Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daffodil patch

On the way home from church a couple of weeks ago, we passed this super fabulous daffodil patch!  I HAD to throw on the brakes, get the three girlies out of the car and start snapping, even if it was only with the iphone! 
Tonight, I have one of my retreaters, Jennifer, spending the night with  me.  She and I just got my two sleepyheads to beddy bye, and it is pretty late already. For that reason, I don't think that I'll be doing just a ton of blogging tonight.
Rather, I think I will just rock your socks with some of the cutest dang photos you've seen so far this year!

Feel free to let me know which ones of these pics need to be blown up to be on a canvas.  I think a few of these are exceptional.
I asked Kimie to stop with us so we could include her in some of the pics too.

I have the art room set up and all the "goodies" are ready for the participants to show up and partake tomorrow!  I am ready to share some really rich information regarding personal growth and of course, make art pieces which support these concepts.

We'll be studying John Maxwell's Laws of Growth... particularly, the Law of Intentionality, Growth Doesn't Just Happen. It requires giving up excuses and really driving full steam ahead into intentional growth.  Also, The Law of Awareness, You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself.  This one is figuring out where you are and what you want!

We'll also study The Law of the Mirror, which is really about self esteem/ image.  You must value yourself before you can value others.

I'm really, really excited about the projects I've chosen.  Several of them are totally different than the ones I used in the fall.
2 nights ago, I purchased the rest of my "strengths" list from Gallup.  I have BEEN knowing my top five...
Woo, Communication, Maximizer, Ideation and Futuristic!  (according to strengthsfinder2.0)
But, I paid to find out the order of the rest of the 34 strengths.
I say this to explain that my number 32 of 34 was "consistency".  It seems I am not very consistent.  I think that might be why I couldn't repeat the same course.  I like variety.  It's the spice of life!

 By the way, Discipline was my number 33!  That is pitiful.  Might explain my weakness in the area of exercise.  Just sayin..

Seen any favorites yet?!

And my number 6 and 7 were Includer and Competition.  Interesting!

I love studying and understanding strengths of others as well as my own.  I know that when you are functioning in your "sweet spot", you are happier, more passionate, and in a better place to contribute to your entire team.

I'm actually considering going to be certified in the Strengths program, like I am with the John Maxwell Program.  And just like the JM program, I intend to use art as an adjunct to this program.  I love when my course participants take home meaningful art.  Art that noone else "gets" the reason for, but the artist knows and LOVES it because it is so special to them!

So say a little prayer for all involved this weekend.  For safe travels, for open minds, and for growth that is extraordinary!  I can't wait to see lives transformed.  And of course... F.U.N.!!



Amy K said...

Alrighty, I would have to blow up so many of those photos. Very pretty!
The Law of the Mirror - that is one I would definitely be interested in learning/hearing more about.
Without a doubt, this weekend will be a blessing to all involved! Living so far away, it's not feasible for me to come to every retreat, but I sure would like to! You'll do fantastic, Melanie.

nss said...

I am so coming to one of your retreats.. Saving pennies now!
Good Luck picking the best photos - there are a lot of natural smiles and beauty in them. Have a great retreat!

SamC said...

Love all of the pics, but, the one of you with the girls is my favorite! :)

Have a great time retreating!!

kimybeee said...

No way to pic just a couple pics. I am thinking collage! Will an iPhone pic blow up well?

Becky said...

love them all but #7 of you and the girls is great

Kaia said...

I love the vertical one of you with your daughters! Other than that, too many cute ones to pick through and decide.

melinda marie said...

Persnickety makes great iphone / Instagram collages!