Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tucson Day 4.

And the adventure continues.  The above picture was taken bright and early in the am, as we were up and at em and ready to shop til we dropped.  All I could see was cleavage when I looked at this pic.  Ok.  Onto the show.
Just one of like a MILLION booths just like this.
This was at the Holidome.  Which is H.U.G.E.  And there are 10 of everything you could ever hope to see.
I always have to stop and shop a little for Liberace.  (aka JinJin)  That woman likes her a faux ring!!
And since she couldn't decide on color this time, I suggested a pearl.  She liked the idea, so I bought her three!
For my friend, Lisa Tanner.  And this is the LAST time I'll be posting an elephant ring.  EVER.
I always love to stop at this booth and stock up on my wooden beads.
They also have cloissinier beads.  I don't feel like looking that up!  Cloy-son-A'  .  Yeah, like that.
I did end up buying several of these.  I think these will be fab colors for the spring colors.  I am digging that red violet that's sorta in now.

I had to completely restrain myself from buying this chain.  I had already bought 50' of lots of different kinds, namely so I'd have plenty for retreats and classes, so we could all make the same things.  But... it was tempting nonetheless.
I so loved all of these printing plates.  Not sure what in the world I'd do with them, but I surely do like them.

These are printing blocks too.  These are for fabric.  Above is more for jewelry/ metal stamping, I believe.
I was channeling FlavaFlav!
There are also booths of just watches and hair accessories, bracelets, and lots of other pre-made things that I basically have no need for.
But IF I had a store, I'd be all over these.
I was also needing to buy chains for when we make ceramic pendants, or when the class is primarily geared toward making a cool pendant, vs the entire chain.  In such cases, these would be ideal.
And for kids' classes, I'll need lots of these....
or these.
Actually, I couldn't decide, so I left with nothing.  Boo.

What is it with me and this Tibetan looking stuff? !  I am just drawn to it.
Bins and bins and bins full of individual pieces of sterling silver. Can you even imagine having to transport and organize all of this stuff?!  My right-brained self cannot fathom all of that organization.
It's more in this kind of world!  I am all about color!  And this picture made us think of our OTs in West Monroe, who have more scarves than I do!  And that is a L.O.T.!!
Which eventually fell out in the bottom of my brand new suitcase.  NOT COOL.

I bought some super cool coins to add to necklaces with all kinds of other metals.
I totally LOVE these deer horns too!  My dad has been saving some of these for me, and I am pretty sure that my friend, Lissy, for whom I will soon be doing a custom class for her friends, will covet and want to use in their project.
River rocks.  Love those too.
All of these very, very old relics just light my fire.  But because I don't even know what they are or what they may symbolize, and i'd be walking around with something on my neck that I might NOT want to stand for, so I have to defer buying some of these cool old things.
This booth had these awesome leather wrist bands in every color.  YUM.
I think these are a little gypsy-esque too.  But, I used my will power and resisted.  That doesn't happen often.
Every once in a while, we'd find a booth where everything was really inexpensive.  I don't recall if this was one of them or not, but I mean, like, these necklaces would be around 20 bucks.  And for all that beading and intricate work, I think that is a fabulous price!
ANd these rhinestone bracelets for  like, 10 dollars.  But, you can't have it all.

After all, I'd say I had already packed my drag along bag pretty snugly!  So had Jessi.  We had to make a midday trip to the car to unpack before going on.  And just like Hansel and Gretel, we had a little path to follow to find our way back.  Can you tell where we had been?!
Now that's what you call a heavy bag!!
But it was totally worth another trip inside.  Cause, I had to get these, potentially for my pal Lissy and her buds.

Here we have WOLF TEETH and PYTHON vertebrae.  I know, I know, you see those all the time.  But I don't, so I had to snap a picture.

Above was a great booth with some really good prices.

These we got for 15 bucks.  I thought that was  super good price!  And so, I got myself two!

