Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Red River Revel!!

DUDE.  Talk about a great weekend!  Two weekends ago, I went on a little jaunt east!!  It started on a Thursday night, where I took off and spent the night in Shreveport with Todd the Bod.  He was there for a golf tournament.  I got up bright and early the next morning and headed on to Canton.  More on that to come!!
I ended up staying in Canton until my buds, Tashia and Tamy arrived, so I could show these newbies the ropes, then started back toward home on a Saturday evening.  The skies were looking ominous.  I knew I'd be cruising back through Shreveport, and I KNEW that this would be the opening day of the Red River Revel.  This is an outdoor festival that is primarily known for awesome festival-style food, live music and lots of original art... singing...."These are a few of my fa-vorite things!!!".
Look at all of this Louisiana style food.  I am talking about 30-40 food booths, or so it appeared.
The sky was increasingly darkening, and I knew I had in-laws waiting on me to get home to retrieve my kids, so I made myself a deal... I could stop, but only stay about 15 minutes.  I was BOOKIN' it through that crowd.  I hit the outskirts of the tents and would only stop if it absolutely was too great to pass up.
That pretty much included handmade jewelry booths, brightly colored art, or three dimensional recycled projects.... maybe I realized a little more about myself on that trip, huh?!
The lightning started, and people started closing their tents.  I was just totally thrilled to have gotten to peek at what all was there this year.  I've missed it the past 3 or so years.  Shreveport is about an hour and a half away.

This was a pretty cool thing I had the privilege of catching... an entire orchestra of wee ones playing the violin.  So sweet.
Most folks ignored the rumbling and flashing.  I was on my way OUT!
I called my sweet in-laws to ask them if they'd mind if I stopped by Todd's hotel again to say hi before heading home.  I knew with this being a Saturday night, most of the wifeypoos were staying with their men.
They so graciously said, "why don't you just stay with him,and we'll keep the girls one more night?"  Yesssssss!!!!  I missed my girlies, but this weekend had been like a dream already, and I wanted to stay with Todd and share with him all the adventures I'd had.
DId I mention that I also told myself on the way to the event that I could not stay unless I found a front row spot.  I thought about that front row parking spot all the way to the river area.
And when I got there, I was probably 50' from the front gate.  This is pretty much unheard of.

I am reading The Secret right now, all about the power of your thinking over your circumstances.  I have been using it in some pretty strange scenarios lately, and finding that it is true in ALL situations!!  Thank you, God, for opening up that front row space so I could make it through the whole art section without getting wet, even on the way back to my car.
I'm telliing you... "I LIVE IN HIGH FAVOR"!  :)

Wishing a great day for you too.



Zhohn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I need to read that book.

Mama J said...

Glad you got to enjoy some of the Revel. I was one of the Red River Revel Chairmen for 8 years and was there obviously before for planning & after - but for sure every day of the 8 day festival from 7am to closing..8 days...LOL exhausting, rain or shine, but I loved it, met some awesome vendors and got to meet some great artists. Trace Atkins, my fav Keith Urban, Kix Brooks, and LOTS of others thru those years. The schools would bus students in during the weekday and I loved the children's area. There was a HUGE special 4th grade program also. So much more to it than a lot of people know. I don't miss going when I am in the area. 8 years of GREAT Memories...

Holly said...

Glad you had such a great weekend! After reading The Secret I am constantly amazed how often that parking place appears or favorable things happen fo me! I have a short meditation I often listen to in the car when I start out on a long day of driving. Basically "I drive carefully and drive the speed limit. The drivers around me drive carefully as well. I always arrive at my destination safely and on time, and there is always a parking space waiting for me. God is watching over me at all times and there is no need to stress."

We are held safe in His hands!
Love ya!
Holly & JakeDog

Riley said...

You are on such a blogging roll! I loved seeing you that weekend and am excitedly anticipating where things are headed for Mo's Art. Joy is a spreading!!

kimybeee said...

I have been telling my husband that a positive attitude works wonders and it is contagious. Years I have been telling him. I am a cup half full with rainbows and kittens and joy and he is a cup half empty with a bug and contamination and electric shock lol lol.

Just be friendlier to wait staff and cashiers and other people you encounter during your day. Smile at everybody you pass and hold doors open for people. It really does change how most people feel. You can watch their body language change. Of course it doesn't work 100% of the time, you always have those that don't cAre. But give it a try.

I learned this during a training session when I was hired at my job at a hospital six years ago. I took it to heart and it has made a difference in all my interactions with people. How can you be mean to somebody that is smiling at you and offering to help you with anything you need.

Love the posts.

P.s. A lot of that stuff you buy isn't necessarily vintage, you can make that stuff way cheaper than you can buy it. Tea, coffe and vanilla. Super easy.