Saturday, December 21, 2013

My week of recovery.

I did my best to remain in the bed during my first week post op.  But... it just wasn't as easy as it sounded.
Gabs and I worked on a project for a friend, but because it is a present, I'll have to post the finished product later.  Gabbi was helping me with the decoupage.
Speaking of Gabbi.... here's a strange one... she decided to try and put herself in this box.  And she really wanted to wear this around!!  She was into this little game.
She liked hanging very close to me too.  Both she and Lizzie Girl stayed in the bed just about all the time that she was home.
Daddy got in the mood to make some fun little holiday-ish treats.  And we LOVE when he gets in those moods.
He also knocked it out of the park working with Santa to see that the elves were moved every day and that they were positioned creatively.
He also kept our house all nice and cozy.  All the while I was doing my best to stay my buttocks in the bed.
Ta Daaaaah... he made homemade pretzels!!  How bout them apples?!
Yeah.  He takes care of his girls.  They were garlic salt pretzels.  And they were unbeilievable!
The taste, that is.  the shape... well, we are trying to master that!!
I spent my down time getting some painting done.  I made this little ornament for my friend, Ana, who is a newlywed this year.

And finally, with all the cold we were dealing with, I saw this on FB and thought it was pretty funy!!  Read the print on top of the map!  I sent it to DeeDee and Granddad who just moved here to be with us from sunny Florida.  They said they were happy to be here anyway!!
I'll be back tomorrow.
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Zhohn said...

Those pretzels look delicious! Glad you tried your best to get some rest.

Hope you're recovering well!

kimybeee said...

I could use some advice and how did you stay so busy. I had mine Wednesdays and i still feel like I want to die! Maybe my heart made mine worse, but I can barely handle reading about yours. Aim am suffering bad.

Anonymous said...

So glad you tried to rest your body! And holy moly on those pretzels. .. they look so yummy!!

Becky said...

awesome pretzels. Glad you are resting and feeling better - I guess I have forgotten that part from when I had mine 35+ years ago. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Becky in NC

Becky said...

OMG! My daughter would move in with you just for the pretzels! YUMMY!
Hope you are recovering nicely from surgery!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

BTW... Minnesota was supposed to have the coldest night of the season (so far!) last night! It was -6 when I left the house at 9am. Was supposed to have dropped to like -14! YEAH MINNESOTA!