point, we'd all already covered our canvases with cardstock and various pieces of random papers.  (well, MOST of us were done with that part, Jessica was always about a step or two behind, but she didn't seem to mind.  Nor did anyone else!  We had ALLLL day long to get our stuff done!)

One thing that was pretty fun about this retreat was that I got to participate in all the projects as well.  Not sure why that is not always the case, but this one was pretty low key and slower paced, it seemed.  We stayed busy the whole time, but there was just not a lot of pressure in any way.  I was available to teach, but I could also do my own project as a sample.
See those stickers, above?!  They are mermaids.  I wanted to use one of them as an inspiration for a painting for my canvas, so I could put it in the girls' bathroom at the condo.
Here's the busy little bees!!
ANd this is Suzy's finished project.  She teaches art, so we sort of had high expectations of her!  ha.  She did NOT disappoint!
Jessi's canvas turned out great!!  It said, "YOur greatness is not in what you have, but in what you give."  She said this was inspired by her current situation at home.  She is currently fostering a 6 month old, who has been in her home for about three months. No idea where this will or will not head, but she is learning to keep her heart open to what is. And she'll tell you that this experience has very much opened her eyes and heart to wanting to foster more children in the future.  Or "give", in other words.
Here's our Miss Persnickety's messy hands!!  I am so proud of you, Lisa!!

Sami wanted to use the bird from Twitter, and made this canvas to represent something special to a friend of hers at college.
Here's my finished mermaid.  I think I need to darken the lines of her face.  ANd in case you can't tell, those are SHELLS for her boobs!

This is Jennifer's finished project.  Check out that shading under and around the petals of her flower. She has come so far with her painting technique!  Looked awesome!!
These are our cute little keyholder plaques. I tried to "assign" a specific color scheme, cause I wanted to teach them all to be very loose with their painting!
As a matter of fact, a great deal of these were painted with our fingers!
Top left is Jessica's.  Top right is Jessi's.  Bottom left is Jennifer's.
ANd bottom right is mine.
Even with the "instruction" to stay within a certain color scheme, teach one was so different than the others. Top left was made by Emery as our sample.  Top right was Suzy's.  Bottom left is Sami's!  And bottom right is Lisa's.
We knew we'd  be pressed for time on Sunday morning, as Lisa and Sami had a plane to catch. So,...
we took our journals to the restaurant with us.  WE simple passed the journals around and wrote inspirational messages in each others'.  It is one of my favorite things that we do at the retreat.  It is interesting to see what others have learned about you and how you are perceived by a small group of ladies within a relatively short period of time.

We had a really nice waitress, and Jennifer got us all a senior discount.

hahahahaha... Jussssst kidding!

Ol' girl and I were really teasing each other, so she decided she MUST come around and take a pic with me.
Neither of us knew that the other was making a funny face, nor pointing at the other.  THAT kinda cracks me up!
Even though we didn't get home til around 9:30 or so, we had a bunch of nightowls, so we cranked it up again!
We started out bangle bracelets.  I have one more group of pics to share, so stay tuned!!  See y'all back here tomorrow!



Jennifer Perkins said...

Haha you are too funny with the Senior discount. Looking at these photos, I really need to take time to fix myself up since I look horrible in most of these. Regardless of how I looked, I had a wonderful time and planning to be there in October!!!

Unknown said...

Love the canvases!

Lisa said...

Thank you Melanie for giving me the "opportunity" to get messy hands (and they got much messier after that!) and feel ok about it --- actually enjoy it! And Jennifer, my thought too r: me having no makeup on, but we were too busy loving art to care!!! Next time :) I'll position myself better (like art in photo, me out of the photo) when Melanie breaks out the camera.

Holly said...

I love it all! But I ESPECIALLY love those Bangles!!!!

Unknown said...

Leeet's see......At CF 2.0, I'm requesting the painting with the bird and a house. I believe my house is in desperate need of that! :) Looks like tons of fun was had!