Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Class... What's special about my FAMILY

 Let me share with you all the cute little project that we did in Art Class a couple of weeks ago.  It was simple and fun.  For the kids AND for the two adults involved as well!!
 So, this is how it works... just get a pack of popsicle sticks.  And a big ol' pile of washi tape!
 We made little bases first, with two wide sticks on the bottom hot glued together.  Then, we stacked three smaller sticks on the back and two on the front with a very small gap in between to serve as our base.
 And if you look closely above, you will see that we also used some Sculpey clay wedged in between to create a smushy base in which to press our families.
 The kids first chose their sticks, according to the sizes.  We'd previously cut the ends of the sticks off, in several different sizes.  So, the top is convex, but the bottoms are flat so they can stand up better.
 We even used little ice cream sticks for our pets.  For instance, Luke's pet gecko, Pete.
 Emma Claire has one of hers in a maxi dress.  Pretty cute, huh?!
 I love it that Caroline comes from two families... her mom and siblings on one, and her dad and all the family members, stepsister and those on that side of her life. She even has different pets in the different families.  I think that is precious!
 Tatum won the prize for the biggest family!! There are FIVE kids in her family!

 Lane's grandmother lives with them in his house, so check out how he included her too!
 I love how Ruby is always helping her younger brother.
 This is sweet Hallee's family.
 And look  at that chicken!  yes...the Sherwins apparently have a chicken!

This is Emery's small family of two.
 Oh... I mean three.... sorry, Finn!
 Every family was totally different, and the kids did such a great job representing their unique family members, including their pets.

 Madi even has a couple of goldfish.  and apparently a whole zoo!!  I think I see 5 pets in hers!

 Just precious... each and every one of them!
 Soooo... a box of washi tape to make the outfits... be it a dress, pants, shirts, whatever.
 And a package of popsicle sticks.  And of course hot glue and some clay if you want them to stand in their bases with more stability.
 You can also choose to either use paint or markers, or both.  Here, I used a thin Sharpie to make the faces and eyelashes and monograms and laces on our shoes... and paint to make our faces fleshtone and cheeks pink.
And never fear.... Lizzie and Twilight Sparkles eventually made the cut too!



Zhohn said...

Such a cute idea! Just love how everyone is different.

Beth E. said...

Such a sweet and clever idea! I don't even know these families, but their children's representation of them really blessed me! :-)

Anonymous said...


Susan Hooper said...

Cute idea! Did you use skinny popsicle sticks or the wider tongue depressors?

melanie, aka Mo said...

Susan, I used skinny ones to stack and make the base. Wider tongue depressors for the family members.

Amy K said...

Each is so creative!