Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's my anniversary, random pics, and a new blog design.

Today is mine and Todd the Bod's anniversary.  I had this dream that I'd post a whole bunch of pics from our wedding, because I don't think I've ever posted any of those.  Have I?!  So, anyway, I didn't go through the old pics in time, but I promise, I'll share those soon.  Today marks 17 years with Ol' Boy.  It's been a good ride.  We give each other the space to explore those things which are important to each of us, taking turns to keep the girlies while the other is at a golf tournament, a dream art retreat, a boys' trip to the casino, or a girls' trip to the beach.... we do our respective share to let the other have some independent times, as well as lots of FAMILY time and trips as a group of four.  I love Todd and am happy to walk through life with Todd the Bod.
Let's get right on back to the typical random post.  I'm so glad that so many of you have mentioned that you "like" the random, cause lately that is all I seem to be able to produce.  What's up with that? 
Like this one... 
Let's get on to some family pics, shall we?!   DeeDee and Granddad being in town has been great. They let us drop the kids by when we need to, help us pick them up from school, and on this particular day, even provided supper.... on her own birthday, actually!  Thanks, DeeDee!
Response to a comment from Shannon:   I'd say, yeah, maybe, their house is the same style as ours.  But it seems like so much of the new construction these days is that style.  I don't know.  I tried to use the drivet (?) front, with some of the Acadiana look with a lot of rustic looks, i.e. cypress posts, and lots of raw wood (not planed or smooth)... I'll shut up now.  I don't know house styles.  How's that for an answer?
And thanks, also to all of you who noticed the new blog design.  Jessi and I talked about doing this weeks ago, but she surprised me as much as you yesterday when I opened that puppy up and there was a new white background and some seriously CUTE little girls sitting on a boat up top.  Props to Staci Albritton for the great pic.  She always captures my girls' personalities in her pics.
And for one more bit of randomness.... It's GAME DAY, y'allllll!
Geaux Tigers.  Georgia who?!



Anonymous said...

Geaux Tigers!!!

kimybeee said...

Happy anniversary!

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Hallie said...

Happy anniversary. Love the new pic of the girls up top.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the new header photo too.

Zhohn said...

Happy Anniversary to two great people!

Love the new look and picture.

Amy K said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see the wedding pics.

Love the new picture of the girls, and the new blog.

Kathryn said...

Love the new pics of your babies!
Happy Anniversary!