Monday, August 5, 2013

Cruise life. Chill. Eat. Eat.

Last day on the cruise.... and who can go on a cruise without having a super unbelievable massage?!
With a total mud covering and showers in between... it was "different" to say the least.

And this ol chick was looking ROUGH after that sucker!  G.R.E.A.S.Y.!!
Meanwhile, back on the homeland... Mary Allison is sending me photos of my girls in the pool.  Looks like they are missing me bigtime!  (notatall)
One night of the trip is "formal" night.  And by formal, I took it to mean, don't wear your capris.
Our guys got all jazzed up in their khakis.  Guys are lucky that way, in that they can throw on some tan pants vs jeans, and suddenly they are "formal".
Heck... they don't even really have to fix their "hair".
These are our besties, and next door neighbors, the Fords!
... looking all mahvelous!
And these are our other besties... the Hines.
...looking all fabulous!
And then it was our turn...
And Todd decided to make it difficult to take a "real" photo.
Note, above, the other two couples simply held hands and smiled at the camera.
Nope... not here.  Todd had to be all dramatic about our romantic life together.
And anyone who knows us knows he was being tee totally sarcastic!!
Not. even. sure. what is going on here.

and trust me when I tell you, I deleted about half of them!

WAIT!  This one is kind of normal!!
Yeah!  Let's blow this one up and instagram that puppy!!

This was my nightly staple.  Food on cruises is sometimes a bit foreign to me.  But mashed potatoes and gravy NEVER is!!
And anyone who has been on a cruise also knows that every night, they turn back your sheets and make some sort of animal out of a towel.
Tashia had her hair french braided for the first time since high school.
And by the way, this is the next day....
We were headed to the "beach" in Cozumel.
See how ready we are for the beach!!
We had breakfast on the boat, and this stained glass mural inspired me.  So, I took a pic of it to replicate in some art piece at some point.  Be looking for it.
Dude.  All these pics kinda makes me miss the ol' boat!
Tomorrow... docking in New Orleans and Cafe du Monde.



Mama J said...

Trips like this with your besties allow you to 'explore' your inner self...LOL...just like Todd. I am sure he wanted to be an actor when he was 'growing up' and this gives him the chance to perform. It is so great that you have buddies that you can just 'let it rip' with, regardless of what that 'rip' is. Fun post! (BTW, you both looked wonderful in your pics with Todd)

Zhohn said...

Glad y'all got away with some besties! Looks like a fun trip.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! I love your definition of formal!!!

Becky said...

Loved the pics of you and Todd. And it seemed that Todd would be the only one who would have had to do his hair to be formal. Glad you all had a great trip.

Mary said...

LOVE it! Looks like an awesome trip!!