Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The day before Christmas

 These are the Parker kids.  They live across the street.  They came by to bring gifts yesterday.  And I had already decided that my gift to my neighbors would be a big ol' ornament made with their Christmas cards.
 It was interesting to watch as the 4 year old, Sam, and Gabbi immediately took to one another and had themselves a big ol time. 
 Here, they are in her room, playing Go Fish. 
 I took the opportunity of a little "entertainment" for my girls to finish up a  few canvases I was still needing to get out for Christmas. 
 And to work on a few ornaments which I felt could be given as gifts.
 And, then of course, there were the ones who'd actually ordered from me and I was just down to the last few hours to get them into their hands to be used as gifts!
 These are the neighbors to our left. 
 As the two "little" ones, especially if you ask these two prisses, played in cards, these divas made themselves some lunch and perched here for some lunch!
 Ella Kate is Gabbi's age and is also in kindergarten, but she is like Elie... she likes to play "up" in age as well.  So, I guess to each his own.
 Sidenote:  did you know that Sonic has these containers and you can get a gallon of sweet tea to keep on hand at home?!  Well, you can thank me later!
 The Fords are using a photo from their trip to the beach. 
 This was an order, and I am so grateful that the person buying it was willing to give me the extra time.
 And I have no idea how I'll be getting this ornament to the guy in this photo who I basically "know" through instagram.  But I can tell I love his spirit and I wanted to do something nice for him and his family.
 Ellie and Ella Kate snuck out shortly to go to her house.  This is where the new puppy is!  Ellie ahs been begging for a yorkie.  It "ain't gonna happen"!!  But she can certainly not be faulted for dreaming!
I'm exhausted so more on Christmas tomorrow!!


jrey said...

Love all of these! I especially love the Fulton's 1st Christmas because it's my little cousin William :)

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! Hope you and your precious family had a fantastic Christmas!