Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christmas craft with my kids' classes.

You know if my blog ain't random, it ain't nuthin!!  ANd so, lets' kick it back to a time before 2014.  In fact, let's go way back to December of 2013~  hA
It was a day that the girls requested that their PauPau take them to school.  They do that periodically!
Also a time that I kind of have Christmas crafts on the brain!
So, the next day, I convinced my girls to let me take them to school.  Ha.  What a sacrifice, and off we went.
Little did they know I had a big surprise in store for them!  I was headed to their classrooms to take Christmas art projects.
I took somewhere around 50 canvases to Gabs's kindergarten class and Ellie's first grade class.
For the record, this was also during that "you need to be lying down doing nothing and healing from a hysterectomy" time.  Ummm... not this chick.
So, the kids were given lots of choices of scrapbook paper to make their big ornaments.  I like it when everyone's project is totally unique.  I like the kids to be creative!
They learned to use ModPodge to secure the ornaments onto the canvases.  And then, they were given pallets and paint to make the tops of the ornaments.
Some chose to add "2013" in the middle.
Some added a little extra decor inside the ornament.
Some were just pleased as punch that their mama was there.  (Not sure why this pic is showing up with her 2013 backwards?!  It wasn't.)
I've promised Ellie that I'd be back with another art project, so I guess that'll be an Easter project.

And for anyone reading this tonight, we start our Camp Creative art classes back up next week.  They're offered on Monday and Wednesdays at 4:00.  We'll be focusing our themes around self love... esteem, our strenghts, and how each of us is unique.  We'll also be adding activities this go round to use our kiln.  Can't wait to get our hands on some clay and bisque and see how the firing turns out!

For older kids (11-14), Emery will be teaching a fine arts class on Tuesday or Thursdays where they will turn it up a knotch with regards to level of difficulty and skill.  Study on line, color, shape, shading, sketching and weekly working toward a final project.

If you are interested in either of these classes for your kids, be sure and contact Emery at 318-884-8334.  Or you can email me at mojoy@att.net.  I think this will be money well spent.



Susan Hooper said...

I remember when you did those! That was so awesome! Maybe you should come to my kinder class in Cali!!!!

Becky said...

your kids are sure blessed with a great mama!

nss said...

What lucky classes!