Thursday, July 4, 2013

MMPT a little bit of everything

This is the garden at MMPT.  Do you remember in years past that we always have a garden in which we take our patients to address balance and walking on different surfaces.   As for the employees, we get to reap the fruits (or vegetables as it is) on a daily basis!
Keif actually planted some sunflowers for us this year.  Just because he can.  I mean, that boy has got the greenest thumb of anyone I've ever met!!  Look at my hand in this photo to get an idea of the size of this sunflower.
We collect about 10 tomatoes a day from these plants.

We typically have squash, cucumbers, and zucchini too.  Todd the Bod will take it inside and make us a salad out of all of that goodness.

This is Keif.  He's the gardener.  Todd's garden at home is producing pretty well too, but mainly just the mini tomato plants.  Not sure why, but the squash just won't come on!!
I love that we treat our work family like real family!  We had a big fold out table today, where we all just bellied up to the buffet.  We all brought pieces of the meal, and then together, we created a great sandwich buffet!  Nothing fancy, but a lot of natural and healthy stuff!
I instagrammed this picture.  I just HAD to!!
Meanwhile, inside.... Gabbi was doing her PT.  WE are working on her strengthening the instrisic muscles of her feet.  This should allow her an easier time getting into and out of her socks and shoes.  Maybe she'll eventually be able to keep on a pair of flipflops too!
This is Braylon.  He has been in PT for several months now, but only recently are we getting to see the benefits of all the hard work!
Braylon is just starting to sit alone.  And I cannot believe that he is not smiling here.  He smiles just about constantly.  And I mean BIG smile!
Kourtney had this sweet baby on the swing learning to put weight on her feet.  We spend a large portion of our days on a swing!
Gabs and Braylon enjoyed their playtime together.
And in case you didn't know, the iphone is the best therapy invention in the WORLD!!  Movies, songs, videos, everything we need to keep kids' attention on a totally different activity than the one the therapist is imposing upon them.
Gabs thought she'd get IN the bean and noodle bucket.
And those of you who read my blog are aware that THIS is Kelsey!
She's been around for a couple of years.  And we ADORE her!!
We're really working hard on her keeping her hands in weightbearing.  This neutralizes her trunk and keeps her body symmetrical.  This is the way you get to sit independently and ultimately walk too.
She has really been into writing lately.  And spelling her name.  She spells it, "dog", "mama", "cookie", cat".  It is so cute to hear her spell things.  It is always actual words instead of letters.

Everybody says, "Hey, Kelsey, Now spell mine!!"  We want to hear how she does it.

These two buddies have been in therapy together for a couple of years.

I just couldn't decide which ones to delete.  I thought they were all so cute!  ANd each one in it's own way.

This morning was just a girl morning, I suppose.  Girl therapists and girl kids.  With the exception of Braylon, of course.
But Keith thinks he's so pretty he might as well be a girl.  He calls him "#1" ... as in the #1 prettiest baby!
This one has GOT to be in there too!  She is just precious.  I wish I could've had her singing "Jesus loves me, this I knoww..." yesterday.  It would make you MELT!!  She is just so precious.
And to be certain, a GIFT from God.
NOw, turn your head sideways to the left and look at this one.  You MUST!  It's Addie, and she is standing all by herself for what might be the first time ever.  And she did it for 20 seconds!  It was a good day all around!!
and our motto is the group who eats together, stays together!!  This is my peds peeps.  I LOVE having boys on my team.  I went for probably 10 years before I really saw the light and started sprinkling my staff with men.  It adds a whole new flava to the clinic!!  Some kids prefer women therapists, and some prefer men.  Keif would cook for the whole crew every day if I'd just provide the vittles!  ANd John Wesley could eat EVERYBODY's portion everyday.  Former MMA fighter, I suppose that's why he can eat so much!
This is a daily occurence!  The maters just sit on the counter for the taking.  Parents, therapists, kids,... and when that one's gone, Keif will cut up another one.
I mean, really.... isn't a sandwich NOT made at home so much better than one at home?!  This one even got all gussied up on our George Foreman grill!!
A little walk through a morning at MMPT.
I hope you all have a happy 4th of July today.  So thankful to live in a country where we are free to choose our own destinies and express our opinions freely.  God is Good.



Granddad said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for all that you do for others! Love you. Happy Fourth of July. Granddad.

Zhohn said...

You're awesome and so is your work family! So loving and caring.

That sandwich looks good!

Holly said...

You have created something so incredible at MMPTA! Special for patients and therapists! You're a blessing!

Have a great 4th! God IS good! Amen!

Holly & JakeDog

kimybeee said...

a gift from god indeed!!!

Nadine said...

I agree with the others-you and your work are awesome!

Becky said...

Mo, I was thinking about you a lot today... my husband just had rotator cuff surgery on Monday, he came home yesterday. The therapy sure was easy yesterday at the hospital with the therapist, and now I feel like I know NOTHING! I couldn't even move his arm the slightest bit tonight and he made me stop! Sure could use you as my neighbor right now. Any ideas? Calling therapy tomorrow, of course!
Wishing I could come work with you, too!
Happy 4th!

Becky said...

OH.... and that BLT looks DELICIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful environment you have for your employees and precious patients!!! You rock!

Becky said...

Mo - thanks for sharing your MMPT work with us. It helps us understand how hard these children work. Becky

Amy K said...

Such a beautiful garden. I am always in awe of the amazing things you all do at MMPT.