Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Color Finder pics. Yep. more.

Here's the good news.  Or the bad news.... depending on how much you've enjoyed these posts about the retreat.  Cause... this is it.  I'm out of pics!
Yep.  I totally forgot to go buy more of these prior to the retreat, so good ol' JinJin went out and got the group some more.  We HAD to have them to finish up our journals.  Tape runners were NECESSARY!

Jen, do you like this pic of you?  I do.  Looks very studious.  This is her looking through the list of core values and deciding on her number one.
Miss Lisa decided on "Fearless".
Jessi was taking it pretty seriously too.
I, for one, LOVE this process.  It really makes you do some soul searching.
Todd the Bod abandoned us.  He left us with basically nothing cooked.  But never fear... one of the kids from my clinic's mom brought us something UNbelievable on Saturday!
This could possible be the best salad I have ever had in my life.  Seriously!!  She so overdid herself!
Each one of the participants had a cute little cup waiting for them, but honestly, I don't think I ever saw a single person actually use it.
I added a new project that I've never done for a group of retreaters before.  We made resin bezels.
This is where each person had the opportunity to use the word she deduced as her core value, or really just anything that spoke to her soul!
I think it's kinda neat how totally different each one was.  Above is Sami's.  And below is Lisa's and Suzy's.
I wanted to make a little sample for the group, as well.  I added a daisy which I had found on half price somewhere.  Maybe Michael's?!  Once it was added to a brass chain, it was super duper cute.
I also made a resin bezel ring.  Had to balance it upright to let the bezel dry.
Check out this spread!  My friend and neighbor, Christy, went grocery shopping for me.  She took care of us!!  We had so many things to choose from.  Tons of veggies and fruits.  It was like a big ol' buffet every meal.  See, Todd?!  I knew I could pull it off without you.  (But I still prefer you be here when I have my next one!)
We decided to picnic on the back porch, cause our weather was awesome.

I think it was Jessi who snapped this picture.  She sent it to Todd while he was out of town.  I was simply heating up the casserole.
Todd texted back and said, "WHAT ARE YOU COOKING?!"  hahahaha... I let him just keep on wondering!
This is one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  Just chilling and talking on the backporch....
and theeennnnn....
the cottage tour!! Here are my newbies. I love getting to add three more names to my list of people who have attended my retreats.
It was just a great weekend.  And I am already hearing from women who intend to attend some of the upcoming personal growth retreats.
Memorial Day weekend will be a beach retreat in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 
The last of July will be a mother/daughter retreat in the BAH.
And the first weekend of October will be our Color Finder 2.0.

So, if you think you might wanna come to one of the above, contact me.  I am starting the lists for each.  Email me at mojoy@att.net for details. 

One more thing... if you are still playing Bingo... check Facebook and Instagram tonight for the next THREE numbers.  I need someone to blackout!!  (and Joleen... I finished your canvas today!!)



kimybeee said...

I really hope to come to Louisiana some day!! I want a private visit lol.

I knew your bingo game would be erratic and insane, that is just busy, busy Mel!!

Susantwilhelm said...

So excited about my canvas!

Becky said...

loved Todd getting a pix of you cooking while he was out of town. still have the Bingo card - still have no idea what total blackout is but with all the numbers I have left I don't think I have it!

Joleen said...

I love the resin necklaces. Super cute!

I am so excited about my canvas, I can't thank you enough for doing it.

Some day I may get brave and go to a retreat, ha!

Emily G said...

I am interested in either the Memorial Day weekend at the beach or the Mother/Daughter weekend at your house for both me and Shelbi Mae......let me know which you think is best and send me the details please ma'am...I've been wanting for the two of us to get to come participate in one of your events and let you see how far Shelbi has come thanks to you and your staff!

jenny said...

Hey Mo, LOVE the pic of you "cooking" dinner! Wishing I didn't live so far away...