Friday, October 18, 2013

Canton Day Two

 Before we start our Day Two journey, check out this pin that someone sent me from Pinterest.  Would you LOOK at how much that looks like my Ellie Sue?!  It's not.  But it sure could be!

OK.  Back to the Canton story.  So, after a long day of shopping, I hook up with my two cousins, Cherry and Sissy.  Cherry always makes all of the arrangements, and there is usually a much bigger group of the Jones clan.  (My mama and my sister both bailed on me this year!)
 THese two have worked together for years and are best buds.  THey are hysterical together.
 It took us 10 minutes to get a dang picture of them where they weren't laughing or doing bunny ears or something ri-dunculous!
 And since we were already making a spectacle of ourselves, we continued with a few attempts at a selfie!
 It'd been in the 90's all day, so I'd say none of us were really looking our best, and all of us needed a BATH!
 We ate at our favorite place in Lindale, TX, called Posado's.  It is a Mexican Restaurant, and if you are ever in Lindale, I highly recommend it!

And my Airstream obsession continues.
 I could see this little baby full of art supplies and me pulling it from state to state to have a little roaming art retreat of sorts.  Not sure what I'd do with my husband and kids, so... anyway.  Maybe that's for my golden years?!
 This was on my camera photo roll from Instagram.  I LOVE that abeautifulmess app.  Like A LOT.
 I was really considering going home that night, when I got a call from my friends Tashia and Tamy who were on their way to stay in Lindale too!
 Neither of them had ever been to Canton, so I sorta felt an "obligation" (ha) to help a sista out!
 I stayed with them, and BRIGHT AND EARLY Saturday morning, we were on the Canton grounds, in a front row parking place!  Of course.
 Right off the bat, I ran into a MoJoy reader, Keri.  She said, "Melanie?". I was like, "Yeah?"!  She introduced herself and said she read the blog and I recognized her name.  I told her we HAD to take a pic for the blog.  So Keri... here we are!!  It was very nice to meet you!
 I was in this booth when the meeting took place.  And about 45minutes later, I was still in this booth!!
 Lots of people I know are getting monogrammed purses for Christmas.  I was in L.O.V.E.

And remember that burlap table runner from yesterday?  Well, while I was waiting in line, it was lying here and I realized tht you could also get them monogrammed.  AND look at that frame to the right of it.  That is actually going to be Elaina's new married name, Fischer.  I sent this photo to her and said "It's a sign!!  I think we need the table runners!"
 Would you LOOK at this cart?!  It is a cart, pulling a seat on wheels, hooked ot a wagon/ box which houses their dog.  Like a little travelling family mobile.
 And this pic, I actually took to show Jase if I ever see him again... it says, "Jase who?".  Duck Dynasty made it to Canton too!
 DeeDee and Granddad did not disappoint.  They sent pics of the girls in the morning, so I could keep up my morning traditions of daily photos.  It was a game day, I suppose you can tell.
 Tashia pointed this little plaque out to me.  I thought the words might make their way onto a canvas someday.
 and this  I found so funny!
 There is a perpetual line at the ATM machines.  Many of the booths don't take plastic, so if you are ever to go to Canton, make sure you take lots of cash, and a checkbook.  Most WILL accept checks!
 This is the FIRST time I visited the car with a load!!  I'd be back a couple more!
 As the day progressed, the clouds rolled in and I swear it felt like it dropped 20 degrees.  Am I right, Keri?!
 I welcomed it though, cause after that first day of sweltering heat, I was looking for a little reprieve.
 I bought this even though it doesn't even really fit.  I HAD to have it.  These are a few of my favorite peeps!!
 And I sort of feel this way and said it somewhere recently.  Maybe on mojoy?!  It says, "I'm not Lucky.  I'm Blessed."
 I saw these cute little bracelets and had just dug up a lot of keyholes, so this is a possiblity for our retreat pieces!
 I bought this outfit for someone for Christmas.  And because I thought it was so cute on the lady who owned the booth, I asked her to pose for me wearing it.  She obliged.
 And then, I took a pic of another girl in the booth wearing the same outfit but belted with boots.  One outfit, two totally different ways to wear it.
 I know. I know.  Sometimes I think I do things like that just to meet people.  It's my strength... woo!  It means talking and touching everyone in the room.  It's just my make up.
 I thought I might have to try and recreate this at the Festival of Trees this year when I make my handmade Christmas tree.  Or maybe just at my house for my girls.  This is Cute!
 I bought some paint similar to chalk paint.  I've been itching to paint some furniture.
 and JinJin has been itching to make her cart all fancy.  So, when I saw this girl's buggy, I had to take a few pics.
 This is just a bunch of scrap fabric all woven together.  Some might say it looks like a homeless person's buggy....
 I say it looks more like a creative genius's buggy!
 I thought this Santa was particularly jolly.  I might want to make a really tall canvas for Christmas, with Santa with a super long beard.
 And I LOVED the idea of all of these cards in a dig through bin.  I think I am going to have some of mine and the girls' art printed onto tags for presents this year.
 I'm telling you... walking through Canton is simply an inspiration around every corner.  It is a feast for your eyes!!  And somewhere around this time....
 I knew it was time for me to pull out and head to the Louisiana border.

And I knew where I had to make one quick stop before getting on the road.!
 The DQ!!  A dipped cone is my fave!
 This is a large chunk of my haul.  But, I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done!!
That's what I keep telling myself and Todd, anyway!


Welcome, Chrissy to the retreat.  Way to take a leap of faith and know despite all the obligations you had that weekend, it was a good thing to do for your SOUL!!  We are going to have a ball!!  JinJin has joined our crew too!!  Riley has been sending me menu options, so Amy, get ready for a little southern food.
Peace out, boy scout!


Zhohn said...

I'm always jealous of your Canton trip! I need to maybe pencil in going next year. It looks like so much fun!

Amy K said...

That is an AWESOME idea - Airstream mobile art retreats!
Sounds good - I am counting down...3 weeks. :)

Sandy P said...

I really think you need to have some road trips for retreats. I know you could find some hosts across the country. Come on to Atlanta!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Sandy P, find me a host spot in Atlanta, and that'll be my first remote destination!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Just got off the phone with Callie. Houston, you may be next! I just need an Airstream!!

Rhonda said...

I was at Canton all day Thursday and it was SWELTERING HOT!!! But well worth it! :) I seriously BOUGHT the black and white chevron shirt the booth owner is modeling, but in the torquise and black that she had! I love it! It never occurred to me to belt it and wear cowboy boots! Your Canton pics always make me laugh because I recognize SO much of the stuff and places!! Some people call Disneyworld the happiest place on earth ~ that's what I call Canton!!!! I keep thinking I am going to be "Keri" and accidentally run into you in Canton!!! :)