Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tucson Day 3

Ok,  Here we go again.  It's another fun-filled day in Tucson!  And Shannon, just go ahead and take your Xanax.  It's gonna be a long one.
Last year, I bought a TON of these fabulous beads.  Everyone of them are different.  And there is every color under the sun!
And tthis year is no different.  I plan to put these together very soon and sell these puppies at a local boutique.  Just wait and see.  They look like candy when they are done!!

Jessi and I were struck by palm trees and mountains.  And desert.  Is that normal?!
This is a pic that Jessi posted on Instagram.  See that shelf to the right?!  That was a small portion of the blue section.  ANd there was EVERY color represented.  It was so tempting!
I really have NO IDEA why I took this picture.  But I look cross-eyed, so it cracks me up!

I loved that booth above.  I told a couple of people I'd pick up a few things for them.  One of those people is Connie.  Connie, some of these are coming to Georgia to live with you!!
For some reason, I can't exactly leave a booth without buying turquoise.  It's a sickness, really.
I bought these awesome stones to use in the beach art class/ retreat.
I'm also VERY attracted to the Tibetan-style stuff.  I am going to HOOK up that said boutique.  I hope their customers are into this as well.
For instance, these rings.  L.O.V.E.
I didn't buy these little beaded boxes, but I sure did want to.  I think one of them, at least, needed to live in my cottage.  Alas.  Until next year maybe.

More of what I call the "Tibetan" style.  I am just so attracted to it.
WHat do you think?  Do you like it too?!

However, any time I wear anything with any real weight to it, I get a headache.  So, I have to be careful with what I wear.
Not necessarily with what I BUY... just what I wear.  Ha!
I thought these turquoise hats were pretty stellar too!  I took a pic with one on, and I am going to have to get copies of all of Jessi's pics too, I suppose.
These DID come home with me.  I have NO problem wearing weight on my wrist!!
Complete and total fabulosity, if you ask me.
And here Jessi is getting into the turquoise love.

I found this fun booth where they had this Chinese paintbrush set.  I had to have it!!  And I bought those silver bracelets as souvenirs for friends. I intend to drill holes in these coins and use them as focal points on necklaces.
Jessi and I found several of the statues of stones and minerals and gems to be a bit phallic.  Just sayin.

And with that, we finished up JOGS.  We were hitting the road for dinner and to check out our loot!

But not before we passed Uncle Si!!  Can you even believe that?!  West Monroe, LA, representin'!!
In the hotel room, we started spreading out our wonderfulness.  I loved these malachite slices.
And these druzies will make great focal points on long gold necklaces.  I asked my friends who own Herringstone's, the boutique about which I was speaking, what the colors of the spring would be.  She sent me some of the clothes they'd ordered for the spring.  And I chose beads/ stones which I thought would accent their clothes best.
I bought this for one of my employees who collects dragons.

Hey Connie, some of these belong to you.
I think this was one of my Instagram posts.  So much inspiration!!
OH.  By the way.  These are more of those great ceramic beads!!  I cannot wait to get these organized and ready to be used.
And maybe my faves... these ceramic beads made with black clay with little drawings done with colored pencils and paint on top.  DROOL.
yes. They all came home with me.

I like to support local schools, and thought maybe there would be some folks who would like these leather bracelets as much as I did.  They were bought with LA Tech, ULM, and LSU in mind.
Emery always likes "different" things.  I bought this with her in mind.
And here is a close up of the souvies for my friends.
Neither of us were too excited about going out.  Our dawgs were barking, so we decided to just stay in the room and order pizza.  Oh, and we watched a different movie every night.  I LOVE to watch movies in my room when on vacation.  It always costs me a fortune to check out.  But, given that I watch a lot of Disney at home, it makes me feel all grown up and pampered to actually choose a mama movie and watch it in peace.
And for one final bit of inspiration.....
More to follow tomorrow.  I have days of settle in!!  And if you see something you gotta have, place your order!

Oh, and I CANNOT find the message from someone in Dallas (?) who contacted me today about my upcoming retreat in March.  I have two from Arkansas and two from Dallas, but I need to get all my ducks in a row.  If it's you, please, please, email me tomorrow.

And, we'll start sending out a newsletter of all the upcoming classes before the end of the week.  If you want to receive this, sign in on my blog, upper right corner, with your email.   All of our fun offerings will be found in this newsletter, which will likely go our twice a month.

Getting my mojoy crap TOGETHER!!  yesssss.



kimybeee said...

Looking forward to all the awesomeness you will create with your loot!

Unknown said...

Whoa! I've missed a lot this week. Holy smokes I'd be overwhelmed with the beads and other goodies!

Kathryn said...

Melanie, those beads with the words and the ones right below them with hearts and houses are so you they scream your name! I love them, too. Thank you for taking us with you.

Amy K said...

Still in awe. I can't imagine the ground you cover at that show.

SamC said...

Love all the colors!! :)

nss said...

Those candy looking beads are calling my name!! Would love to see that show - can you say sensory overload!! My brain would be swimming.

Shannon said...

Love love love those clay beads/charms!!!

jenny said...

Love, love, LOVE these pics! The colors just make me do the HAPPY dance. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love seeing everything through your eyes! I would be on sensory overload!!

Shannon said...

You said phallic!!

Okay it's kickin in - the Xanax. I'm turnt up ready for the next completely overwhelming post!

Shannon said...

And I mean that totally sarcastically - phallic. You make me laugh!