Tuesday, February 4, 2014


 The question above... WHAT HAS BEEN ON MY MIND refers to the fact that when I look through my uploaded pics, as I have done for, ohhhhh, the last 8 years or so, to find my blog post theme, I typically find a full 10 or more photos to document that theme.  Actually, it used to be more like 30!  A party, a ballgame, a night out with girls, a typical workday, an art class... you know... the "Stuff".  But lately, when I look in my photos, which consistently come from my phone, nowadays,
 These were taken the day one day when the girls went to a birthday party at the gymnastics gym.

 It was the day we were having our first all day women's retreat at my new studio.  It was also the day Keif, from my office, and his son came fishing in my back yard.   I thought this pic was pretty cool!
 I have no idea what, where or why I copied this pic, except it is really cool, and I like the designs.  By the way, (There's a bird!), my Vivanse kicked butt til about noon today.  Anyone else have this experience?  I was IN THE ZONE with my PT treatment.  It felt GOOD!  But, it seemed to sorta peter out?!  Anyone have experience with that?  And so... let's move on.

 DUDE!!  I LOVE this!!  I have been life coaching a couple of women lately.  This is such a good quote for them.  For me.  For you... for us all!!
 I'm still trying to determine what I'll be helping my girls make for their classes for Valentine's Day.  That's some SERIOUS stuff, ya know!
 YEP>  ANd here's another AWESOME one!!  I might post this one on Instagram tomorrow.
 My BFF and I went to dinner a few weeks ago.  Being next door neighbors doesn't seem to mean much, cause we are both so dang busy!!  I did tell her that when I get back from TUCSON!!!  That's right!  TUCSON  (leaving tomorrow), I'll start working out with her.  WHAT HAVE I DONE?!  ha.  It's time.
 We go waaaaaay back with this couple.  WE were in each others' weddings.
 and we are still going out to share steak dinners.

 OH WAIT.  Did I mention I bought a kiln?!  Yep!  I'll be making ceramics soon.  ANd Emery, who I have running my MoJoy business, and I will be heading to North Carolina soon to take a ceramics class.  You know... all "exploring" like!
 That'll just be one more COOL thing to add to our list of projects to offer at the art days and retreats.  Speaking of retreats, next one... March 21-23.  My house.  Be there!!  It'll be very similar to the last one... Color Finder 1.0.  Email me for more details if interested.  mojoy@att.net

ALmost done.  Maybe.
 Staci and I took the girls to eat one Sunday after church.
 And right behind us was Missy from Duck Dynasty.  She's actually a friend of ours.  Todd and Jase are old golfing buddies.  But I still snapped a "fan girl" shot!
 And last in my random rant.... I just happened to find these weird pics of two psychos who work for me on my phone.  Jordan and Jamette stole my phone and had a little selfie fun!!   Won't it be fun when I have tee shirts printed...
 with this picture on it?!
ANd with that... I'm done!!  nighty night.  I have an EARLY flight to catch!!  Whoop whoop.



Beth E. said...

I always enjoy your random posts/pics...I never know what you'll be into next! :-)

Have fun in Tucson! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

What part of NC will you be in? I live about 2-3 hours from the northwest section of NC.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey, check out my reply to your comment in previous blog post!

I'm actually unsure of where I'll be. That's how I roll!! Big picture!! Details when closer to time!

momltd said...

It's common to start ADD medications at a low dose (with the goal of treatment being to use the lowest effective dose) and titrate them upward after a week or so. This timeline allows you to adjust as well as observe the effectiveness over more than one day and in different scenarios. I always ask patients to keep a few notes on their observations so we can look at overall effectiveness before we start making changes. With adults this approach is highly effective I think! Have fun in Tucson! :)

melanie, aka Mo said...

My "wind down" started at 12:12. Prior to that, "this girl was on fiyaaah!!". And another little sink around 3:30.

Unknown said...

Have fun in Tuscon! Like you wouldn't haha.
I plan to be at the March retreat :)) I love the random posts. Maybe I need some Vivanse!

Holly said...

Have a great trip! Don't you know you had us at hello!? We love ALL your posts!

Holly said...

Have a great trip! Don't you know you had us at hello!? We love ALL your posts!

Shannon said...

Okay the pic with Ellie and her grown girl crossed legs in the back seat - she's too much! And the cloth necklace you had on - eay cool.
Pizza rolls - made me LOL!
Post Tucson pics - lots of them. I mean like, really - blow up IG!

Amy K said...

You two go get 'em in Tucson. Looking forward to seeing all the goodies!

kimybeee said...

Living vicariously lol

Jennifer Perkins said...

I love the random posts!! Have fun in Tucson :-)

Jennifer Perkins said...

I love the random posts!! Have fun in Tucson :-)

Karen said...

Love reading your blogs. I wish I could attend one of your retreats. That would be my dream come true. You give me so much inspiration!!!

Thinking about you and your cute baby girls. Karen

Shannon said...

Wish I was going to Tucson with you...I could use some warm sunshine, instead of the snow/ice/and negative temps!
Have fun!!