Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fishing with Daddy

Our daddy is such a good daddy.
Yesterday for the Fourth of July, he got up at 6:00 am to start working on getting the yard ready, the grill ready, and start on all the sides for our guests to arrive.  At the end of the day, I told a girl friend who was sitting with me at the table, that Todd is so sweet, in that he was in the kitchen washing up all the dishes while I sat with her at the table making jewelry, and he never even asked me to help.  He just takes care of us girls!
And believe me, his girls love him for it.
Look at this picture... look closely.  Gabbi is hugging her daddy tight!
We came home from dancing on this particular day, and he was down at the pond fishing.
They RAN to the pond to hang with him.
Ellie, was likely easily distracted, and went on to something more exciting before I could get the camera. Gabs, on the other hand, was hanging tight with Daddy.
He has sort of taken to fishing lately.  Even talking about wanting a fishing boat.
It would be fun to have one to go cruising with the girlies, and maybe to teach them to tube behind.  But, really, I prefer not to go hardly anywhere on the weekends.  I like this view right here!!

and besides, we are making memories by the dozen!


Mama J said...

This brings back memories of going fishing with my Dad. The special private 'conversations', him baiting my hook, taking my fishies off, and just being 10 feet tall.... Todd is creating those kind of memories as well. These are precious pictures.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome little family ya'll have!!

Tracy said...

I just love the last photo of Gabbi fishing in her dancing outfit, so cute!

Amy K said...

Fun times! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to just hang out at the BAH with that gorgeous view.

Holly said...

So sweet! A girl's relationship with her dad is so important! It teaches her what to look for in a husband. I always tell young fathers to treat their daughters the way they want their boyfriends and husbands to treat them. They're watching their dad to see what a man is. Todd is amazing! You chose well, for yourself and your daughters!

Love you guys!
Holly & JakeDog

Shannon said...

Pic 4 & 5...definite framers!!!

Shannon said...

Pic 4 & 5...definite framers!!!