Sunday, July 28, 2013

Around the boat.

So, this is our boat.  The Carnival Elation.  And this is the very spot on the ship which I occupied after we had our excursion into Cozumel.  Yep... I thought.  Right in the very, very front of the ship.  I have just about the most forward seat on this whole boat.  The wind will be blowing through my hair any minute.
I mean, this is the life.  Can it get any better than this.  And then... the boat took off.
and I saw the wake!
Never have been very good with directions!  haha.  I pretty much stayed lost the entire time!  I just asked my way around the ship!  And for those of you who might've missed it, I was in the very, very BACK of the boat!  Thus the wake!
That's Paula and Tashia and their reading material!  I brought paint, old magazines, scissors, glue, and an art journal!  Different strokes, right?!
We had to somewhat dress up every night for dinner.
I use "dress up" veeeery loosely!  I am not much of a dress girl AT ALLLLLLL!!
and for anyone who has ever cruised, you know that the staff spends a great deal of time and energy arranging your towels every evening into various animals!
Dakin, Tashia's husband decided to enter the hairy chest contest.  He thought that once he "performed" that would be that!
Little did he know that they'd taped the whole show, and played it repeatedly throughout the rest of the cruise on the tvs in the rooms.  I COULD NOT RESIST... I HAD to take still photos of our hero getting his strut on!!
Oh, and have I mentioned my new Kelly Moore bag?!  Well, Ellie won it for me on an Instagram video contest!!  And I used that puppy so efficiently!  It was originally designed for a photographer with all kinds of separate compartments on the inside.  Turns out it is pretty dang useful for us fine artists as well... paints, brushes, glue sticks, oh my!
Would you believe there was an opportunity to give to St. Jude on this boat?!  You KNOW my crew all went down and purchased a tee shirt!
And grooved a bit as well.

I think it's cool when I am reminded of my sweet nephew all over the world!
This is me and Paula on the hottest day in recorded HISTORY!!  See how red I am?!  I thought I was about to pass out!!
But... that too passed, and we were all dressed and ready for some casino, cocktails, and eating.  For those who have not cruised, that pretty much SUMS UP the cruise experience.  Yes, Carnival, you may use that tagline in your advertising.  In fact, it should be your moral obligation.
Todd, as you might recall, is not that keen on travelling.  Don't get me wrong, he LOVES to travel, but only for a day or two!  If the trip is 7 days long on schedule, he wants to go home on day 5.  If it is 4 days, (like this one), then, on day 2, he is getting all antsy!
So, he'd FIND exciting things to do like charting our course and destination back home on maps!
Or try fruity drinks.  Which were sorta girly, but at some point, what else was there to do?!
I opted for the coffee bar myself!  LOOK at this frappucino!!  The barrista really outdid himself!!
And this tee shirt in the gift shop just kind of cracked me up!
More on the Cruise of 2013 tomorrow!  And actually, the WHOLE week!!  Better get settled in.



Mama J said...

Let the fun took my husband about 3 days to just 'debrief' from being away from the phone, the laptop, and work. Once that happened, he was a loosy goosy happy man! Looking forward to more about your trip..

Angie said...

Last summer we did that cruise and had a blast! But it was an 80's cruise "Rock the Boat" with 3 different 80's bands and each night we dressed in 80's clothes...

snekcip said...

7days!!!! Oh no...3-4 is best for me. I don't blame Todd. Now I love to travel but after days 3/4 I'm ready to HEAD TO LAND!

Unknown said...

I LOVE cruising!!! My parents hooked my brothers and me by taking us on about a dozen cruises growing up (I know, crazy lucky!). My husband and I went on one for our honeymoon for 9 days and he was afraid of getting bored but found that there is so much to do onboard he cannot wait to go on another one

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! Eating and drinking.... what more could you ask for??

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! Eating and drinking.... what more could you ask for??