Sunday, March 23, 2014

Retreat is underway

Ok.  A couple of things.  First off, this retreat is going great!  We are staying up til the wee hours of the morning making art and having personal growth sessions sprinkled all along the way.  It is 1:53 am, and I am just now getting to beddy bye!

We've made a necklace, two pair of earrings, a beloved art journal, a mixed media canvas, a resin bezel, a wooden key hook plaque, and a wooden bangle bracelet.  Tomorrow, we'll have one more jewelry project, a little more personal growth, and we'll take pics and say goodbye until next time!

I'll be posting pics soon.  As for now... the number which Jennifer chose tonight in the Bingo game is
M- 12!!  Hope you have it.

Good night.  Looking forward to sharing about the retreat soon.



connie said...

I got it now I need 0 with the heart 30 0 55 and I got y 71 I will have bingo then looking for those numbers looks like yall are having a great time..

Beth E. said...

Don't have that number - dadburn it! ;-)

Looking forward to hearing more about your art retreat!