Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mother/Daughter art night was a HIT!

I realized I had still not posted pics of the Mother/ Daughter art night that I hosted a few weekends ago.  I pretty much just decided to put it together on a whim when I was showing some of the art that Gabs and I have been creating.
The concept was like what Gabbi and I do... the daughters started on the canvases, with painting of the backgrounds.  Emily did hers striped, light blue, red and brown, and was pretty content with it just like this...
There is Amanda up there in the grey.  She brought her friend, who I think had no idea what she was getting into. Amanda, give me some feedback!!  Did y'all enjoy it?!  I hope so.  I know for SHO that y'all's finished pieces were both awesome!!
Kalie came with her mom and her grandma.  SHe had TWO backgrounds to do.  She did some purple and blue circles for her g'ma, who then turned them into flowers.  And she did more abstract diagonals for her mama, who ended up with a really, really cool piece of art.
These two girls right here were pretty serious about their art!!
Gabbi and I created this.  Ya know, I've never been a big fan of abstract art.  But, because Gabbi is not a fan of anything structured, and never has a "theme" in mind... like, you know, "I think I'll paint a dog" or such, she just paints big swatches of color.  And as I have mentioned before, it almost always involves black!  DeeDee wanted red, yellow and greens for her new house, so she almost got what she wanted... with a little splash of black!
This is how they start.

and after the girls did the backgrounds (Yes I have hit a key that is striking through every single word... which one does this?!!)  I can't fix it.  Sorry.  Please advise.
Anyway (HEY!!  It's gone!!), once the girls did the backgorunds, the mamas got to work!
Far right, Becky and Karissa brought some of their dishes to use as patterns for the foreground. It will be hung above the oven in their kitchen.
Amanda ended up keeping her daughter's peace sign, flower, and heart and going with white as the unifying color throughout.
She used some stencils and let herself go to even let a few drips happen! I wonder if they have it on the wall?!  It is certainly wall worthy!
I LOVED how this one turned out, cause this mama was seriously concerned when she realized that what she had to work with was 2 peace signs, a smiley face, and a flower.  Oh, and a few squiggles!!  She was like, "WHAT am I supposed to do with THIS?!" ...I sensed she was a little frustrated.  I KNEW that it would all work out, cause it always does.  We just had to figure out how to bring some repeating colors and shapes into it.  She ended up using old book pages as the flowers and then painting over them.  She used red violet all over the canvas, and even added some background color.  And now... I LOVE it!  I especially love those little peace signs on the right side, and that little smiley face on the bottom left.
Here's a close up of Becky and Karissa's.  ANd a close up of mine and Gabs before we added a lime green paper heart. Scroll back up and see if you can see the one thing we added right at the end.
I missed  a close up of Summer and Emily's final product and Christi and Kalie's.  I am not sure where those pics are!!  I definitely took them.  I'll have to ask them to send me pics of their finished products!! Christi ended up writing quotes all over hers that are things often heard  in their home.  And then a big G in the middle (their last name).  Summer had to basically trick Emily into leaving the room to let her add a few more stencils, some drips, some sprays/ spritzes, and outlining.  Emily wanted is "simple".  summer was feeling a little more "ummph".

It was a fun night for all.  I KNOW I'll have more of these nights!  I have a few planned for the upcoming holiday season, as I am envisioning Mother/ Daughter pumpkin mixed media canvases, and Christmas canvases too.  If you think you might be interested, I am going to get a list started.  I had lots of people expressing interest, so if you were one of them, please send me an email, cause I am starting a list.  (and if you sent me your info regarding a retreat in November, I have you down!!  Details to follow)  Send it to me at  and leave me your name, your daughter's name and age, and your phone number.

I've got a full artsy fartsy schedule going for October, November,and even into December.  Hope to meet a bunch of you!



Beth E. said...

Wow...a night the mothers and daughters will never forget. The paintings are great!

Just trying to imagine, now, what a mother and son night would entail. I'm thinking it would be a wild evening! What fun it would have been to have something like your art night when my boys were young!

Phyllis Lines said...

You added a green heart near the bottom left corner.

Becky said...

those turned out great. I wish there was something local where I could take my granddaughters to do this.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this idea and wish I lived closer to you!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this idea and wish I lived closer to you!

Unknown said...

We LOVED the art night!!! It made me wanna come home & break out the paints! Brandi was defiantly overwhelmed at first but really loved her painting at the end. I'm ready for another retreat!!!