Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Haircuts for my girls!

THANK GOODNESS this little rat decided she'd let us trim her hair. She has the "pull the ends of her hair around to the front" tween thing down.  And she was NOT a fan of getting her hair cut AT ALL!  But, Jessi's Kaitlyn happened to mention that she was going to get her long hair cut off.  I capitalized!!  I asked if we could make simultaneous appointments so Ellie would want to do whatever Kaitlyn did.
And believe it or not, she was fairly happy with the results.  She had horrible split ends, so I am happy too!
She seems to think that now she can't do anything with it, so I have made a very concerted effort lately to braid it, put it in pigtails, pull it up in a side bow... whatever, to prove to her that we can still work with it.
And then there's this little pipsqueak who just goes along for the ride.  We trimmed hers too!

Both girls starting school with fresh haircuts.  It's a good thing!



Anonymous said...

Precious girls and yay for haircuts!!

Zhohn said...

They're growing up too fast!

snekcip said...


PS Gabbi hair is THICK and LONG! Her "little trim" did nothing to it...wait unless it's MORE APPARENT from the front that is!

Mama J said...

I love little girl haircuts...it is a transition time...sweet but just a tiny bit sad...LOL

Your girls are just so sweet and I thank you for sharing with us.