Thursday, December 19, 2013

HEY!! It's Santa!

Before I forget to post those really important annual Santa pics, ....
When I saw this Santa in Gulf Shores, I knew we HAD to take pics with him!!
Ellie has been sort of "laughing" at all the other Santas which she KNOWS aren't t real" because they don't have that reindeer belt buckle" like ours did!!
And one other thing, "the other Santas don't have an attached beard like ours did."

Gabbi is so excited right about now that she is about to BUST!!

And I even loved that he had an actual "WORKSHOP" to take pics in.

We didnt' have on the cute little Christmas outfits, but at least they were a little bit matchy matchy!

And would you look at the adoration in her face?!  She was mesmerized and completely adoring.

I'm really not sure if video works on the blog, but the upload at the beach was so fast that I figured, we'd give it a whirl!

And than my big girls got in on the Santa selfie action!

First Mary Allison.  Then, Alex!
I have feeling that we are going to be coming back here again next year.  It was a nice chill, wonderfully relaxing, and surprisingly festive trip!
HO HO HO!  Merry Christmas!!



Beth E. said...

Your Santa rocks! Those are great pictures...I love how excited Gabbi was. Ellie was trying to act cool, but I could tell she was excited, too! I'm so glad the big girls got their pics taken, too. Can't get enough of all those sweet, smiling faces! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Such great memories being made with your precious girls!

Becky said...

beyond precious. Becky