Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ear piercing. DRAMA. Here's the whole story.

While it's fresh on my mind, I suppose I should tell the story.

Ellie decided ONCE AGAIN that "Today is the day!  The day I am going to get my ears pierced!"  She decides this on the most random days, but being the good mama I am, I agreed we could head out to the mall (again) to see if today truly WAS the day!

We bid dad farewell, and Gabbi grabbed a Sprite, and we were ready to roll.
Yep.  Just doing a little tooling around the  mall... yessirrreee... today is THE DAY!

Ellie gets up in the chair, all chill like, chooses her earrings, and is talking to this lady like they go way back to high school or something.
She is really so comfortable that I am starting to think it myself, that this might just be THE DAY!
This was our third attempt.  And none of the attempts were ever my idea.  I really couldn't care less if or when she gets her ears done.  I mean, one less thing, right?!  No need to shop for earrings.  No need to do all that "care" to the new holes.  No worrying about keeping those puppies open.  Nope.  I was in no big hurry for this event.  But Ellie Sue continues to bring it up, so... I obliged.
I kinda suffered a little grief after I posted this pic on facebook.  But, I suppose I should have put as the caption, "This is when the lady WIPED ELLIE'S EAR WITH ALCOHOL!".  She hadnn't even started the process.  This gives one a wee glimpse into the drama that is Ellie Sue Groves!!
Now when I said I didn't care whether she did or didn't, I meant it.  However, IF we ARE gonna get earrings, I VERY MUCH care where those little puppies are placed!!  I obsessed over whether the dots were in the right spot, even with each other, etc.  And then, I showed Ellie the dots with a big ol' handheld mirror so she could see where there would soon be earrings.
She was feeling it there for a little while.
But don't let this smile fool ya.  SHe was about to have a meltdown!  NOT captured on camera!
Enter Gabbi...
"I'll do it!".  Ok, are you sure you wanna do this, Gabbi?!  We'd not even had the whole "pre-discussion" at ALL!
So, here we go again, alcohol wiping, dotting and obsessing, and Gabbi is just smiling away!
She was ready for the "Click". ... or so she THOUGHT!
and I'll tell you right now.  I WAS NOT ready for this.  This is my BABY!!  And I had not emotionally prepared myself for this one having this done!
We asked them to double team so they'd only have one "click".
This baby turned ghost white in that chair! She had NO IDEA that the click would hurt!  She just locked eyes with me, and I was so sorry for her.  I picked her up out of the chair, and she draped over me, lying her head motionless on my shoulder.
I walked her around, whispering to her how proud I was of her, and then I took her to see herself in a full length mirror.
Here is that moment!
Yep.  Things were much better right about now.

And lucky for Ellie... those earrings they had loaded in the gun didn't go to waste.  I chose 4mm czs for Ellie.  I think I would've gone at least a size smaller for Gabs.  Ellie has big old earlobes.  Gabbi's are tiny!
But, as it is... she has 4mm CZs for the next 6 weeks, at least!!
and because she was so brave, I pretty much let her get whatever else she wanted in that store.
Not sure why, but she wanted these!
I was seriously still so shellshocked from the experience, that I just said, "sure, whatever".... omg, my baby has EARRINGS!!   Like, through the ear earrings!!
We went into the mall and shopped a while, and about 2 hours later, we are having a very late lunch, then heading home.  Ellie declares, "I'm ready to do it.  I mean it this time.  I really will!"  And so forth and so on!

By now, my phone is dead, and I cannot believe that I am going to miss this monumentous occasion!  My friend, Tara, happened to walk in right about then.  She said, Let me take it with my phone.  Soooo... they once again loaded those guns with 4mm CZs, alcohol prepped her ears, made sure the dots were even, and Miss Priss insisted that she sit in my lap.
And again... HYSTERICS!!  Tara was motioning to me that she would come over and help me just hold her down.  I sort of tried to keep her arms down for a split second, but decided I could NEVER do that to my kid, so rather than have her hurt (even for the nanosecond it takes to pierce ears), I just gave up.  We walked to the counter, and they said, "That'll be $62."  I nearly sh*t down both legs!  "HUH?"
"Yes ma'am.  You have to pay for the earrings because they are no longer sterile once we loaded them in the gun."  She says, "Well, YOU can wear them."  Ummm, NO!  I MAKE all of my earrings, and 4mm CZs just ain't how I'm flowing!  Ok, NOW, I am kinda getting HOT.  And I think Ellie could tell. Here was my threat...
"We are NOT coming back to get your ears pierced, not one more time, until you are SEVEN YEARS OLD!!"
That must've done it?!  She said, "I can do it now."  I know those ladies must've thought we were nuts.  I looked at them very empathetically and said, "Seriously, it's just up to you!".   They were so kind and tried one more time.  THis time, it was as simple as "One, two, three, CLICK!".
And then she had a few tears fall, cause let's face it, to say piercing your ears doesnt' hurt just isn't being truthful.  I NEVER told her that!  I just kept saying, "It's over really, really fast".  And that IS the truth.  So, about as quickly as she was crying afterwards, just as quickly she was over it and SMILING and posing... for the girl who worked at Claire's Icing who took pictures with her own phone and then texted them to me.  THAT, my dear friends, is SERVICE!
and so goes the story of the Groves Girls and their ear piercing.
We now experience nightly drama with the turning of the studs, but I remind them it is a necessary evil if they want to get new earrings in a few weeks.  Wish us luck when these come out.  I'm told that is just about as dramatic!  UGH!

