Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas at Pops's house.

Here we go... more Christmas pics (and no, this won't be all!!)
This time we are at my dad's house.  And when at my dad's house, we do nothing but hang on the porch!  We got he and Rita a new TV for Christmas.  They needed a new one in their den.  What'd they do?  They moved the one from their porch to the den and put the new BIG one on the porch!  I told him the next time we come out, they are going to have moved their bed out there!!  Porch living!
As usual, I am quite sure the above video won't work.  But, when I was uploading pics, it was in there, so I just left it.  This is April, carrying on the tradition of my Poppa, by reading the Christmas story from the Bible.  It was a really awesome tradition, and I'm glad it's been rekindled!

This side of the family is neat.  There aren't many members.  My dad and his brother are the patriarchs now.  Dad has me and Staci, of course, and Kenny has three kids.  From these five kids, there are 12 grandkids.  Other than Hunter and Hayden, they are all about this age.
So, when we get together, there are lots of cousins to play with.  It makes for a rambunctious time.

(Niiiiiice, Madi!)
We have Dax.  He is my cousin, Amber's son.

And of course, Gabs.  I think fourth from the youngest.  Dax being right behind her.
There's sweet Brenna, she's right behind Dax. She's also my cousin, Dane's daughter.  Dane is Kenny's oldest son.  (Yep... it's gonna be one of THOSE kinds of posts, so hang on!)
There's Dane in the green jacket.  That's his oldest daughter, Chloe.  She, Madi, and Ellie were all born within 4 months of each other.

and here we are all huddled on the porch!
We let the kids have their fun first.  They draw names.
The adults are scattered here and fro and are waiting on the adult game of "Dirty Santa".
hubba hubba
Oh, yay.  Gabbi got more make up!!  ha.

I'll have to fight her every morning to NOT wear it to school!!
My most treasured thing from all of Christmas!!  These are my Nannie's ornaments.  Somehow, Amber, my cousin, ended up with all kinds of Nannie's things after she died.  I asked her specifically about these.  I remember helping Nannie with her tree almost every year.  And I remember lots of these ornaments!
So, I was beyond thrilled when she whipped them out for me and all the cousins to choose some to take home. I LOVE meaningful treasures like this.  Nannie made most of these ornaments.  She was very, very involved with outreach activities in the nursing homes, and she would go and help the residents make crafts.  This is her labor of love.
Meanwhile... back in the den... Ellie is making Brenna's face over.  Lucky Brenna.
And complete chaos is ensuing.  Look for Gabbi there...
She's the one on the floor whipping up on some boys!

Payson, in the red, is Dax's sister.  She is the oldest of the cousins, besides, Keenan, with the swoopy hair in the foregroud.  Payson's mom is in the aqua shirt back to the left, and is Dane's middle sister.

So, so far... let's recap... Kenny has three kids... Dane, Amber, and Courtney (you haven't met her yet).  Dane has three kids...Chloe, Brenna, and Brock (you haven't met him yet either).  Amber has two kids, Payson and Dax.

Courtney has two kids... and they are that young un in the red plaid, Tanner, and swoopy hair, Keenan.
Now, can you name who's who in this photo?!  Of course you know the two posey McPosers on the far right, and the grumpy one with all the make up on in the front.
Chloe and Payson.
Brenna, Madi, and Ellie.
My instax mini camera.
Cutie patootie, Brock!
Sweet little grand niece, Sydney.
Brock is the baby child of Dane and April.  Chloe and Brenna's brother.  And that is significant WHY!?
Well, since, EVERY OTHER cousin of mine is a girl, Dane was the sole male Massey!!  And he had two girls prior to Brock.  So, the Massey name, from this branch of the family tree anyway, would have ended.  S.A.D.!!
But not now... Massey gets LIVE ON!!  hooray!
Do you think my kids have a thing for babies or what?!  Ellie would babysit now if I'd let her!
And here's my grown he-man, adult, I don't like it one bit, in college, nephew!
I found this on Rita's fridge.  Her only son, Dave, died a few years ago.  This was his when he was a kid.  I love that she has this memory.
And the beauty shoppin' continues.
Dane and April MASSEY!

and all was held on the PORCH.

And all because of this special man!!  I love my daddy!


Cherry said...

Hunter favors Uncle Larry in that pic...

kimybeee said...

Love it! My husband is an only child. If we didn't have a son this branch of blacks would have stopped. Now the pressure is on Jonathan, otherwise known as the man child!

I know what you mean about hunter! My daughter turned 20 on Friday!! My husband is getting old!

And if I were your dad, I would totally put my bed on that porch!

Mama J said...

Enjoyed this blog. Brought back a lot of memories of my Dad. Thanks for sharing your family times with us.

Amy K said...

Great post!
I love family treasures, such as your Nannie's ornaments! I'm happy for you, being the recipient of some.
Unfortunately, my family name stops with my Dad.