Sunday, March 16, 2014

Art night (mixed media) at MoJoy Studio

What fun!  We have started having our women's art nights at MoJoy Studios!  Emery taught a mixed media class this past Friday night.  And, I stopped by to check out the girls' progress.

Ignore the fact that I cannot seem to turn my pics upright!!  Just tilt your head, smile, and enjoy!
Shelby, who works for me at MMPT, did a great job (above), as did her sister (below).
I mean, seriously, are these awesome or what?!
I hope to see more women getting groups together to show up for all the different classes that are going to be offered, especially this summer.  Hey, if you are local and want to see a particular thing taught, shoot me an email ( and tell me what you'd like to see.

I know we'll be doing some ceramics (I now own a kiln!!), painting, collage, jewelry making, etc.
Niki and her friend also came and did a bang up job!!  I am trying to convince Niki to come to my 3 day this weekend!!  It is a good value for all that you get.  However, I just found out that Todd the Bod's annual golf trip with his uncles is this weekend too, sooooooo.... I really need a COOK to come to this retreat!!  (Hey, Susan?!!!) Anyone? anyone?
Otherwise, Lisa/ Sami, what flavor PopTarts do you like?!  And how do you feel about Lunchables?!  ha
I am in the process today of organizing the agenda for the weekend.  I am adding a few new ideas, since there are some repeaters!!

Here's who we have so far...
Lisa (New Jersey, Sami's mama)
Sami (Arkansas; Lisa's daughter)
Suzy (art teacher!! and likes Sonic as much as I do)
Jessi (yes, "my" Jessi.  And she Can do ANYTHING!)
Jennifer (Gives great input on the personal growth stuff, and a 3 time retreater)
JinJin (She'll be popping in and out)

There are a few on the fence, so I expect to have 8.

OK... let me know.  We'll be doing lots of soul searching, exploring (going on a little adventure.. MMPT, MoJoy Studio, Johnny's Pizza, and someplace very "Louisiana" for dinner)

If you want to know the upcoming classes in the studio, make sure you "like" MoJoy FB page.


Oh... and one more thing:  I need a favor.  I have a friend who was chosen to represent our local Ghengis Grill Restaurant.  There is a national weight loss competition going on.  She also gets points for various tasks they assign her.  (The prize is $10,000!!).  So, if you can, please take a sec and go view this link on YouTube...


Lisa said...

We don't care about eating! We care about meeting you and doing art! Sad we won't meet your sweet hubby, but excited to meet Jessi and JinJin and everyone else.

I sent you an email too. Need your cell in case I get lost. Sent you mine too.

Couldn't get link to work.

Mbeaty19 said...

Loved the Mixed Media paintings. I think I might have to make an 'adapted' one for my room.
Can't imagine how great the retreat will be this weekend. With the addition of 'your' Jessi and Jin Jin I'm sure the creativity and insight will be taken to another level. Look forward to the post about it and living vicariously.

Joleen said...

I love the mixed media paintings, great job ladies!

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

Wish I lived closer...

Kathryn said...

Watched the video. I wish I could come and cook for you!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ And Happy Aunt Patrick's Day!! Thank you so much for carving time out of your busy vacation to meet up with me, I REALLY appreciate it! It was so much fun to meet the girls, Todd the Bod, Dee Dee, Larry and of course YOU! And the earrings - thank you, I love them. I am so happy to hear that you might be making Colorado a yearly stop - YEAH!!!! Your girls are just too cute for words and spending some time with you was wonderful. Have a great day today, Diana from Colorado

Susantwilhelm said...

I would love to come and cook, however, this is the final week of Houston rodeo! Dang it! One day it is gonna work!!!!