Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Girls and mama ready for the first LSU game of the 2013 season

My buddy, Lissy, runs mrpstees.bigcartel.com and designs these cute tees.  I had convinced my kids that we would all be wearing these tiger shirts to be all matchy matchy on opening day of LSU's football season.
Gabbi added her own little flair with mismatched princess shoes, a very large white beaded necklace, and some purple beads as well.

Pants?  Nah!!
I threw on a little purple and black over shirty thingy, my LSU handmade earrings that were bought in the French Market in New Orleans, and a headband that I made from an old skirt I could no longer wear.
Ellie decided to rock a purple sparkly headband.
You know what they say... to each his own!
And you know what I say... anytime I can get my girls to be matchy matchy and take selfies with me is a good day indeed!

Often in order to get a few "good ones", I have to encourage and allow some like this!!
Then, it's on like a chicken bone!
Ummmmm... Gabbi and her sense of "play" / pretend might be going a little far.  Pirate much?!

We even put streaks of purple in Ellie Sue's hair.  Can you see it?!
Check this side... and the tip of her ponytail.
Even Twilight Sparkles got in on the action.
I have no earthly idea where she found this tiger tail.  But she thought it was fabulous.  And I was glad that she wasn't sharpening her claws on the furniture, digging her claws into my thigh as she tries to "climb" me to sit on my lap, ransack the food on the counter, or totally shred my loofah that I bought to replace the last loofah she totally mutilated.
Yep this was the calm before the storm.  The "easy" time before everyone came over for opening kickoff.
The "easy" time where Ellie decides she is going to paint her coloring book with fingernail polish.  On the carpet that I have warned her a thousand times NOT to paint on cause accidents happen.  And that's why they are called accidents... they are not intended to happen.... need I go on?!

These are those rare little sweet times where they are just playing together sort of quietly.  This actually doesn't happen much.  But I think I am catching a glimmer of it happening a wee bit more frequently since Gabs has been in school with Edawg.
Perhaps Ellie is seeing her as a bit more of an equal.  a "peer"?!

They are precious.  What did I do without them?!  I just LOVE my girls.

and sometimes, my cat.



Unknown said...

Oh no, nail polish on the carpet :( Good pics of you and your girls.

I love the shirts!!

Mr P's Tees said...

Love all the pics!! The groves girls have STYLE ;)

Amy K said...

Love the pics of you three, especially the silly ones!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... the dreaded nail polish on the carpet..... darn it!!!!

snekcip said...

That DARN CAT is too cute!!! Well..so are the girls!! :)

Shannon said...

I see the tweenage model Ellie Sue made Mr P's website.