I resisted the urge to buy myself a hip hugger belt to jangle and dangle when I belly dance!
Close up of my lapis necklace.
Jessi and I found a new booth this year, that became one of our top 5!!  We didn't even see it last year.  It reminded me a whole lot of Canton.
The owner of this joint had a great way of putting absolute junk together to make it look so cool.  In fact, other than having pink hair, she was also wearing a skirt with Barbies hanging off of it.
They clearly were masters of upcycling!  And luckily, I have a wholesale number, so we got our treasures at a reduced price.
They didn't want us to take pics inside this booth.  Unsure why!  But I'd already snapped  a few before they let me know that.  Oops.
You went around the booth finding all kinds of very unique pieces, then brought them to the line in front, and she would "put it together" for you.  I didn't partake.  That is taking to fun out of it for me.
And of course, we finished up... right on the money.
So, we slapped on Jessi Mae's Pandora, listened to a little old school House of Pain's "Jump Around" and headed to the next show!!
OOOOOHhh, one more thing!  I'll be drawing the first Bingo number tomorrow.  So, watch the blog tomorrow evening for day one of that game!!  Whoop whoop!!

Thanks for checking in.  Now comment and tell me some of your faves!



kimybeee said...

I would be in overload and have no idea what to buy! Just unreal! I don't even know how you reach some of that stuff! I only wear my wedding rings and my anniversary band on my ring fingers. I don't even wear my diamond earrings since I lost one and found it again. I don't trust the backs. I do wear a black leather pandora bracelet with no charms on it occasionally. I can't imagine having all that to choose from to make and wear! I do look forward to seeing what you make.

Can't wait for bingo! I am stuck here alone this weekend with a barn full of animals to take care of, I need some entertainment. Lol. My sons heifer could be having her first calf any day and I am hoping it isn't on my watch lol lol

Maggie said...

Wow, I too, would be overwhelmed. Do you go with a list of the types of projects/classes/people you're buying for, or do you just let it work itself all out and buy bulk, well, everything?
I'm super curious to see how Lissy's project with horns turns out!

Unknown said...

Whoa! Goodness gracious, each post is never ending lol. I LOVE the colored leather bracelets, I would need each color of course.

Do y'all carry an extra bag or two with you to carry your goodies home (and what about weight!?)

Beth E. said...

I really liked your lapis necklace...sooo pretty! You got a great deal on that, too. That's the gravy on top!

I'm excited about bingo starting tomorrow. I've worked hard to not lose my card! ;-)

Lisa said...

Ha! Love the elephant ring! So cute!

Unknown said...

Holy guacamole!! I would be so overwhelmed that I wouldn't know what to pick!! So many choices!!

Karen said...

Loved the lapis necklace! and the pearls. What a fun trip!

Karen said...

Loved the lapis necklace! and the pearls. What a fun trip!

Karen said...

What an exciting adventure. I wish I could attend your art retreats. Oh well, maybe on day. I enjoy reading of your adventures!

Sending Hugs, Karen

Holly said...

I was going 100% gypsy! but I gotta say I love the Tibetan, and the clo-son-A speaks to me too! Love, love , love all the color! What a fun trip!

nss said...

Love the candy looking beads from yesterday and the antler beads are a no go for my house. They would chewed on by my puppy so fast. Not sure I could hide them well enough to not get eaten...

SamC said...

Way to much to pick out just one favorite. Loved your necklace. Such a pretty blue. I can certainly say I have never seen WOLF TEETH or PYTHON vertebrae!

Shannon said...

You girls must have had on some wonderful walking shoes!!!

Shannon said...
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Becky said...

I love the lapis necklace =- especially the color. I can not imagine how long it must take for them to set that show up. I don't know how you are able to choose

Amy K said...

OOOoooo, Ahhhhh, the bling of the rhinestone bracelets.
I'll be checking back later for the start of Bingo!

Lisa said...

Love the leather bracelets. Also, the necklace you bought. Love all the colors.

Martha from NC said...

No way could I begin to make a decision on what to buy. Too much to choose from. I loved the pearl rings you got for your Mom. The lapis necklace was awesome. You're going to have so much fun making pretty things. Great job Mo!

The Mommy said...

I so very much love the colors, and the textures....I would be like a kid in a candy store!