Monday, March 17, 2014

Riding on the gondola

Let's go back to Colorado... only this last little bit.  And then, we're done.  OR ARE WE?!

After ski school, as promised, we headed straight for a little adventure on the Gondola.
The Gondola is simply a ski lift which is enclosed and goes right over the street.  It goes waaaaay up the mountain, and then brings you right back down to the parking lot, so it is a pretty easy "adventure" compared to all the other ones the girls had her "older" parents doing!
and speaking of that.... Skiing has been one of the very few things that we've done, where I can understand why I suppose the natural rhythm of life is to have your children in your 20's, early 30's vs almost 40!  Because poor ol' Todd is going to need physical therapy when we get back home for all the bending and stooping and lifting and carrying he had to do on the slopes, two consecutive days.  Not to mention, all the physicality in general it takes to get yourself ready, tote your poles and skis, and walk in ski boots, much less that of two little girls as well.
I, for one, am ready to get back home and work so I can rest!!
Anyway, back to the Gondola...
It was a fun trip, and I'll post supporting video soon.  WHen we got to the bottom... BONUS!!!  A girl scout was selling cookies!  yes.
We went straight to the grocery store, and the girls and I decided to just stay put in the car.  We had a little bit of selfie fun.
Oh.. and ate some of those Tagalongs!
Pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

Hopefully, you can see this video of the two of them getting a little jiggy wit' it.
It's safe to assume that people who don't have kids think that tattoos to the face is a good idea.  For us moms who have to endure the screaming agony (or so it SEEMS!) of removing said tattoos with soap and rag, we'd appreciate the occasional hand or maybe forearm, under the sleeve tattoo.  Thanks in advance.

Gabbi would've been just fine to just put on her snow clothes and go play in the snow everyday.  That's her lane!
Oh.  And did I mention that we saw a MOOSE on our trip up the mountain?!  That was a true rarity!!


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Beth E. said...

I love you read about your adventures...your post is the closest I'll ever get to skiing! LOL! Your pics are great, as always. LOVE those Groves girls!

Try using baby oil to remove the tatoos...MUCH easier to get off.