Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Canton Day one.

 This is pretty dang close to where I got my front row parking place at Canton.  Oh, wait!!  Did I forget to mention that I drove right on into the grounds at 11:00 am (vs across the road and walking a 1/2 mile), and right smack into the same parking lot I am used to going to when we leave the hotel at 7:15am to get there.  Yep.  I thought positive the whole way and visualized my space opening up for me!  And it did!!  I live in high favor!!  So do you, Holly H!!

I'll be doing a whole blog post on travel trailers!!  Stay tuned!  I want one and know NOTHING about them!
 So, any of you who have been following this blog for any length of time knows that I, and my cousins, meet up in Canton every October.  And if you have been following MoJOy for a while, you know I always blog about it when I get back.  Annnnddd... you know that Canton is synonymous with RANDOM SHOPPING!!
 I see things that I just love.  Some inspire me to come back and make something out of them... or the words on them.
 Some I just like, and well... buy!  I loved these boot socks!!
 I thought this was hilarious, since I feel like this is me now with crazy Twilight Sparkles!!
 This is looking one way from where I was standing.  You could not see the end of the building!
 and this is looking the other way!  I'm telling you.. this place is HUGE.  And this is one of about 10 buildings that you can shop.  I got into about 3 this year.  Just had to bypass the rest.
 There are plants for sale.  I don't think I have ever mentioned that nor shown a picture of these.
 I think they are well-priced, but I am not taking up space in my buggy with these!!
 Hey, retreaters... I took a pic of this necklace, cause it is kind of like what I am envisioning for our final "what's your big dream" project at the retreat.  I love the idea of writing it down and putting it in a secret vial, where only you know what your heart has conjured up as a perfect world!
 I totally LOVED this booth!  These people got it going ON with styling!
 And it didn't matter which holiday! She nailed them ALL!
 I found all of this SERIOUSLY AWESOME VELVET RIBBON!  Oh, the things I get excited about!  I bought one of every color!!
 And several yards of every color of this vintage ribbon!  We will most DEF be using this in our necklaces at the retreat!!
 I thought this would make a good ornament to add to our Handmade tree which Breanna and I have already committed to this year for a fundraiser for Twin City Ballet Company.
 I think this would be pretty easy to make too, and would love to display the kids' in my art classes work.
 Hey Jessi... I LOVE this idea for a photo booth.  It's an old door, with an oval cut out.  And a banner.  Breanna.... cute for party pics!!  We need to make us one of these!!
 I just seem to have a weird thing for carts too!! I have a few!  But would've liked for this one to come home with me too!  I resisted.  Go me!
 ANd then, I headed out to what might be my favorite area... the "junk" spots.
 Yep... I was leaving the ONLY building I had been in that day!
 But, I was headed outside to junker's Heaven!
 I spotted this beauty in the back... a Silver Streak.  ANd yes, I DID ask if I could go in and look around.  It was manufactured in 1957, I believe, is what the owner told me. I could dig that!!
 I loved all this awesome vintage lace.  I bought some for my buddy, MK.  And I bought a little for Mary Allison's sister, Elaina, who is getting married in the spring.  I thought we might need it for a little decorating magic!!
 and lo and behold, look who I ran into... it's RILEY!!
 And she likes to junk as much as I do!!  She's coming to my art retreat (it'll be number three for her!), so it was fun having her walk around with an open mind about how we could transform things into other fabulous things!
 I am listening to the audio version of A Course in Miracles right now by Marianne Williamson.  Anybody else out there listened to or read that?!  Dude!!  It is intense!  And totally awesome!
 One of the principles in the course is that noone or nothing comes into our life as a coincidence!  So, my meeting up with Riley was divinely inspired.  In fact, I shared with her a list I keep on my phone.  It is a list of "MoJoy employees", and as odd as it may seem, I keep this list of people who I just simply think have a good energy, enthusiasm, artsy vibe, and who are as excited about personal growth as I am.  Also, those who can compliment my strengths with theirs!  I need that organized person.  That person who can help me get all my thoughts assimilated on paper and then into good, useful resources for my participants.  That person who can help me get all the projects onto a schedule and make sure that I have descriptions at the ready to invite attendees.
 I need that person who is as passionate about the classes and retreats as I am.

