Sunday, December 22, 2013

5 Favorite Things Party

This is post op day number nine!  I knew it was ill advised for me to be up and about after surgery, but as I told my surgeon, I already had this party planned.  The week BEFORE I'd had a party and remained in my pjs throughout.  Tonight's party, I was able to get up, get dressed and hobble about. I have great friends, some of whom came early to help set up for the festivities.  And so... the show must go on!
I sent invitations which said, "And last but not least... BRING FOOD!"  So, I didn't have to worry about that either.  My friends KNOW that I'll have the place decorated, and we will certainly have an activity which will be fun, but I will NOT be cooking!
As the Favorite Things partied wore on into the night, the participants continued to oblige me by facing me as I sat in my big red chair for photos.
I don't k now how many people were there, but it was a lot!!  And I think it was pretty fun!
I love the TOTAL randomness of the gifts.  Everything from handprinted notecards to jewelry to scarves, to favorite lipstick to .... Oh I could go on and on.
I actually slipped out of my pajamas to host this party, but still wore very stretchy clothes!! In fact, I am still wearing stretchy clothes.  I may never go back to normal clothes again!
These are my friends from high school, college, and even into adulthood.  They span lots of the phases of my life.
And some of them are still bringing newborns to the party!  This makes several of my friends, grandmothers.  That's just wild to me considering I have my own kindergartener!
It was a hit.  I love a good Favorite Things party!!



Jerelyne Nemanich said...

I did a modified Favorite a Things party with the small group I work with - we had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Love that idea!!

Theresa said...

What are the "rules" for your favorite things exchange? I would like to host a similar party next year. Do you have a limit per gift? How does the exchange actually work? How do you organize the evening? Thanks! Hope you are feeling a bit better every day :)