Friday, January 17, 2014

The animals in my life.

 First off, Angie, I hope I got up and got this blog post changed in time for your morning coffee!!  I love reading that you get up and grab your coffee, and get right to the business of checking in on MoJoy!
 Just so you know, Todd and I sleep with both girls in the bed.  AND... both of those!!
 Yep.  I don't think they make a bed big enough for what we need!!

And how many of you are cat lovers?!  Well, I think I've mentioned that we really weren't.  Didn't MIND a cat, per se, but had just never had one.  And then Twilight Sparkles came along.

Well, we had her front paws declawed.  Some of the cat people we knew said it was the thing to do if she was going to remain an inside cat.  She was constantly digging into the leather furniture, but what was worse, was that she was constantly scratching Gabbi, who, bless her heart, just wants to hold TS!
 So, here's my question... ever since we had her declawed, twho things...
1.  She is not as much fun.  She lost her spunk.  She still plays some but not nearly like she used to.
and 2.  She has nothing to do with me.
 She was a "mama's cat" prior to that traumatic event, and now she wants to sleep by Todd and avoids me like the plague.  I wasn't even the one who took her to the vet!
 (Here we have Mary Allison home on Christmas break and posing with Twilight and about a hundred hairbows!)
 She does more of this too.  More just lying around and chilling.   Lizzie has ALWAYS done this.  She naps more than any dog I've ever known.

Alright cat people, here's your chance.  Please don't bash me for the "declawing" thing.  It was a tough decision, but with two little girls, she had to stop clawing them up.  She still has her hind claws.

Anybody else seen a drastic pet mood change?!


And thanks to all of you who've been commenting lately.  It makes my blog more fun for me too!


Zhohn said...

Aww love babies in the bed!

Sharidrew said...


I read everyday and sometimes comment. Ususally when you ask us to comment! :) But anyway, I would say the kitty is settling down because she is not a kitten anymore. Cats sleep a lot! Like 16 hours a day. Usually during the night is when they "play". I wouldn't take it personally. (easier said than done, I'm sure) Animals chose their human and usually aren't overly friendly to others in the house. I don't know that getting her declawed made her change from liking you to liking Todd more. She probably is "growing up" and just changed her mind. Cats are kind of like a queen. They aren't loyal like a dog. And we have a small dog that sleeps a lot! She acts almost annoyed on the weekends when we are home more and we won't sit so she can nap on our laps! Pets are awesome though! Now you have my two cents! Thanks for sharing your family!

Hugs from Missouri,

khulet said...

We are about to move to a new house and our cat Norman is a big scratcher of I'm about to have him declawed too. Such a hard decision for me but my husband says no new furniture unless we have the deed done. I'm just hoping the move and declawing won't make him hate me! Love reading your blog daily too!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I am by no means a cat expert but I can say that both my daughters cats (who live with us)were declawed (front only) and I did not see any change in them at all..... I guess like kids, they are all different. Have you looked it up on the web yet?
At least now Gabbi can pick up the cat without getting hurt.
Looking forward to the end of February!!
Have a great weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Shannon said...

Hi Mel, I grew up on a ranch and always had lots of pets. It wasn't until I moved to college did I get an actual house cat. He had a wonderful personality for a cat and was declawed at a very young age so he really only knew "no claws." I'm guessing since TS was a little older, maybe she doesn't feel as secure about jumping/climbing on things? Also, I agree with Sharidrew, she is just becoming a "cat."

Holly said...

I have had cats, but never had this issue! I grew up with only dogs, not sure I had ever even picked up one before my husband surprised me with one. I love cats now, but too many allergies in the family to have one these days. We actually trained ours to retrieve a small ball and a few other tricks. But, you know JakeDog rules the house now! Last night the dog was dreaming and laying RIGHT up against me, hubby snoring, no wonder I can't sleep! However I wouldn't change it!

I don't think you had a choice! Cat scratches really hurt and can get infected. Girlies come first!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Holly, Ellie actually GOT Cat Scratch Fever. I forgot to mention that! Found it with a big, swollen node under her armpit! Kinda freaked me out!


MonaJorge said...

We have 2 1.5 year old cats, and both were declawed at about 16 weeks old, they still play quite a bit. Our cats are siblings and our female cat loves/adores my husband and the male loves me! I also think TS is just getting older. Do you feed her or does Todd? Sometimes that is a way that they attach themselves to the owner. She will come around.
Thanks for your blog, I also check it first thing in the morning. I am from South Dakota, so when you wrote about the temps (or lack therof)in Wisconsin - I felt your pain! ha.

Joleen said...

Ok, I am finally commenting. I have been following since the Caringbridge days of Jake and I love your blog. I just haven't taken the time to sign in and comment. I check in everyday at lunch time :) Thanks for sharing your sweet girls and all your amazing talents. You are inspiring!


Mbeaty19 said...

I grew up in the country and have a great knowledge about cats (and dogs). Reading what you had to say this is my insight.
Cats can only attach to one person at a time. While they might go to others they attach to one person. Our cat was very attached to my husband. Then suddenly he attached to me and really wanted nothing to do with anyone else.
Declawing a cat takes away an important asset of a cat - their claws. Indoor cats don't need their front claws though and it will save your skin and your home. At the same time though your cat is learning how to navigate the world without the safety net of claws.
Most importantly animals attach to each other (that's why people are encouraged to only introduce one new pet into a house at a time (otherwise they will bond to each other and not their owners) seeing the picture of TS and Lizzue tells me they have bonded. Therefore Lizzie being very laid back has also calmed TS too. While that might not the personality you were hoping for it is a blessing in disguise.

Angie R. said...

She is just outgrowing the kitten stage! Did you have her fixed about the same time as the de-clawing? Sometimes hat calms them down too.

kimybeee said...

