Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inspiration is freakin' EVERYWHERE!!

I just want to go on record as saying I am a picture HOARDER!!  I can't help it.  I am so dang inspired by all that one can find on the internet these days.  I know, I know, I'm a little behind the curve, but really, I'm just discovering all the FUN I can find on my PHONE!!
Some I find from Pinterest.
Some are things I see on Instagram and want to order.  Or at very least look into a little further.
And then, I find myself finding SO much inspiration of people's art on Instagram.
I am perpetually screenshotting the things on my phone!
Sometimes, I am not even all that sure as to why I am taking the picture.  It just inspires me.  The colors.  The font.  The emotion it evokes in me.

It makes me want to paint.  I often share these once they're in my camera roll with people I think could use this wisdom as well.
Like this one.  Pretty straightforward, dontcha think?!   And so true!
And boy have I ever been trusting my hunches lately!  I'll have to tell yall more about that on a later date!  I am really, really going with my intuition lately.  On several levels!   And things are coming my way!  The Universe is conspiring in my favor!
This one, for sure, only makes me want to go in a HomeGoods store, which I have never been in.  Seems like maybe I've been missing something!
And just seriously!? Where are my tissue boxes?!
This one is for Elaina, Mary Allison's big sister, who is having an upcoming wedding.  I LOVE that "save the date" card.  Can you see it?!
I snatch ideas that I think would be fun for the artists at my office or the little ones coming to my art classes in two weeks.
I remind myself of books I want to buy!

And this one was to remind me that I HAD to get up early the next day to order a ZINK.
Here's that book again.  Anybody have that?!  I put it in my "gift ideas" folder.  When people ask me , "What do you want for Christmas?" or for your birthday?  I like to give them some ideas.  I mean, like, my mama, Todd, Staci, etc.  I don't tell the masses!  RUDE!  But, I think they'd rather know things I really want than just get me some crap that they had to waste their hard earned money on and I didn't really want.  So, I keep a folder of ideas.
Not to mention, I rarely ACT on the ideas.  In our recent leadership course, we discussed the difference between thinkers and doers.  I am a THINKER!  I typically don't do too well DOING.  The fact that I have kept up with this blog even as well as I have is quite remarkable!  I "Do" a lot, don't get me wrong!  But those are just the things that fill up my calendar!  The action I take on my ideas is relatively very small.  I've learned to surround myself with DOERs.  It gets my ideas into action.  I am in the midst of really, really encompassing this idea, and it is paying off.  And for the record, most DOERS aren't thinkers.  They LIKE that somebody else came up with the inspiration and they get to take it to fruition.  Win-WIN!!

Just love this doodle.  And that's all.
This is a Pinterest idea that I want my girls to carry out on the glass doors to our back porch.  These will look so cute for the fall!
I saw this and knew I HAD to do this!  I have so many shells and little treasures from the beach, walks, and well, honestly, from EVERY single time that Gabbi goes outside!  She seriously brings me a "present" just about every time she goes outside.  ANd it is almost always a rock!  I need to add this to the collage of "special things" I have on both of the girls' bedroom walls now.  I haven't shown y'all Gabbi's collage yet. I'll get right on that.  It might be about time for another home tour, huh?!  We've been here for almost 3 years now!   Things have changed.
Oooooh.  This is a good one. It's a saying that needs to be in my girls' rooms too!  It's a universal truth!
Oh... This is a ZINK!  It prints photos from your phone into these mini pics, and it's wireless.  AND they are little stickers!  L.O.V.E.
I called Jessi and she set her alarm at midnight to get us both one. I knew she needed one for the Ruston MMPT clinic!  I mean, seriously, what PT clinic can function without one of these?!  ha

I also LOVE this saying.  This was just a pic I snapped at Hobby Lobby.  You know how I like to virtually shop.  I've learned to just take pics of things I love and somehow feed my urge to buy all that awesomeness.

This is going in my "gift ideas" file!
And hey, JinJin... you remember this one?!

When I was a kid, I was a pageant girl.  Surprised?!  I was Miss Louisiana, in fact.  And when it was time to take my "final walk" and give up my crown the next year, I had to record a speech as I walked the runway... just like you've seen in Miss America.  The final words of my speech were these....
I guess this positivity has been poured into me for a long, long time.  I am thankful for that!  And I see it as my responsibility to do the same for my girls.  What are you expecting of your kids?!  Start pouring it in!!
Hope you got a little inspiration from all of these.... now I'll clear them off my phone and start all over again!  :)

Happy long weekend!!


kimybeee said...

we tend to enjoy the same kind of inspiration!!! I see so many similarities in us - yet so many differences!!! we would be such great friends if we lived close!!!

Mama J said... head spins...full of inspiration and Gratitude. That is one of my 'giveaways'. I use small polished rocks that are found everywhere..and if you can't stumble across them, you can always buy them..all sorts of shapes. I prefer them to be smooth so I can write the word "Gratitude" on them. Most of my buddies and a lot of random peeps that I felt needed to remember to be grateful have these in their purses, on their workspace..anywhere they will see and remember to be grateful on a daily basis. I am SO grateful for my blessings and God's favor...and Mo, your family is a part of that. You don't have to be with people to know their be grateful for them. BUT, I am..I mean I AM going to make a retreat one day..old folks retreat..teehee. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.. Geaux Tigers!!!

Anonymous said...

You go Miss Louisiana!! You are an inspiration to us!

Anonymous said...

You go Miss Louisiana!! You are an inspiration to us!

Crystal said...

Miss Louisiana! I can see that in Ellie's future too.
I love that I'm not the only one that takes a zillion pictures. I snap shot everything. :)

The Mommy said...

I am with you! I find my self doing the same things; in fact, I told myself that it's great to have the inspiration but I need to push myself to act on it more frequently.

Beautiful things are happening!

My girls and some friends just did painted rocks, "tie-dye" shirts with sharpies and alcohol, and began altered art journals from inexpensive composition notebooks! Fun end of the summer stuff!

You, too, are an inspiration...inspire on!

Zhohn said...

I like the last little saying the most! Ill be sharing that.

You're definitely and inspiration to all.