Monday, July 22, 2013

Rachel's first shower

So some of you may have put all these pieces of the puzzle together to realize that Staci is about to become a Grandmother.  Actually, she prefers the term, "Honey", I believe!
And I don't know if I have divulged it on the blog yet, but the daddy is Hayden.  We were surprised, but happy that we'll be gaining a sweet new baby girl to the family.  Well, actually two.  This is Rachel, Hayden's girlfriend.  And she'll be having Sydney in about a month.
Miss Madi Boo is pretty excited to have a GIRL in the family, being the only girl of a family of three other boys.

We had a shower at a friend of Rachel's house.  It was her first.  Since she's also had one at my house,but that's for another day/ another blog post.
Sydney is due to arrive on August 19th, but of course, if she'd just make her debut a few days earlier, she and I can share a birthday!!
Rachel's grandomother must've made her 5 new blankets.
and Rachel has a huge support network.  She is in Pre-Pharmacy at the University, so she is going to need it.  We are all encouraging her to stay the course!  She's a smart girl, and is already planning on going back to college in the fall.
She hit the motherload on this shower!
And Madi and I pretty much just hid behind the coffee table and made funny faces.

P.S. By now I am back from a cruise to Cozumel.  Go ME!  I scheduled all the blog posts on Thursday morning around 1:30 am while I was up as usual coughing my head off from reflux.  And so, MoJoy never missed a beat with a daily post.  Hopefully, there will be cruise pics soon.


Mama J said...

And Mama J is up at her normal EARLY hour of the morning. Cursed with it...retired 6 months and still wake up. LOL I am definitely a morning person. Happy to see the love and support for these two young adults. I also wish that you could nix the reflux..if it hasn't already, it will cause serious esophagus issues down the road. Take it from me. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Zhohn said...

Hope y'all enjoyed it!

Can't wait to see little miss Sidney.

Anonymous said...

A new baby in the family will be such a blessing. I lice how y'all are encouraging Rachel to stay the course! That is so smart and the fact that she has such a great support system is fantastic!!

Becky said...

Enjoyed the shower photo's. Glad Rachel has lots of support and is going to stay the course. One of your summer blogs with the pix you painted for the baby, so I was hoping we would get to see the showers too. Also, is "Honey" a substitue name for grandma or nana in your neck of the woods - I've never heard it. Hope your reflex is better. Becky

Mary said...

I love how both families are supporting them on the path to parenthood. A baby is a blessing and sometimes are not arriving at a convenient time in ones life, but still a blessing. I hope she continues her studies and doesnt back down. Your family is so supportive they are so lucky!

Beth E. said...

Like others have already stated, it's a blessing that both families are being so supportive. How's Hayden doing with all of this? Such a big responsibility for him and Rachel...I'm so glad they both have such wonderful support. Can't wait to see little miss Sydney!

kimmy said...

I Like "Honey" as a grandma name. My three little granddaughters call me "Cutie". I'm 52years old, 6 feet tall...but "Cutie " is what the want to call me. I'll take it. :)

kimmy said...

I Like "Honey" as a grandma name. My three little granddaughters call me "Cutie". I'm 52years old, 6 feet tall...but "Cutie " is what the want to call me. I'll take it. :)

Lisa said...

Congrats to all! A wonderful blessing - there are always challenges no matter when/how/etc but it is the love and support that are key and they are lucky to have an abundance of both!

Unknown said...

I love that both the mommy and daddy in this situation have large, strong, and stable support systems- which means baby Sydney does as well! I believe a baby is ALWAYS a blessing, how fun to begin to shower her in love!!!