Monday, February 3, 2014

Glorious Randomness.

Let's start by saying, I got a prescription for Vivance today.  Anyone?  Anyone?  I have been having some serious issues with a.  remembering things.  b.  focusing to memorize/ learn, especially the info necessary for an upcoming board exam I'll be taking.  c.  I lose things constantly. 

and thus... the "glorious randomness" of this and more and more frequent blogs.  When I look in my photo album on my phone, it is increasingly crazy and random. 

Like this one... posted by my friend, Allison.  I thought, "hey, I need to know 'how to drive  across USA hitting all the major landmarks"!  I mean, who doesn't need to know that?! 
 I took a picture of this to send to my hairdresser, Polly, to see if she could hook me up on some more of this.
 Yep.  That's right!  I completely agree with that.
 Mary Allison got me a super awesome planner by Erin Condren this year for Christmas.  I LOVE the idea of using a planner, but alas, cannot stay focused enough to actually use one!!  Maybe the new meds will help me actually USE the dang thing.
 Saw these on Instagram, and thought, I NEED to make these for somebody's party!  (Amy, see where your FB notification was coming through across the top?!)
 I must screenshot 10 or more pics a day off instagram.  Some are good ideas.  Some are artsy.  Just whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
 I screenshotted this one for Jessi.  She has a foster baby in her house right now.  So sweet!!  He is awesome!  And when I saw this nursery, it reminded me of Jessi's style.
 Now THAT's an omelet. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing!
 I think I need this cool bucket thingy to hold my paints in my art class!!  LOVE it.
 This is the night Todd and I sent a picture to Jessi who had serious pink eye.
 My mama bought me these awesome notebooks for Christmas.  I found them recently in Ellie's room.  She offered to give me one.  I told her they were actually all mine. She disagreed.  So, I had to take this picture and send it to JinJin to get her to CONFIRM to whom she'd given these little treasures.  I was right.  Ellie was not easily swayed.  Hard headed.  WHERE does she get it?!  ha
 I sort of LOVE this saying!
 And here is Todd and I in our shared office.  I don't think I've ever shown a photo of our office.  Have I?!  He didn't hang that hot air balloon pic.  Just sayin.  Preserving his manhood!
 I like Gabby Bernstein.  Read the first line of her Instagram post.  
 Aaaaackkkk... Emery, if you are reading my blog, we NEEEED this!
 Who is digitallly savvy?!  I NEED this too!!  All the places this person will be travelling this year.  And since I'll be "EXPLORing", I think I need something like this too!
 Did I ever post this picture?  It was from KK and John Wesley's wedding.  That is Josh Cranford, in the middle.  He and I have been friends since we were kids.  Our sisters were best friends, and we were buds too.  His family lived down the street from us when we were growing up.  He has severe cerebral palsy.  And we are not only his therapists, but his friends!!  Josh is now 34 years old.  Hard to believe!!
 I was very interested in this quote by Georgia O'Keefe... "Flattery and criticism go down the same drain."
 I took a class one time by Pam Garrison.  I thought she was great.  And I consistently love her artwork.
 Pretty sure I blogged this, but hey, it's Random Tuesday, sooooo....
This is the super cute monogrammed vest that KK gave to Ellie for Christmas.  That baby girl is so cute.
 I have this ongoing correspondence with one of my adult patients who is non-verbal.  However, he can text.  And so, we text photos back and forth and "talk" just about daily.  I like him to be surprised.  This is one such photo.
 Look at these cute angels.
 In case you were wondering, Yes, we DO all still sleep in the same bed.  Also why I'll be needing a sleeping aid as well!!
 And finally, a random ecard!
I'll let you know tomorrow how my focus medicine works.  

Later.  MO


kimybeee said...

That paint holder you are referring to looks like an old toolbox from way back when. I have one that has two full sides and the handle in the middle. It is black and I keep the dog and cat toys in it. You could easily find one at a flea market or primitive store.

Randomness is fine. I don't know if they make a med that can keep up with you!

Kathryn said...

We love that landmark map, too. That is one of the reasons we want to get an RV when we retire. Can't wait!

That planner rocks! Seriously need that. Will investigate.

Love the tool caddy used as a paint caddy. Easy to make one. I think that might be a weekend project here because it is too stinking snowy to do much else!

Amy K said...

Haha...nice FB notification! Randomness is fun.
I saw that paint storage on Pinterest or somewhere - love it.
I'm curious to see what you think of the med. Hopefully you find it helps.

Mama J said...

Viva La Vivance!

Becky said...

should be interesting to see if a med can slow down a super active person like you - you go in 1000+ directions all the time. Have a super day

Unknown said...

Love all the randomness! My fave is the pink eye pic and the notebook story! That Ellie Sue is the funniest kid ever!!

Lori Curran said...

I prefer to think of your brand of random as "Look how much life I can cram into a single day"! As a self-professed slug-like introvert, I quite enjoy seeing how a screamin' extrovert lives their life! I hope your med works out for you and provides the focus you need without taking away too much "Melanie". :)

Lori from Oregon

Emily G said...

Love the random post.....made me smile :) I take random pics on my phone too of things I want to do or check into more.

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I feel like I have a ping pong ball dancing around in my head. From one thing to the next!

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I feel like I have a ping pong ball dancing around in my head. From one thing to the next!

Christina said...

Vyvanse? Been on it awhile for my add also have 2 kiddos on it. The only side effect for me is weightloss but I am not complaining!

Beth E. said...

I was looking at that map app and noticed there were no hearts on Virginia...I guess this means you won't be visiting me anytime soon, huh? ;-)

I've never heard of Vivance...I hope it helps!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Beth... That wasn't MY US map! Just off Instagram. I just might make it to WV!! Never been there. Might need to explore!!

Shannon said...

Yeah - what Lori said! Totally agree!