Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tucson Day 2

 My girls and I sing this every morning... "Here we go.  Here we go.  Everybody out the do' !"  Pronounced with a long "O" as if to rhyme!!  And that is how Jessi and I were feeling as we got our badges ready and our suitcases ready to pull along.  We had places to go and people to see!!
 The booths are so inspiring.  Half the time, they have all these components that make no sense out of context.  Thankfully, there are lots of examples of how to use their stuff.  Unthankfully, I wanted it all.
 Like this leather stripping for instance.  WHAT IN THE WORLD would I have thought to do with all this?  But isn't it just heavenly?!  I took pics, cause MAYBE, in the future, I'll get around to ordering some to make that cute bracelet pictured above.  It could be any color leather and of course any color funky fiber/ ribbon.
 This is about 1/4 of the booth that I was in.  (And below... there's Jessi shopping satin ribbons for cording to use on the ceramic pendants I've ordered, and received, that will be used in an upcoming class.  Remember the Jake "believe" ones about 9 years ago?!
 This might be about 1/4 of all the fun metal slides that can be used on that leather too.  OOOohhhweee.
 This would be considered a very, very small tent.  Sometimes you have to go in one of these as a break from the overwhelming nature of the enormous ones!
 This is an example of the metal that can be used on a little double leather strand wrap bracelet.
 And dude.  I LOVED this leather!  How fun for a triple wrap bracelet.  My wrist needs this.  I almost bought this one even though I had no idea what I'd do with it.
 I try and try to capture what it's like there for all the bloggers who I know have read and followed this trip for so many years.  Jessi and I would repeatedly say, "there's just no way to capture it in a photo".  SO true.
 Chain.  Ahhhhh... Chain. I love chain!!
 There are so many booths like this one, that I'd say that I walked RIGHT PAST probably 90% of these.  I've gotten a wee bit more selective in my old age.  But it's still tempting, nonetheless.
 And this booth.  Oh man.  This booth!  I LOVE all of this color.
 If this is what "gypsy" is, I might be a touch gypsy!!
 I think I could've taken one of everything in that booth!!
 I DID take at least one of every one of these tassels!!  I couldn't resist.  I made some jewelry last year with tassels and was HOOKED!
 And would you look at all of these silk scarves?!  GORGEOUS!!
 Since I am now a self-proclaimed "gypsy", I think I might need these too.
 That is IF gypsies also love ribbon and trims.  That's it!!  I finally know my title.  I'm a gypsy.  Who knew?!
 And as I explore along, I'll need this parasol.  Yes... without a doubt, I NEED THIS!
 And I'll need to sit upon this!!
 And the camel I ride will need this camel bling.  (It really IS camel bling.  And I REALLY DID buy one!!)
 I thought it'd be perfect decor for my cottage.

And I didn't buy any of this velvet ribbon.  But, ummm... I could've done some serious damage with that stuff!!

 And then an angel confirmed that I was in "my world"!
 So, I finished up there and headed inside to one of my already known favorite jewelry artists, Diane Hawkey's, booth.
 She makes ceramic beads.  And there was quite an uproar about this picture I posted on instagram and FB.  If you look closely, you'll see among all the "joy" and "peace", and "love", a big fat "vagina" bead!  Not sure why.  But it's navy and in the front right section.
 Diane's stuff rocks my world!!
 She gets a little jiggy wit it.  But overall, I am digging her ceramic whimsy.
 ESPECIALLY these!!  She has tentatively said she'd come to MoJoy Studio and teach a class on how to make these.  Can you IMAGINE?!
 In fact, all of these.  She has figured out all the glazes and temperatures, and what not, and can just cut right to the chase on how to make them!!

 I pretty much can't wait for that.  Even if I end up being her only student!!  This MUST happen.
 She made that little koi fish bead, and very simply made it into a necklace.
 I bought some of these twigs, birds, and hearts last year.  AND... again this year!!  L.O.V.E.!!
 I also made sure this year's haul included some of these awesome faceted beads and some fun branches.
 And several houses.  SWOON!!
 Look at the wire wrapped copper necklace.  Would you stop someone and have to inspect that or WHAT?!!
 And I think you know me well enough to know I had to leave with a few hearts!!  Stay tuned for more info on the class.  Probably summer or early fall.



kimybeee said...

You might be a redneck if you think the tassels look like fishing flies lol lol

I love the little ceramic houses. Those are too cute. I don't do hearts, but I love stars! I never would have noticed the vagina bead if you didn't point it out lol

I would love to have some type of leather bracelet because I am supposed to cover my believe tattoo on my wrist when I am at work. Any advice on where to find a tutorial. It can't be very elaborate because of germs. The hospital won't even let us wear lanyards anymore! We have an interim vp of nursing power tripping! Lol

I can see why you love Tucson, I can only afford to live vicariously lol lol

Jennifer said...

I love love love the heart with the bird sitting on the twig necklace!

Mom4Mom said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the little house! Can't wait to see how you put the awesome "mo" touch on them!

wildernessgurl5 said...

I want that copper necklace! So cute, with a little bit of funk!!

Mbeaty19 said...

Oh my - these pictures are so inspiring. I just want to reach into the computer and grab handful after handful of all that stuff. I don't know how you stop yourself from buying everything. I think I could spend a whole day just at Diane Hawkeys booth. Love, love, love it all! How special that Jake let you know that you were right where you were suppose to be. This week there will be some major crafting because I'm TRULY inspired!!!!!!!!

Amy K said...

Still lovin' those ceramic beads, and of course the Instagram picture gave me a good laugh. That's awesome that she's going to come and teach. Would love to be at that one!

rebeccabrabb said...

I love those crazy looking little people!

Becky said...

your pictures put my brain into overload - I can't even imagine what it would be like to be there live.

Shannon said...


Holly said...

Simply AMAZING!! Love everything, I think I may be a Gypsy too! And of course, with my last name I LOVE anything with hearts!

Tori said...

Love the bird sitting on a twig bead. Any chance she has a cardinal version? My dad passed away 6 years ago and I'm certain he comes and checks up on me as a cardinal.

Beth E. said...

Okay...the vagina bead cracked me up! I kept looking in all of those beads for one with RENEW written on it...no such luck. :/ I thought the little houses were so cute!

Sensory overload...I don't know how you got through your trip without having a bad case of it. I know you had a blast, though. Lots of beautiful things!

Unknown said...

Love everything! I would be in the poor-house wanting to buy it all!