Friday, September 13, 2013

WHat rocks your world?!

It's one of those days... snap.  store.  share.  So, here ya go.  Things I found funny, inspirational, or I GOTTA BUY THAT!!

Breanna.. look at that mobile below!!  One more kid, and it'd be perfect for you!!

Went to Paul Michael which is just like candy for my eyes!!  I think the next retreat I have, we are making a little field trip here.  It is simply gorgeous!

I bought my floral-y "sharp" smelling candles, and Todd his pumpkin spice-y (GAG!) and cookie kind of candles.

And because there is a Louisiana themed Sweet 16 party happening at my house in a couple of weeks, I snapped and sent these to my friends, as I thought they'd make awesome centerpieces... cattails!!

I wish I could change out all my dishes and glassware seasonally.  But honestly, we mostly do Chinette and styrofoam cups.  So, what good would all this beauty do me?!
Todd the Bod needs this for his gameroom!!
And I need this for my ANYWHERE!!

how cute?!  Label the chalkboards with the types of wine, and then it is a cute little wine botttle holder.

I spent a good deal of time in this section it seems... why?!  I have no idea.  I don't even really drink wine!

I can DIG all of those drawer -type pieces of funiture above!!

and this section made me think of all the things I  have hoarded for the Christmas decorating in my cottage that I never do either!  This might just be the year!!  ANd I think I am going to have an Open House in the cottage too!  I've been cleaning it up and I'm gonna have a little holiday party in there to sell jewelry and art for people to purchase for holiday gifts.  Finally using that thing!

What can I say?  I am a SUCKER for bird cages!  Of any sort.  But there are only so many you can have.  THe rest you just have to take a picture of to satisfy the urge to buy it.

I don't need a table this big, but IF I DID....

ANd I have the buffet that I snapped above... but it doesnt' have these awesomely huge handles.  It will soon!

This would be DARLING in Gabbi's room.  Alas.

And these would be DARLING in my room.  Alas.  again.

I sent this over to Bre for her party planning business.  A cute cupcake holder just ASKING to be decorated.
I DID have to buy one of these.  I am in LOVE with all of these colors.  Color gets me every time.

And if I could, I'd totally redo my condo.  We are getting granite countertops and repainting the peeling wallpaper in the bathrooms (FINALLY), so no moolah left for all of this awesomeness!!

I might make an exception for this!!

ANd these were in the clearance area.  Sometimes I have to have a picture of it for a while to let it percolate to see if I REALLY, REALLY love it.
OR to see if it actually matches!

all of these guys were on clearance too.  I LOVE me a big ol' Santa.  But... no room at the inn!

Feeling quite autumn-esque.  Oh man I wish. I wish.

And then there is the Halloween section.  I die.

But my number one MUST HAVE is this rustic twig and leaf chandelier.  It will make the COOLEST addition to Ellie Sue's new room decor.  We are going all earthy and BOHO.  I say I gotta go back.  What do you think?!
Did you have a favorite in the conglomeration today?!  Do tell!



Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I NEED to go there!!! I can't explain what fall (colors, decor, anything fall) does to me! Makes my heart almost explode. Love cat tails! Oooh and the Christmas stuff :))

I wish I were closer. I love your cottage, would love to actually go in.

Sandy P said...

Looks like a place that would remind me of all I need to get done at my house! I love all the fall decoration and the pumpkin candle!

Becky said...

I love that you and I both use the same kind of dishes and cups. Have a day full of Joy. Becky

snekcip said...

I like the little "shell" pillows!

Cherry said...

Have you ever stopped at the one in Canton? Love it...

Anonymous said...

Love the chandelier!!! That is a must!!!

Riley said...

Your WM Paul Michael's is so much better than the one in Canton!! I remember stopping by before my first art retreat at your house. I think a shopping outing is a great idea! As for all the things, I LOVE them. I love the clearance rugs, green ceramic stool, twig chandelier for Ellie, cupcake holder, halloween decor...basically everything! I can't wait to see your cottage!

Amy K said...

Okay, you are just about killing me with this post. I'm pretty sure I could get lost in there. If you're taking a field trip there, that's one more incentive to get to your retreat!