Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ready to go on a cruise?

 So, so sorry, peeps.  I have had a helluva week.  It happens, ya know!  LOTS going on at work, and in the mood for a shake up, so adding some new therapists, programs, and growing in general!

But, I have SO much I need to be sharing!  We went on a cruise, ya know?!  And I havent' shown a single pic from that trip! So, here we go... first thing... we weren't even out of West Monroe yet when we realized Johnnye had a nail in his tire.  Oh great!!
 so, we had about an hour layover before proceeding.  This is our "travel club"... Tashia and Dakin Hines, Paula and Johnnye Ford, and the Groves.
 I struggle with writing, "Groves" as in plural, which should really be "the Groveses", which I dislike.  Or "the Groveses' house".... just not pretty to write or type or paint.  So often, I just misspell it or say, "The Groves family" or make it somehow singular.  Ok... do we have an understanding on this subject?  Hahaha... there's a bird!
 I can never travel over this bridge without thinking about my dear friend, Pam, (Mary Allison's mom).  What must she have been thinking on that fateful day!?  We miss her, and MA and I had a good conversation about that day just this week.  She's heading off to LSU in less than a month, and I KNOW she'd want her mama to see her off.  And I KNOW her mama would want to be there!  But, she has an awesome dad, a new very supportive stepmom, a super awesome big sister, and a huge network of friends of her parents , as well as her friends from school and their parents who all love and take care of that sweet girl!

 TG was already in the bloody marys before we even made it to Mississippi.  To say the least, we were laughing at his "energy".
 This is the drug dogs posted at the side of the ship when we arrived in New Orleans.  Hope they can't sniff out vodka on the breath!  Todd the Bod went to bed early the very first night on the boat!  ha  Lightweight.
 We had lots of check in rigamaroh.  (Can you read this word? )  No time for spell checkin'!
 We floated on the Carnival Elation.  Not one of the bigger boats, but floating in the Caribbean, nonetheless.
 Ta daaaaahhhh....we made it on!!
 Not much time and we are already taking those party pics!
 And drinkin' those party dranks.
 And taking OFF our clothes because it was H.O.T.  And noone told us that there'd be a 3 hour wait before our bags would be on the ship/ in the rooms, and we could go and put on our bathing suits!!  I made an art journal page with things to remember on our next cruise.  One of these said ideas was "wear bathing suit under clothes onto the ship", so we could go ahead and get our TAN on while we wait for our rooms, bags and safety drills.
 But there were other cooling options!!
Get ready!  We bout to go cruisin'!!!!



Beth E. said...

Yay, a post! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the cruise, and seeing all of your pictures. Bill's been wanting us to go on a cruise for a couple of years can give me the scoop on everything!

Riley said...

I can relate to your dislike of plural last names ending in s. I would totally go with "the Groves" over Groveses. All this talk about MMPT growth has me curious about job openings. Any need for a child life specialist or another role I could fill?!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! I've been looking forward to seeing a cruise blog!!

Crystal said...

Love your 'Birds'! My brain thinks the same way. :)

Zhohn said...

Can't wait for more pics and stories!

Last year I cruised on the Elation from New Orleans :) to me, four days was just enough! The baggage thing... Ugh!! Ours was a lot longer than three hours :( but ill know next time!

Unknown said...

We are always the Portis family for the very same reason!

breanna said...

Our secret for boarding is to be the last people to board the ship...then you only have to wait a few minutes for the bags AND you get to miss the muster drills!! :) And the lines are gone at check-in too.