And well, I showed Riley that her name was on my list!  She has a job.  But, I believe that you gotta think it before it can manifest! And so I keep this dream team of sorts on my phone.  It may change.  (actually already has), but it is a start.  I have big plans for MoJoy.
 This was an interesting grill.  Or smoker?  or something that you cook on.
 And so, Riley is coming to the BAH in November.  As is Lisa and Jennifer and Amy and Pam and Christi.  I have room for two more.  Are you in the mood to learn and grow?!  Brang it!
 Ommmmggg... one of the BEST parts of Canton is the fried pies!  I always get the chocolate one.  Oh.  ANd the fresh squeezed lemonade is to DIE for!
 I love this for a potential cover for our art retreat journals.
And I bought loads and loads of oilcloth to make penants, like this, for birthday parties.  Without mentioning any names, I am making a purple and gold one for a total stud's birthday coming up this weekend.  His name rhymes with Rod.  And he will be 44!  Just sayin'.
 I saw this and wondered WHO IN THE WORLD would wanna wear this?!  I get Happy Happy Happy.  But you are gonna get back from the universe what you put out there, so I would NEVER put this on my body.  Just sayin!
 Oh, and Brooklyn... you reading ?!  This was taken for you!
 Cindy, if you happen to be reading... these spoke to me and reminded me of sweet Sammy.  I am seeing Oz characters everywhere lately!!
 I LOVE this ruffled burlap tablecloth.  It is even cuter with a big fat brown monogram on the end of it.  I sent it to Elaina for approval for the wedding.
 ANd POW again!!  Now, I am looking on eBay for Airstreams.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!
More on Canton, my cousins, my newbie friends, and more inspiration from Canton tomorrow.

If you want to be hooked up with info on all my upcoming events, put yo name in the boxes to the right where it says "MoJoy Newsletter".  Shout out to Jessi for doing ALL these cool things which I wouldn't even know where to begin!!



Kathryn said...

I make burlap table runners with burlap fringe and ribbons. I love this stuff. So pretty.

I would love to go to Canton sometime. I could do some serious damage to our retirement funds, which is probably why it is better that I do NOT go to Canton.

Zhohn said...

Awesome. Canton is on the bucket list!

Can't wait to be able to go to an art retreat of yours, I'll be thinking that next year is the year.

Got my newsletter yesterday, great idea.

Amber said...

I have and LOVE our Travel trailer! Its a 2012 26TBUD. My older kids (22 and 19) didnt get to do much "camping" or traveling as they grew up. But since getting my 3 little ones I wanted to make sure we venturd out some. We would love an RV but can't afford one. The trailer we have is nice and accomadates us well. Good luck.. and I would be divorced if I went to Canton. lol

Amy K said...

You just keep up the sneak peek ideas for the retreat, so that my excitement level for the actual retreat outshines my flying butterflies!
Oh my, Canton would definitely be a dangerous place for me to go. For now, I continue to live vicariously through you.

Holly said...

Mo! I think we have the same reading list! LOVE Marianne Williamson's A Course in Miracles! It. Will. Change. Your. Life! Also Illuminata. Canton looks like such fun!

Take care of yourself sweet girl,
Holly & JakeDog

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! I could totally see you, Todd the Bod and your crew LSU tailgating in your airstream!!!!

Brooklyn said...

I seriously laughed out loud at your shout out for me. Too funny! I am glad you had fun at Canton and are enjoying your yellow book!

Nana said...

I was surely hoping to run into you in Canton. Glad you saw some of my group. They told me MO said hi. I loved all the was everywhere! I bought oil cloth too as I have found all kinds of uses for it. I made 100 round red and white checked placemats from it for our class reunion back in May. Don't know what the deal was with parking. Our driver pulled that big old bus right up close to the back crossing the street for us this time. Glad you found some good stuff.

Cherry said...

I don't know about you and Sissy but I was looking good and smelling good...enjoyed our Friday night at Posados...esp. The part where you put the waiter in his place...