Monday, July 1, 2013

Back Porch living on a Saturday morning

Lemme tell you something... I have found a new favorite place at my house!!  I am in LOVE with my back porch!!
EVERY so often, I am lucky enough to be outside BY MYSELF!

Or at least have only one primping, nail painting young un out there with me.
The swing is my seat of choice.  We plan to screen this area soon.
This is the view from my seat on the swing.  We have fans blowing above, and Todd the Bod has moved a shop type fan back there too, so it is ultra comfortable.
See those stepping stones there?!  Just past them is where Todd is planning to put the pool.  We have just begun the process of planning for a pool.  And it is quite the undertaking!

Bur my little angels are proving to be major swimmers.  They'd swim every day if I let them.
And since they are so young, we have many years ahead of us to let the pool make it worth our time, energy, and of course, moolah!
BAM!  Coral polish.
Neon coral, that is.  And it was too awesome to be reserved for only the nails.  Yep.... she did the whole first joint of every finger.
I took the day off today, since it is actually the midway point of the year.  July 1!  So, I spent the day setting new goals, assessing old goals, meeting with a life coach (it was my second meeting.... this is proving to be very interesting!), and getting my calendar the way I'd like it to play out in the second half of the year.
I spent a good bit of my day out here.  It is just such a great space for clearing your brain and loving the view and getting your head right.

That photo above is me lifting my hands above my head to show my view.  and my roots.
The girls must paint their toenails four times a week.  I probably do mine four times a year!
Ellie wanted to figure out how to work a calendar too.  She has been on "countdown" to her birthday for about a month now.  She turns 6 on the 12th.
I need to get myself in gear, as I have still not figured out the theme to her party.  She's been saying she wanted to go to the beach, but she's changed her mind now.  Soooo, we'll see.

And my superstar kiddo did this video for a contest on instagram, called, "Tell me why you need a Kelly Moore bag" and this video was one of five chosen, so mama won a new bag!  whoop whoop!!
I figured y'all might enjoy hearing Miss Big Shot and her accent.

By the way, she did this pedi all by herself.  I was pretty dang impressed!!
I think it looks better than mine!

LOVE on the porch!!


Unknown said...

After seeing that little girl for so long hearing her sweet voice was the perfect ending to a long long day !! Ive been following since Jake was first sick and been a blog lurker since then.
She is just too precious not to finally say hello !!

kimybeee said...

ellie doesn't have the drawl you do lol she doesn't sound any more southern to me than some people around here. does todd have a southern accent?

Nana said...

Oh my goodness!! She is adorable, and I think she sounds just like you! I love the way her eyes lit up when she was talking.. So cute! Thanks for posting. I would like to see more of the girls talking.
I love your porch too. One of the things I missed the most when we moved was my huge deck/porch on Eagle Lake Drive. It was always shady. The thermometer on our deck here showed 111 degrees on Saturday! I think it is great you are putting in a pool. Best way to keep your kids at your house as they are growing up...not that I think they wouldn't all be there anyway!!!

Mama J said...

I definitely think the BAH needs a pool! I see many fun times ahead in that watertown... Besides, don't you need another activity for these poor neglected bambinos? They are just too precious for words and your blog followers are in awe of their antics. Precious I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..... her little voice!!!! I 2nd the pool as a necessity!! That way your house is the hang out when they are teenagers..... which is a good thing! Love, love, love your back porch.... so peaceful

Amy K said...

What a gorgeous view from your porch. A pool - bonus!
Love the Ellie video (Congrats), and she's definitely mastered the nail painting skill.

Jeni said...

Love the little accent!!! Beautiful porch. For sure you need a pool in the LA heat!

Kala said...

A pool is a fab idea. We built ours last fall and love it. We are out there just about every night. I love it even more when it is filled with family and my son's teenage friends. Enjoy!

snekcip said...

LOVE YOUR PORCH!!! The pool will just put it OVER THE TOP!!!

Becky said...

Love the video and that is some good job on the pedi! You all have truly been blessed

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh - awesome video! Saw this post this AM on my cell but couldn't play video, so had to wait til I got home. Worth the wait - her enunciation, mannerisms, etc are beautiful - so adorable and precious.

Cori said...

LOVE hearing miss Ellie's little voice!!

Beth E. said...

I need to hire Ellie to paint my toenails. Wow, she does a MUCH better job than I! Come to think of it, Gabbi does a much better job, too. ;-)

I loved hearing Ellie's sweet voice. Thank you for sharing the video...too cute!