Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There's a bird.or 10.

My iphone has been JAMPACKED with photos lately.  I have had so much fun looking at other people's art, photos, whatevs, and screenshotting them for inspiration.  I typically get this from my instagram feed.
So, today's post is a bit random... like my daily agenda.

First, Twilight Sparkles is doing well. She is getting much bigger, and since I am not a Cat Mama,  (Or wasn't!), I don't know if this is "normal" or if this is just my cat's personality, just like kids are different, maybe cats are too?! So, here's the deal... this cat eludes us all day long.  Doesn't want to be pet, no holding, no stroking and sitting in our laps... at ALL!  MUCH TO GABBI'S DISMAY!  Because, well, she is ON THE GO!  This cat is very, very spunky!  She is on top of counters, playing with hairbows, and terrorizing Lizzie. BUT... in the mornings, she ALWAYS waits for my in my bathroom on my stool at my vanity, as soon I sit down, she balances herself on one of my thighs and starts purring.  She starts rubbing her head against me and "asking" me to rub her.  That's weird.  Is she just a morning cat?!  Oh... and she sleeps with me now... like ON TOP OF ME... and every single night. What is it about ME?  Lizzie wants to be at my feet.  Both girls want to be up against me.  And now Twilight Sparkles.  Come on crew... share the love!
NEXT.  I am so dang tired of having a stripe down the middle of my part where my dark roots are growing out from my blond-ish hair.  So, I asked Polly to shoot me on back to dark.  Isn't that what fashion forward people do in the fall anyway?!  And I am Sooooo fashion forward!  ha.
And guess what.  After about three weeks, I am STILL not used to it.  THinking of going back.  I just do not look good in dark hair!!

Next, my friend, Breanna, just had her fifth baby, Audrey Lucille.  But, she was about a week or so OVERDUE.  So, I saw this and texted it to her.  hahahahaha  I just crack myself up!
DeeDee and Granddad have moved to town!  Just sayin'!
I have no fewer than 10 of these on my phone at all times.  Ellie likes to change her makeup, hair and accessories, then feels the need to store them on my phone!~
Been seeing this a lot.  Like a WHOLE lot!
More dark hair flow.
Why can't I take a good selfie?  How do all those people get such good ones?!  I was trying to get a good one for my buddy, Ben, up in Philadelphia to show him my new do.
Oh, and there are about a hundred of these coming into my phone everyday starting around 5:00 too!  I hang up, she calls back.  I talk, hang up, she calls back.  And so it goes.  This is her new favorite thing.... facetime!
WE went to the One Direction movie, and it was like a perfect storm.  That crew in the back is Emma Lou and her goons.  I took Ellie and Gabbi, because Ellie caught wind that they were going.  Those two in front of us were the only other two in the whole theater.  ANd then it hit me... there will NEVER be another opportunity like this one.

I am the ONLY adult in this theater.  There are 6 preteens who would LOVE to stand, sway and sing.
The little girl in front of my was swaying and kind of quietly singing.  You could tell she was about to burst!  SO, I announced loudly, "Let's get this party going, girls!".  I stood up, started swaying my arms over my head and singing really loudly.  And she immediately followed suit.  And so did the rest of the gang.  It was a really good time in the movie theater that day!  And bonus... the little girl in green leaned back, gave me a high five and said, "You are the coolest person I have ever met!".  WOW!  That is quite a compliment... especially from a preteen!!

This was a post movie photo opp!
DId I mention DeeDee and Granddad are back in town?  And week one they stayed at our house, so they were happy to take the girls to school.
And the girls were VERY happy to have them take them!!
Reminds me of Jake... every. single. time!
Does that look like Shrek or what?!!
And hey... it is FALL!!  WHoop.  whoop!!
I'm spending today working on my upcoming schedule of art retreats, weeknight art nights, mini classes on handmade ornaments, a class on a December Daily scrapbook.  Maybe a Halloween mini book.  And another mother/ daughter art retreat, cause I loved the last one.
Lots to do.  But, I am loving doing it.

Stay tuned for a full-on list of classes and projects that will be available in the near future.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE your random posts!!!!!

kimybeee said...

I love your hair dark. I think it makes your hair look fuller and healthier, but most of all you look way younger. I gave in and finally went silver at the ripe old age of 41. I can't wait for what little bit of dyed hair that is left to be gone.

I am a cat expert. I refuse to tell people how many I have because then they will know how crazy I really am. Every cat has a different personality just like people. Since ts is seeking you out every am and chooses to sleep with you I would say she has chosen you as her human. It doesn't mean that she doesn't love the others, just that you are hers. Cats have a special way of getting into our hearts.

Cats are also creatures of habit. I started giving mine cat treats in the am when I take my meds. Now they follow me around and wait for their meds too. Both dogs do it too. I can never forget to take my meds lol

Of all mine, each of them have different places and times they like my attention. I have one that her time is right after I get out of the shower. I have another that climbs on the bathroom counter every night when I get ready for bed so she can get her hair combed. They look forward to these times.

My cats have no boundaries. They are everywhere all the time. I think if you expect ts not to get up on certain things you better get on it now. A can of spray air is a good training tool. My cats can see a can and they know something is off limits.

Kaia said...

I like your hair!! And your random posts are fun :)

Amy K said...

Great is randomness!

Looking forward to your class/retreat schedule.

I like your dark hair, by the way.

Shannon said...

Like the dark 'seasonal' hair. I'm about to do the same.
Is it me or is Grandad and DeeDee's house along the same 'style' as yours?

Becky said...

Are DeeDee and granddad back for good. What a thrill you went with the minute at the theatre with those tweens. You are the best. Becky

The Mommy said...

I love these posts! Maybe it's because that is how my mind is usually working! I just have so much going on and so much to keep track of that this is how it is at this point in my life. I like to think that it helps me to be a better multi-tasker. haha.

Susantwilhelm said...

LOVE the new blog header!!!!

jenny said...

LOVE your new header or banner or whatever you call the big pic at the top of your site.
AND... I like your hair dark! Either way, you are beautiful, and don't you forget it!

Jeni said...

Love the new blog look!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look! The pic of the girls' is adorable!!

Gina said...

Love the new picture of the girls!

Becky said...

Love the new blog pic!

Becky said...

LOVE the new header! Your girls are beautiful!