Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home again. Home again. Jiggety Jig. New Orleans Port.

Finally... back in the homeland.
And no way were going to get out on the open road without full bellies!  And what better place to get full bellies than Cafe du Monde in the French Quarters?!
I think New Orleans might be one of my favorite places on earth.  Nasty, but so, so interesting.
And by nasty, I am only referring to the French Quarters.  I don't know much about the rest of the city, because I typically only head DOWNTOWN when I am in N.O.
Todd is always so accommodating and fun when it comes to picture taking!
The whole place is just so quaint.

as is this powdery goodness known as beignettes!!
This was our last hurrah on our trip.  Back to life....back to reality!!
and he thinks I won't post these just because he is acting weird.  W.R.O. N.G.!!
We also had coffee with chicory, I believe.  It was not good.
So, we came, we saw, we went.  It was a really fun, quick trip with 6 besties.

and then we hit the highway and didn't look up for about 5 straight hours!!

Until we were back in West FUNroe, Louisiana, and delivering folks to their homes....
Until the next time...


P.S. I'll be at the John Maxwell Live Event in Orlando for the next few days, so I'll be doing my best to blog.  It is JAM packed with meetings, informational sessions, think tanks, etc, so pray for me to have a relaxed mind to take in all this GREATNESS!!  I struggle leaving my kids and my clinics!  I am all chaotic in  my mind right now, and this is not a good way to be!  I need to be open and ready to learn and GROW!!  Thanks


Anonymous said...

Loved living your cruise through the blog!! Will be praying for you and your next adventure in Orlando!! You are one busy mama!!

Zhohn said...

Oooh! I can't wait to hear about the JM event!

Love cafe du monde, it's a must when in NO. Ill be there two weekends in a row this month, which has never happened and ill need the whole month of September to recoup! Ha!

Steph said...

Growing up in New Orleans, I love the Cafe Du Monde coffee with chicory!! It is all part of home!! I will admit it takes some getting use to, but it is all I knew until I moved away.

nss said...

I was just there.. I so would have recognized your group. What a hoot that would have been. You are right that coffee is yuck but great people watching area. Glad you're all home safe

The Mommy said...

Looks like tons of fun! It's so nice to have such a group of friends to do things like that.

Thanks for sharing!