Ok - I am the cat expert for sure. I refuse to say how many cats I have because people will know how crazy I really am.

First off, I have no cats declawed. So I have no comment to be made on the claw issue!

Second, my cats are smart and not just pets. I am their human. They take turns putting each other on guard duty to see whose turn it is to follow me!

Third - I swear I am not making any of this stuff up, I really am this crazy. I have witnesses to the stuff I am about to put on here!

I have a cat that is an inside/outside cat. She comes and wants in and wants out when her business is done in the house. She will let my husband let her in and out and she will go to him for affection sometimes. My kids hate this cat. She has never been spayed because when the appointment is made she disappears. She always comes into the house to have her kittens. Last time she meowed and carried on to me, I fixed her a basket ASAP and she jumped in it and immediately had kittens. The kittens are always sweet and awesome. I have a couple of her babies and so does my sister. This cat worships me - she comes to me and puts her paws up on me and meows for me to pick her up like a baby. She really doesn't get along real well with the other house cats. She ignores them and the dogs and they reciprocate. Here is the kicker - this cat is so smart that if one of the kids makes her mad she gets revenge!! She will pee on something of theirs. And she gets the right person every time! Any time something happens in this house she is blamed! I can watch another cat do a bad deed and she stills gets the blame. This morning my husband was in bed and his pillow got peed on, getting him wet in the process! She got blamed, and I am pretty certain it was her. He usually gets up early and let's her out. I think she may have tried to get him up and when he didn't wake up she let him have it. She never, ever, ever bothers anything that belongs to me! This cat will even pee in the toilet she is so smart!

I will be back with more!

kimybeee said...

We don't do vet trips. We live on a farm and if something is sick, we doctor it ourselves. All of my indoor cats are spayed/neutered except one. She is above said mommas baby and they were supposed to go together! It is always a time and money issue - if we have one we don't the other.

I will not help doctor any sick animal. If the cats need dewormed or doctored, I will not even help catch them. My husband and the kids do it. The animals know when something is up. I won't be involved because I don't want them mad at me. I will order treatment, but not do it! The above cat is not the only one that gets revenge either.

My cats all have different personalities and expectations from me. Some of them have such habits. One jumps on the bathroom sink when I am in the bathroom so I will comb her hair. We have to be quiet getting the comb or another cat will jump up and want combed too.

A very long time ago I gave my cats treats when I took my meds. Now, every day when I get out of bed they wait for me to take my medicine so they can have theirs. It is funny to watch and I could never forget to take my medicine. The dogs participate in this one too!

I don't agree with the getting older and wants to play less. None of mine are kitten like at all and they all get wound up. Their favorite toys are the simplest. Fuzzy craft balls - they have to be sparkly - are the best. And all sizes. They will carry them and bat them around and play in groups with them and one of them even brings them to me to play fetch! We find them everywhere! Pipe cleaners are great too. You can attach them together or just give them a straight one. They carry them around and bat them and bend them and have a great time. Their other favorites are small stuffed animals. They usually keep three of them in the food bowl. I can get them out and put them in the treat box and within a day the same stuffed toys will be back in the food bowl.

kimybeee said...

Ts may just be getting some revenge lol. I have lost the little dog to my husband since he has been home with an injury the last few months. She lays on his lap and goes to him to be let out, but she still sleeps with me.

I don't have just one cat - they are like potato chips, one is usually not enough lol. They entertain each other and play and nap together.

The fact that he is the only cat in the house and the declaw thing may have traumatized him a little. We have all heard the stories, he may just be more mellow for a while then perk up later. You said he was everywhere and into everything. Not being able to resume his usual activities may have him a little confused and in a funk. You also had him boarded for a trip, he may be a little untrusting too.

I think it is hilarious that you have been converted to a cat person! And you are sad because your baby won't play with you. Try bribing him, it works.

I have Sasha curled up in the bend of my arm as I am typing this. She is my wild calico - into everything lol. But she needed a nap on her momma!

kimmy said...

Hey Mo! :)

If my pets have to spend time away from me....especially if they have been at the kennel while we go on a trip....they change some. Mostly temporary, but still they change a little. I don't know why. Like I said, they usually come around after a bit, but it takes a few weeks, even. I'm not saying they're terrorized or anything but the environment was just so they behave differently for a bit afterward.
(Reminds me a little of the story my mom tells about when I was 3 and had to be in the hospital for pneumonia....I'm 53 now).... Back in the day, the parents were not allowed to stay overnight. At least not in the "ward" I was in. I was in a crib with an oxygen tent...etc...Mom said I would cry and cry when they left at night, and the next morning I would not even acknowledge their presence for a good two hours. All about trying to cope, I think....maybe wondering what might be next. Little kids and animals. So innocent. Doing the the best they can. Well, there's my theory for ya! Kim from Tennessee

charlotta said...

We have 2 cats that are Brother and Sister..They are almost 2 and when they were 4 months we had them spayed/Neutered and declawed at the same time. Our cats are totally different. The Female loves me and my Daughter and will curl up in our lap and want babied. She used to be attached to my Husband and Son but now she will run from them and only when SHE wants to will she go to them to get a quick love. She is also our "Lazy" cat...she hardly ever plays anymore unless she gets jealous when we play with her Brother. Our Male cat just goes with the flow, He does things on his own terms and does not like affection that much. He loves my Son, you can tell that's his human....Timothy can pick him up and love on him and he will rub his face and patiently wait till my Son puts him down. He will not allow my Daughter or Husband to pick him up, Sometimes I can but I play with them a lot so in a way he tolerates me too lol! I was raised with Cats and could really become a crazy cat lady when the kids grow up and move out lol!