Monday, October 21, 2013

A tour of the cottage! Phase one!

I loaded up so many pics this weekend and am in BLOGGIN' MODE!  I have lots to share from my artsy world, but first, let's take a little break from that and look inside my cute little cottage.
Anyone who has been following my blog for any time knows that I had this cottage moved from our old house to the BAH when we built it.  We had to hire state troopers to accompany and folks from the electric company to lift lines and such along the road. It was a big ol' process.  But, SOOOO worth it to now see my sweet little inspiring cottage sitting in the perfect setting in my back yard.
So, here it is with some of the many mums that have since been planted in the front beds.
I also had to repaint the table and chairs that live on the front porch so that they'd show up a little better.  They'd gotten so rusted that they just blended in!  And now... a tour of the inside of the cottage. I've made it my mission to spend a little time in there lately and to give it the love and attention it deserves.
I moved this little antique desk into the space as a work table.  This was one of the very first pieces of furniture I bought when Todd and I got married.  It has been with me for about 20 years, and I just don't want to see it go.  So, I think I found it a home.
I like that it faces the front of the cottage, so I can watch the girls, as it faces their swingset and trampoline.
Just to the left of my workspace are these little vials full of some of my favorite stones and metal findings.
Nothing real huge, really just enough for me to make some earrings should the urge strike.

I finally bought a custom rubber stamp for sending out packages and stamping on muslin bags.  I'm getting there... slowly but surely.
This is also a piece that I've had forever.  In fact, it is sorta rusty, as it hung on my porch outside at the old house.  I tried to use things I already had in the cottage in order to save money, since I really don't use the space very often at all.  Hey retreaters... let's do a project out there... we'll intentionally plan to use it during the upcoming retreat!
No space is complete without a few pics of my baby girls!  Period!
And I even put a little fall decorating in place to make the space feel more special.
Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the River Market in town and WON THIS TABLE in a drawing?!  How bout dem apples?!
And check out my "new" piece of furniture.  When I bought that desk, I also bought this armoire from a friend who was leaving town and needed to dump several large items.  I was broke, so I bought any old thing I could get a deal on.  And I am a semi-hoarder, as I ascribe meaning and a memory to everything I acquire.  (Not sure if that is a deep seated psychological issue or not?!)  Anyhoo, I recently had a friend come and do a cool paint treatment on this and voila... turquoise... which =LOVE!
For anyone who had a cottage tour, here we go... I just added a back porch to the joint, so now I can sit out there and overlook the pond.  AS IF! No, I am going to change that.  I AM going to use my cottage and my back porch more often.  As a thinking and dreaming spot!
I think I am going to have to change this chair.  I LOVE this chair, but not sure it will ever really match the sari/ Indian-themed action I have going on out there now.  I just don't think I can bear to recover it.  I am a HUGE fan of black and white stripes!
This is my work corner.  Soon, it will also have two handing lantern-style lamps sort of where the leaves are hanging now.  I only have one chandelier in the cottage, and the wooden overhang of the top floor blocks ALL the light that should be on my workspace.  And so there's THAT.
I also have this image of someone actually being able to LIVE in this cottage.  And so on my dreaming journey, I put this mini fridge in it.  Now, we just need a toilet and a shower and we are in BUSINESS!!

This is the view from the other front window, and looking up toward the BAH.
Ya know how I "make" all of the employees draw names at Christmas and then "Strongly encourage" them to MAKE the gifts for their chosen partners?!  Well, this is what Cade made for me last Christmas.  It is a photocopy of our marriage license decoupaged to a giant G.  And all fashioned into a wreath.  How awesome is that?!
I really, really, really love that it has my Poppa's handwriting on it.  He was a pastor and performed our wedding.  Sweet memories of one of my favorite people EVER.
I was asked this recently, and the answer is YES, this IS a baby bedspring from a crib.  Makes a mighty fine jewelry display and a whole lot cheaper than custom ironwork!
This was before there was a Gabbi Lou.  Thus, only an Ellie Sue in old typeprint letters.
I have a few of these special photos sprinkled throughout.
And I LOVE this one.

This is the style I am going for in the cottage.
And this.
This armoire is also loaded down with some of my favorite jewelry design elements, so when the urge strikes...

Thanks, Michelle McCarty for making me love this piece of furniture again.
And I LOVE this little vignette on top of the armoire.
That big 4 represents my little nest of Four.  And the shadow box has some of my treasures that I've found here and there, mostly when travelling.  There's a shell, and some cool minerals I picked up when at the Tucson gem and mineral show.
Some sweet quartz crystals and just old stuff that I think needs its own space to bask in glory.
If anyone recalls, this used to be in my kitchen in the old house.  I loved it, but had no idea where it could live.  Now it is FULL of garden books and magazines.  I might have to have it painted soon too.  Just to change it up a bit!
ANd what in the world am I going to do with these other two printer's trays?!  I have no idea.  But they are ready when I figure it out.
Next up... upstairs.  I think I will wait til tomorrow for that tour.
It has views all its own!
And we'll take an outside peek, at the garden as viewed from the back porch of the cottage.

So until then... I hope this inspired you a bit to start hanging onto those things that you might find.. be it on a walk outside, or hidden away in an attic, which makes your soul sing.  Find a special spot for them.  This can become your thinking spot.  A place to journal, dream, breathe, pray,... whatever it is that will help you find the authentic you.  The world needs the authentic you!!
Til tomorrow...



Phyllis Lines said...

My goodness, your cottage is more decorated than my house. Looks great!

kimybeee said...

Looks great. I think us collectors are always evolving our styles and freshening up things a bit. I would hang the printers racks on the wall. They are pretty on their own.

Zhohn said...

I love it!! I love that everything holds a memory or brings inspiration.

Amy K said...

I have always loved your cottage, and remember well, your post about the moving process. Woot - a retreat project out there, too!

Mary T said...

Such a cozy space. I absolutely love your decorating style. I can see why you wanted to move it with you to the BAH. Love the deer horn. We have about 100 of them around our house. My son collects his "finds" from the woods. :)

SamC said...

I remember when you decided to move the cottage to the BAH. I was so happy. I couldn't imaigne you not having that cute little space. Thank you for showing us around. I love the printer box things. That is on my "want" list. I also have no idea what I will do with one, but, I am sure I will figure something out.

Anonymous said...

Love the cottage pics and OMG...... the turqoise armoire is fantastic!!!!


"The world needs the authentic you." That is beautiful!