Monday, September 9, 2013

A little bit of everything. Random post!

This is that time I sent a picture of my brand new sweater (from Kimie for my birthday), via text TO Kimie to show her what Twilight Sparkles had done.  She replied, "Is that crazy cat in your shirt?"  I said, "NO, that's my BOOB in my shirt!!  Twilight just snagged my new favorite sweater!"  Just thought I'd share.
Apparently, my boob is as big as a large kitten.

And speaking of kitten... Twilight Sparkles is that kind of kitten which is VERY curious and VERY rambunctios!  We can't leave ANY food on our counters, cause that cat jumps up on everything!  I was determined that she would NOT get declawed because after hearing how declawing takes place, I refused, saying to Todd that it was INHUMANE!!  But, I am changing my mind.  More on that in a few.

First, let me just tell you... there is only ONE time of day that TS is not running, jumping, scratching, and tearing something up... and it is first thing in the morning, when I am sitting at my counter in the bathroom, putting on my makeup.  She LOVES to balance herself on one of my thighs.  That's as affectionate as she gets.  But I secretly kind of like it!
Ok, so back to the reason Twilight Sparkles is going to have to get her claws yanked out.  First, she is tearing up our furniture...especially, the now pickled leather chairs in Todd's gameroom!  But, this week we took Ellie to the doctor because she had a huge and tender lymph node under her arm.  Cat Scratch Fever!!  That's all I'm gonna say about that!  BYEBYE claws!
This is a "random post", so let's do it.  Above, we have the tags and 40 bags of Cheez-Its that I bought for the teachers via the PT

There are so many things I can't help with, especially due to time constraints.  So, when I CAN contribute, I am quick to do so.  I mean, anybody can buy Cheezits!

And this is a couple of pics of our backyard... including Todd's old garden which is ready to be cleaned up.
This is a different view of my house that is a unique perspective.  It's from Paula's driveway.
This is a pretty fancy birthday invitation Ellie and Gabs got this past week.  I have some pics from the LSU Cheerleader party coming later.
And this is that time I had to spend four hours going back and forth to check the motility of my stomach, when I knew all along that what we should be checking was the emptying of my ESOPHAGUS.  Just sayin.  $700+ out of pocket because of a ridiculously high deductible... and all for a test I really didn't need. But, I'm not bitter.  I just want the dang CORRECT test done so we can get to the bottom of this reflux, can't swallow, so many things I can't eat problem!  THat I've had for YEARS!
Oh DUDE.  I cannot wait to go to this!!  I have missed it for the past couple of years, and am GOING this year!!  All kinds of artists have their goodies there!!  Yessss.
I think my husband is a little bit excited about football season!  I always get a little concerned when he starts doing his own decorating!
But, he's very consistent.  If it is purple and gold, it works for him!!
Randomness at its best!!



Kaia said...

I thought your reflex problems went away when you quit diet coke!? Sorry they're back :(

Beth E. said...

Wow, cat scratch fever! Is that serious? I'm very allergic to cats, so maybe that's why it sounds so bad to me. Swollen lymph nodes are scary, though. I hope Ellie is feeling better now.

We know all about high insurance deductibles in our household, too. Our premiums doubled in six months, so we had to increase our deductible. Bummer. I hope the docs will do the tests you want them to do, so you can get to the bottom of your reflux problems!

I enjoy your random posts. We never know what kind of pics (BOOB close-ups) we're gonna see! Lol

Unknown said...

I enjoy the random posts the most! I really laughed out loud about the boob pic. Oooh, TS will be heading to the vet soon I bet.

Wow, I've never saw a pic of the house from afar, no wonder you call it the BAH. Love the memories your family is making there :)

Nana said...

Are y'all making your annual trip to Canton on Oct. 4? We have a group coming on a motor coach...about 50 of us. Hope to see you all again.

melanie, aka Mo said...

We'll be there, Nana!!

Shannon said...

That boob - sort of DOES look like a small kitty. Well from that angle anyway! :/
Sorry Mel.

snekcip said...

Ok...I confess...I thght the cat was hiding under your sweater too said the lady from the ittybittytittycommittee. Ha!! Sorry about the "cat scratch" fever. Hope Ellie is feeling better and hope the TS hurry and get his "SCRATCH ON" before "declawing day" arrive.

Jeni said...

LOL!!! I thought the cat was in the sweater too! Thanks for the chuckle this afternoon.