Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet little Gabbi Girl and her imagination

Woooweeee, I've had a BUSY week!!  I apologize for not posting more.  I will be going to Shreveport tomorrow to lecture to the PTA/ OTA students at Bossier Parish Community College.  It should be interesting, since I have nothing actually prepared.  I talked to the department head, and we have decided to make it more of a roundtable discussion regarding pediatrics, so we'll see how an all day affair like that works out!!  I was also invited Tuesday night to participate as a panel guest of entrepeneurs to provide advice, support, and even some of the pitfalls (and recoveries, of course) of being an entrepeneur.  This was at LA Tech University.  School of Business, I believe.  Very interesting week.  And of course, there are still all my wonderful patients, several of whom have very unique and challenging diagnoses, which always lights my fire!!

Anywhoo...I'm back.  And since my entire last post was dedicated to Ellie Sue.  This one will be for my baby girl, Gabster.
This child LOVES to play pretend!!  I would walk into the bedroom and she would have a sock in each hand, and they would be "talking" to each other.
"Hi, friend."
  "How are you?"
 "I'm good.  Thank you.  What's your name?"
You get the picture.  So, when we went to town and she wanted a unicorn, I happily obliged.  I mean, socks?!  really?!
And then I would think, Ok, I'll just stay here with Gabbi and let the others go skiing, and I'll read a book or something.  BUT, Noooooo!!!  Gabbi would say, "Mom, will you play with me?!"  And, well, that gets me every time!!  (Sidenote:   Has anyone seen the movie, "About Time"?  It is FABULOUS, and it actually changed the way I go through my day.  I only saw it on the plane on the way to Breckenridge, but it was sort of life changing!!  You'll have to see it to understand, but basically, we only get one chance to go through life, and you want to seize every opportunity you can, so....)  When Gabbi asked me to play, I stopped my reading and said, "Of course!!".
This unicorn's name was "Thixie".  She couldn't fly "because she didn't have wings".  But because she had a horn, she had powers.  One of her best powers was to build rainbows for me (The LSU monkey was a "boy", but I cannot at this time recollect his name) to slide on.
Here's a video of our play.  I hope you can see/ hear it.

ANd yes, I AM aware of our extreme southern drawl.  It's what makes us endearing!!

Lisa and Sami, I cannot wait to meet you!!  Anybody else up for an adventure?!  Next weekend... the retreat!! I am incorporating a little tour of the art studio, which, as by now you probably realize, is NOT at my house, but right across the street from the clinic, so if you guys want, we can also run in there on Friday and catch some of the action!  And I am thinking maybe Johnny's Pizza.  It's a local favorite!!  And EVERYTHING is in bloom here!!  Being from New Jersey, Lisa, I am assuming it's not thawed there yet.  Be watching for an email from me.  I'll need to send you a test to take to discover your strengths, as that is a big part of our first activity!!  Yipppeee.



Amy K said...

I so wish I was coming to the retreat next weekend! I can't wait to read all about it.

nss said...

I cant wait to here about your retreat! Have a wonderful spring weekend.. I'm hoping for the snow here to all melt!

Shannon said...

How sweet. I can watch the video, but there isn't sound, shucks!

Becky said...

no video sound for me either but Gabbi's expressions tell the whole story. Have a great day. BEcky

Lisa said...

We are excited too!!! We are open to any ideas! Yes, its been frigid here for months and tons of snow but finally two days earlier this week at 55 helped most snow melt. Its cold tho again :(. Can't wait to get to AR to get Sami and then come to LA!!!

Kim Carney said...

See I can't hear it either... And it is shown to me in broken frames :( she is adorable regardless!