Monday, February 10, 2014

Tucson.... pictures. The recap!

 So, remember that girl who has set up my flight, room, and all the details of my Tucson trip, for ooooh, the past 10 years or so?!  Well, last year she went with me to Tucson.  And her exact words were, "Oh.  Now I GET it!".  And of course, after getting a taste last year, she was right back at it this year!!
 And naturally, our seats were assigned, and we were already seeing our blessings.  Seats 11C and 11D.  We were living in high favor, and we knew it!
 We hit the ground in Tucson, and Jessi went to grab our bags, while I moved ahead to get the rental car!
 As I looked around, specifically to look for the time somewhere, I saw it here.  Look close.  Oh wait...
 Because I was so amazed at what I saw, I had to stop, pilfer through my purse, grab my phone, and snap it really quickly!  Looky there.  Again.  11:11.  I KNEW it was going to be a great trip!
 We stopped by our hotel to check in and had a little lunchipoo.  Know what I've figured out is my favorite thing on a salad?!  Craisins!  Just thought I'd share that with you.
 We were gassing up cause we had all kinds of beads to buy!
 And if I'm lying, I'm dying. We got finished eating, and I said, "let's roll", and ta daaaah....
 And then a little later, we were at the first stop, and ...ok, ok... I'll stop now.  Well, maybe!  I just uploaded my pics and there were SO MANY  11 captures on this trip, it just got downright strange!!  There was a message in there somewhere.  I think it was one of gratitude and abundance.  Jessi and I talked about that just about every day.
 First stop, we met a nice guy who showed us new ways to use leather.
 And there was a booth where artists used the same materials to see what all could be made with them.  I liked this one a lot.  I bought some cones, cause I gotta make this!
 I bought several of these bronze wrap bracelets.  But, I have different ideas of what to hang from them.  I've already made one for  a couple of special people.  Here we come, Valentine's Day!
 Here's a cute example of how you can use beads, or school colors, or birthstones as the drops on the bracelet.  I chose letters of grandkids.
 And I bought every bit of this.  DUDE!!  This is my style!!  I have plans for all of this.  Herringstone's... you reading my blog?!  I am gonna HOOK YOU UP!
 Isn't this just terrible inspiring?!  This booth got my FIRST big check of the day!
 I've had this cool metal in sheets and discs for several years.  I couldn't remember how to use any of it.  These ladies were kind enough to give me a refresher without asking me to buy more stuff.  I love how the booths have little demo areas.  This was awesome. And now I have a plan for all my sheet metal.

 Oh yeah.  I am going to have to make this!!

 I like  how they used the sheet metal to wrap on a cuff bracelet.
 And SO MUCH of the things we learned about in Tucson this year depends on E6000.  WHERE have I been?!  I just have not realized the importance of this stuff.  Now, I do.

 I have a dappling tool.  I think that is what it's called.  It makes flat metal domed, like these below.   Now, I just have to use it.

 I bought about 40 of these little birdhouses when I found them on sale.  I was planning to use them in an art class with paint.  And then, I saw how they used that sheet metal on the little houses.  I might have to change my plans!!
 I am AGAIN planning a little art retreat at the beach this year.  I bought all the stuff in Tucson last year to do that retreat.  And then, I sort of backed out of it.  This year, it has to happen!!  I bought at least 5 projects, specifically for a beach theme.  I'm thinking the last weekend of May.  Just saying.  I can take 5 people.  And that's it.  So, if you think that sounds fun, start checking your calendar, and let me know.
 Oh, well, I 'll be.... again?!  Cray cray!
 and that's a wrap for day one.  I have lots and lots of photos, so stay tuned.  I'll be doing  daily blogs until I share all the pics I took.  That awesome trip came and went.  Jessi and I are already saving up for next year. ha.  Yep.  It's THAT fun!!



Amy K said...

The metal is gorgeous! That would definitely be a hit at a retreat.

Holly said...

OMG! That looks fabulous! I don't know if I could ever make up my mind! Cuteness overload!

Joleen said...

I love that metal stuff! How fun! I don't think I would be able to make up my mind on what to buy, so much fun stuff!

nss said...

I cant wait to see what you find next!

Becky said...

What a trip and boy was Jake on board with you. Got my BINGO card. Looking forward to the post about Todd getting Elle ready for school as that old lady. Have a great day Becky

Unknown said...

I don't know how you choose.... So many options and everything is so cool!