Being a girl mama can be a wee bit trying at times... but oh so rewarding too!!



Diana said...

Oh Mo, my story is very similar - drama all the way....but they both look beautiful with their new earrings!!
Ellie & Gabbi are both so precious. They will love their piered ears for years to come.
Just darling- wait until their first tooth is loose - God help you,the drama that comes with that....
Have a great night,
Diana from Colorado

melanie, aka Mo said...

Diana, we are experiencing that NOW! Both central bottom ones. She LOVES it. I, on the other hand, am TOTALLY grossed out by loose teeth. So in hoping it happens at school... Or by someone... ANYONE... Else!!!

Unknown said...

Sweet! Really enjoyed reading!

Unknown said...

Sweet! Really enjoyed reading!

kimmy said...

I had my ears pierced at age 22-- and cried.

Both the girls look beautiful. I know they're so proud they went through with it. :)

Michelle said...


Unknown said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear the story of changing them out.

Nikki said...

Yay! I have 3 little girls. Here's a little tip .. I always put the solution on them AND turned them while they were asleep. They never knew it! :) Good Luck!

Mary T said...

Glad it's finally over! They look adorable and can't wait to see their different choices in earring styles. I'm thinking BIG and colorful for Ellie :) Thanks for the good laugh this morning!

Anonymous said...

This story cracked me up! Girls and their drama.....

Sarah said...

Hilarious!!! So proud of your Gabbi girl for getting on up in that chair and showing her big sis how it is DONE!! And, she looks so stinking cute!

Cracking up how Ellie has you back and forth and you are just the most patient mom in the world! I know you cherish motherhood so much and love these girls with every ounce of your being!

Thanks for the Monday morning laughs!! I am not surprised at all about the employee txting you the pics! I have a feeling that everybody that meets you and sees how fun you are just wants to see your amazing smile! You go, Mama Mo!!!

Becky said...

I was a little blown away with the first pix as I thought you were going to say that Todd had pierced them for the girls like we did in the old days with ice cube, potatoe and needle. Thanks for sharing with us. Becky

Amy K said...

My mom let me get my ears pierced at 8 years old. My aunt did them with an ice cube, needle, and a potato behind the ear. I can't even believe they got them both done. Who does that????
I'm glad it all worked out. They both look adorable.

Kristin said...

Be prepared for even more tears/drama when you take them out for the first time and then try to replace with new ones.

khulet said...

I had mine done while in second grade...clothes pins, needle and a cork all done by my Grandma while my Mom wasn't there she wanted nothing to do with it! I loved reading the story behind all the pics I saw on face book!!

snekcip said...

Too funny!! Gabbi showed her HOW IT'S DONE!! Go Gabbi!!! We are several years past the earring phase and Bre can know insert and remove her's like a pro. The girl will get there as well. In the meantime, just give turning and applying the solution. They look so CUTE with their earrings!!

Kris said...

Loved the story and that little sister went first. Way to go girls and way to go mom.

Kris said...

Loved the story and that little sister went first. Way to go girls and way to go mom.

blessedmomof3 said...

My youngest wanted hers done when she started kindergarten. They pierced them one at a time. I was sure that after the first click she would be done. Imagine my surprise when she didn't flinch or make a sound. I thought we had sent her in to shock. ;). She was perfectly calm. They pierced the other ear and once again no reaction. She faithfully let me turn and clean them every day with no argument. The problem finally came when it was time to change them. She would. Not let me take them out for anything. She wore the same earrings for a year. I finally convinced her to take them out and then she refused to put new ones in. She is now 18 and still wearing clip ons. :).