Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blue Sky in Breckenridge

Ok, so my husband is a big guy!  And because of that,  you can see the scale of all the things in the lobby of Blue Sky condos in Breckenridge.
You couldn't really tell, say, the height of the windows or curtains, or even the size of the mantle, but given that Todd is well over 6', you can for SHO tell that this place was Huge!!
I was in love with the Blue Sky aesthetic!  It was so lodgey!!  I loved all the wood and stone.  It reminded me of what I was shooting for when we built the BAH.
ANd I especially loved this wall.  It was made of basic wood, the way that some ceilings or floors are done.  It was painted black, though, and made the coolest wall!!
Since Todd is so enamored with Breckenridge, and he is determined to start going annually, I suppose we are going to have to find a place we love and stick with it.   We pretty much loved Blue Sky.  It was convenient. It had its own underground parking garage.  The ground was heated, so there wasn't a problem with ice or snow in the parking/ driving areas.  The bathroom floors had heated tile, which was AWESOME!!  And in the bottom floor of the condo was a ski shop, where you could rent your skis and store them in a locker room rather than having to haul everything up to your condo.  We were also only about 30 feet or so from the ski lift.  Lots of perks.  (I'm typing all of this so I can remind myself!!   I'm going to do the same with a packing list!  I was WAY overpacked for me and the girls!!)
Todd took one little duffle.  ANd he is convinced that I need to abandon my suitcase and start carrying a pull along duffle bag.  I have my doubts!
He is not a fan of the photo shoot!!  But, he was looking so dang cute in his little brown down vest!!  I couldn't resist.
Another major perk of being at Blue Sky is that they had a shuttle bus that would come and pick you up at any time and take you wherever you wanted to go.  WHen you got finished with dinner, as in these pics, you'd just call them, and they'd say, "we'll be there in 10 minutes", and there they were!!

The actual condo was fairly modern!  Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.  The floor had radiant heating which was really nice.  There was an electric fireplace in there too.  We also had a washer and dryer in the room with us!
(Here is Gabbi playing pretend with her socks, like I was telling you about yesterday!)
Gabs and I took a little ride into town when the rest of the crew was skiing.  This is my big girl in the back of the shuttle!
It was pretty cush!  She enjoyed our one on one time and being alone in the shuttle.
I'd recommend the place we stayed.  Blue Sky Resort in Breckenridge is the bomb!  Just sayin.


OH... next Bingo number is Y 65.


Mama J said...

Awesome resort and great pics. This WILL help you remember who, what and when for next trip. I will have to agree with you that Mr. Todd was duly dashing in his brownie outfit. Thank him for 'allowing' the photog to snap it. LOL EXPLORE is making the mark on your goal for the year. You go!

Becky said...

love the comments. Take the duffle bag - you convinced me when I read washer/dryer in the room!